Top 5 Best Sublimation Printers for Beginners in 2024

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Sublimation printing is a special technique that allows individuals and businesses to transfer intricate designs onto a variety of materials, ranging from fabrics to ceramics to specially coated hard surfaces. This method involves using a sublimation printer to print a design onto sublimation paper with a specialized dye-sublimation ink that, when heated, converts from a solid to a gas without going through a liquid stage. This gas then bonds with the material’s fibers or coating, creating a permanent, high-resolution, full-color print that won’t peel, crack, or wash away.

For beginners, entering the world of sublimation printing can seem daunting due to the technicality of the process and the variety of printers available. However, it has become more accessible than ever with the advent of user-friendly printers that combine ease of use and performance. These printers typically offer simplistic interfaces, straightforward maintenance procedures, and integration with intuitive design software – making it easier for newcomers to start their sublimation printing journey.

When in the market for a sublimation printer, there are several key factors beginners should consider. Print quality, ease of use, and support for various print sizes are critical. Also, it is important to consider the ink delivery system, as some printers have proprietary cartridges while others may allow for third-party solutions. The type of material intended for printing also governs the choice, as some printers are better suited for soft fabrics while others may excel with rigid materials.

We’ve analyzed a number of sublimation printers that are particularly suited for those new to the field. By focusing on user-friendly features, reliability, and value, we aim to provide beginners with a shortlist of printers that will help them create with confidence. Moving forward, we’ll explore the top options that meet these criteria, helping novices find a sublimation printer that’s just right for their creative projects.

Top Sublimation Printers for Beginners

Venturing into the world of sublimation printing can be a thrilling experience for any beginner. We understand that the right equipment is key to a successful start. That’s why we’ve carefully selected a range of printers that provide ease of use, quality results, and cost-effectiveness. Our lineup of the best sublimation printers will guide you toward making a confident and informed decision, ensuring a smooth entry into your creative printing endeavors.

1. Sawgrass SG1000 Sublimation Printer Bundle

If you’re starting out in sublimation printing, this Sawgrass SG1000 bundle sets you up for success with its user-friendly features and comprehensive supplies.


  • Covers large printing tasks with a bypass tray for oversized media.
  • Wireless connectivity enhances workflow efficiency.
  • Bundled with an array of starting materials, ideal for beginners.


  • Higher price point may be an initial hurdle for new entrants.
  • The complexity of features may require a learning curve.

Having recently utilized the Sawgrass SG1000, we were impressed with how straightforward the setup was. It’s refreshing to see the printer come with everything needed to get started, including a variety of sublimation blanks and premium heat tape. The WiFi connectivity was a breeze, enabling us to print wirelessly from different devices around our workspace.

Our experience with the resolution and color output was remarkable. The prints came out vibrant and clear, suggesting that this machine punches well above its weight, especially for those new to sublimation printing. Including the SubliJet UHD Extended Ink Cartridge in the bundle is a smart move, providing greater ink capacity and reducing the frequency of refilling.

Considering the printer’s energy efficiency, we were pleased to note that it didn’t add much to our electricity bills, a great plus for long-term costs. However, we must point out that the initial investment might be a bit steep for individuals bootstrapping their way into the business. But given the breadth of the bundle, it’s a worthwhile investment for those serious about starting a sublimation printing venture.

The included ‘Road To Sublimation Success’ guide was an unexpected gem, offering us valuable insights and saving us time in learning the craft. Yet, it’s worth noting that mastering the full potential of the SG1000 may take some time, which might be challenging for those who are less technically inclined.

2. Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500

We find the Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 a remarkable choice for those starting in sublimation printing, given its ease of use and decent print quality.


  • Straightforward setup and operation
  • Bundled with a starter kit including inks and paper
  • Offers automatic maintenance for reliability


  • Starter ink quantity is modest, requiring early replenishment
  • High cost of replacement inks
  • Limited to light-colored, polyester materials

When we took the Sawgrass SG500 for a spin, its user-friendly design was quite apparent. The setup was a breeze, and the provided CreativeStudio Online Designer is a boon for beginners, allowing for easy creation of designs without needing professional-grade software. Its print quality on various sublimation-friendly materials from mugs to mouse pads has been consistently vibrant and detailed.

However, we observed that costs could stack up. The starter inks are relatively scanty, which is fine for initial trials, but if you’re planning to dive into larger projects, be ready to invest in additional inks earlier than anticipated. And remember, these inks don’t come cheap. Nonetheless, for long-term usage, it’s a sound investment considering the quality of output.

The printer performs its own automatic maintenance, which helps in keeping the printer running smoothly without much intervention from us. This especially comes in handy when you’re not a fan of technical troubleshooting. We also noticed that it only works well with lighter fabrics. So if you’re looking to print on darker or cotton materials, you might need to look elsewhere.

In conclusion, our experience with the SG500 was quite enlightening. Despite the initial costs, this printer offers an excellent starting point for anyone keen to explore the world of sublimation printing. The print results are impressive, and its simplicity is a huge advantage for beginners. Just be mindful of the ongoing costs for inks and the material limitations.

3. Brother Creative Sublimation

We find that the Brother Sublimation Printer stands out for beginners wanting to bring their designs to life with ease and with impressive color vibrancy.


  • Intuitive Artspira app enhances creative possibilities
  • Reliable and fast print performance for quick projects
  • Compact design fits well in small workspaces


  • Initial setup may require some learning
  • Heat press for transferring designs is a separate purchase
  • Some materials require a polymer coating for best results

We recently got hands-on with the Brother Sublimation Printer, and the experience was nothing short of exciting. The printer’s compatibility with the Artspira app—which we found very user-friendly—offered us an abundance of designs to choose from or gave us the freedom to create our own.

Its printing speeds allowed us to move from design to production swiftly, which was especially helpful when we were on a tight schedule to complete multiple projects. The results were consistently vibrant—every color popped exactly as we hoped, making our creations stand out.

Importantly, this printer is space-efficient; it nestled into our limited craft space without any issue. We appreciated its seamless integration into the workshop, ensuring that our workflow remained uncluttered.

The initial setup took some time, as there was a bit of a learning curve, which can be expected with any new technology. But once we got past that, it was smooth sailing. One thing to remember is the necessity of a separate heat press, which means an additional investment if you don’t already own one.

Lastly, while this printer allows for a broad range of substrates, it works best with materials that have a polyester or polymer coating. This wasn’t an issue for us, but it’s worth noting as it may limit the kinds of materials you can use straight out of the box.

Overall, our experience with the Brother Sublimation Printer confirmed its suitability for beginners. It’s a solid choice for anyone looking to explore the colorful world of sublimation printing.

4. SVOMK 3D Heat Press

If you’re starting out and want to explore various DIY sublimation projects, this machine is a robust, user-friendly option.


  • Versatile, suitable for a variety of items
  • Automatically adjusts pressure for different project thicknesses
  • Heats up quickly for efficient transfers


  • Might be overwhelming for absolute beginners
  • The cost may be prohibitive for hobbyists
  • There can be a learning curve to master different modes

Our experience with the SVOMK 3D Heat Press was satisfying. You can transfer designs onto anything from t-shirts to phone cases efficiently. The machine’s intuitive nature made it simple for us to produce high-quality results; it felt almost effortless.

The automatic pressure adjustment feature impressed us most; it eliminated the guesswork and reduced the risk of damaging materials. We felt confident using the machine, knowing that each press would be just right for the item we were working on.

However, we did notice a couple of areas for improvement. Beginners may find the variety of modes and settings a bit daunting at first. Also, the price point is something to consider if you’re not planning to use this machine for business purposes.

In conclusion, if you decide to invest in a sublimation printer like the SVOMK, you’re getting a machine capable of a wide range of projects, with a bit of practice. It’s perfect for those enthusiastic about starting a small crafting business or expanding their hobby to new creative heights.

5. Canon Selphy CP1300

We find that the Canon Selphy CP1300 makes an excellent choice for beginners who want to print lasting memories with ease.


  • Exceptional print longevity and water resistance makes photos durable
  • Connectivity options with smartphone and tablet enhance user convenience
  • The compact and portable design is tailormade for on-the-go printing


  • Output tray capacity might be limited for larger print jobs
  • Print speed may not suit those looking for rapid production
  • Reliance on proprietary cartridges could add to the long-term cost

The moment we took the Canon Selphy CP1300 out of the box, it struck us how well it could fit into our active, mobile lifestyle. The compact size means it doesn’t command much desk space, and the optional battery pack allows printing at events or family gatherings without a power outlet.

As we easily connected our smartphones and started printing, the intuitive Canon print app impressed us with its user-friendliness. Editing and choosing photos to print on the spot through the tilting LCD screen made us feel like we had a photo kiosk in the palm of our hands.

But it’s not just about convenience. The lasting quality of the prints gave us great satisfaction knowing that the photos we shared and gifted would stand the test of time. The dye-sublimation technology provided vibrancy and depth to each print – the water resistance was an added bonus, especially for our outdoor events.

In our experience, the Canon Selphy CP1300 hits the right notes for anyone stepping into the world of printing their own photos, combining ease of use with high-quality output.

Buying Guide

Understanding Your Needs

Before choosing a sublimation printer, we need to assess our needs. Consider the type of projects we will undertake — from small crafts to larger commercial items. This understanding will guide us towards the right printer size and capacity.

Key Features to Consider

FeatureWhy It Matters
Print QualityHigh resolution for detailed work.
Ease of UseUser-friendly interface and setup.
SpeedFaster printing for more productivity.
ConnectivityOptions like USB or Wi-Fi for convenience.
Ink ManagementCost-efficiency and color fidelity.
Media CompatibilityAbility to handle various materials.

Budget Considerations

It’s essential to align our expectations with our budget. While we want the best quality, we must also consider ongoing costs, such as ink and paper, not just the initial investment.

Support and Warranty

Check the printer comes with reliable support and warranty. While we hope to never need it, good customer service can save us time and frustration.

Durability and Brand Reputation

Investigate the build quality of the printer and the reputation of its manufacturer even without citing specific brands. It gives us an idea about the durability and reliability of the product we are investing in.

By consulting this guide and doing thorough research, we can confidently select a sublimation printer that best suits our beginning endeavors.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we cover common inquiries to help beginners make informed decisions on sublimation printers, ranging from top-rated models to budget-friendly options and software recommendations.

What are the top-rated sublimation printers suitable for home use?

The Epson EcoTank series, particularly the EcoTank ET-2720 and ET-2760, are highly rated for their ease of use and refillable ink tanks, making them great for home sublimation projects.

Which sublimation printers are considered user-friendly for beginners?

For beginners, the Sawgrass Virtuoso SG500 is considered quite user-friendly because of its simple setup process, customer support, and accessible design software, CreativeStudio.

What are some budget-friendly options for sublimation printers?

Budget-conscious users often choose the Epson WorkForce series, like the WF-7720, which offers substantial features at a lower cost compared to specialized sublimation printers.

Can regular printers be converted for sublimation or is a dedicated printer necessary?

Yes, certain regular inkjet printers, such as select Epson and Canon models, can be converted for sublimation by changing the ink to sublimation ink. However, a dedicated printer is recommended for optimal results and to avoid potential issues with mixed inks.

What are the best options for creating large sublimation prints?

For large sublimation prints, the Epson SureColor F570 is an excellent choice, as it is designed to handle wider formats up to 24 inches and provides professional-grade prints.

Which software is recommended for those new to sublimation printing?

We recommend starting with Sawgrass Print Manager and CreativeStudio for those new to sublimation printing, as they are specifically designed for sublimation and offer a user-friendly interface.

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