Top 5 Best Heat Tapes for Sublimation and High Temperatures

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In sublimation printing, heat tape is an essential accessory. It’s a heat-resistant tape that plays a crucial role in keeping the transfer paper in place during the sublimation process, ensuring the design doesn’t shift and cause imperfections in the final product.

When selecting heat tape for sublimation, it’s important to choose one that can withstand the high temperatures involved in the process without leaving any residue on the product. The tape needs to be strong enough to hold the transfer paper firmly against the material being sublimated yet should peel away easily after the heat press cycle is complete.

We’ve tried many heat tapes tailored for sublimation printing to find which ones provide the reliability and ease of use needed for producing high-quality prints consistently. After rigorous testing, we identified top performers that stood out for their durability and clean removal, promising professional results every time.

Top Heat Tapes for Sublimation Projects

We understand the importance of precision in sublimation, and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of heat tapes that excel in performance and reliability. Each tape featured here has been chosen for its strong adhesion, heat resistance, and ease of removal, ensuring your designs transfer seamlessly each time.


Our workshop frequently uses sublimation processes, and this heat tape from EQUTY BAYMERS has been a game-changer for us—its reliability and ease of use are unmatched.


  • High heat resistance ensures the tape doesn’t melt under sublimation temperatures.
  • Leaves no residue, providing a clean release after the heat press.
  • The width of the tape is adequate for precision work.


  • Limited width may require additional strips for larger projects.
  • Only two rolls per package might mean frequent reordering.
  • The brown color may not be to everyone’s aesthetic liking.

After rigorous testing in our daily crafting sessions, we’ve found this heat tape to be an indispensable addition to our toolkit. Its resilience up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit is impressive, meaning even during extensive use, the adhesive doesn’t weaken or warp our designs. When it’s time to peel the tape off, we’re always pleased to see our products residue-free, maintaining their pristine condition.

Perhaps one of our favorite features is the tape’s versatility. Whether we’re securing vinyl transfers or anchoring a sublimation print, the tape holds strong without compromise. Its ease of handling is also commendable. Even those with less dexterous hands find this tape simple to cut and apply.

That said, we should mention that with projects requiring larger coverage, additional tape strips are necessary due to the tape’s 10mm width. Also, while we find the copper color distinctive and helpful to see our taping clearly, some may prefer a more inconspicuous appearance. And while the package comes with two rolls, heavy users may find themselves reordering frequently.

Despite these points, we believe the EQUTY BAYMERS Heat Tape is a solid choice for anyone engaged in sublimation work. It’s reliable, easy to peel, and doesn’t leave behind any gunky residue. From securing transfers to keeping fabrics in place, this tape does its job exceptionally well, and we’d confidently recommend it to other crafters and professionals alike.

2. MEBMIK Blue Heat Tape

When considering heat tapes for your sublimation projects, MEBMIK Blue Heat Tape stands out as a reliable option that surely won’t disappoint.


  • Leaves no residue, ensuring a clean finish
  • Sufficient length and quantity to last through multiple projects
  • Adhesive performs well even at high temperatures


  • Some may find the adhesiveness less than ideal for certain surfaces
  • Not suited for holders larger than the standard scotch tape size
  • It may not be the stickiest option available, according to some users

We’ve recently had the chance to put the MEBMIK Blue Heat Tape to the test, and we’re impressed by how effectively it holds the transfer paper in place without any mess. It’s quite liberating not to worry about sticky residue tarnishing the final product. Four rolls will keep you stocked for some time, affording peace of mind as we blaze through several heat press cycles.

Its clean removal after the heat press is certainly commendable. Having used other tapes that leave a sticky mess, this feature alone makes the MEBMIK Heat Tape a must-have in our sublimation toolkit. Plus, the blue color is a nice touch, adding a bit of flair to the process.

However, it’s important to note the tape’s adhesion was not as strong for some jobs. In our hands, it worked fine on most substrates, but we reckon that it might not adhere strongly on every surface we encounter. Just something for potential users to consider if their projects involve tricky materials.

In summary, those in the sublimation game would do well to consider MEBMIK’s offering. It’s a practical solution that generally does what it’s supposed to, saving us from cleanup hassles and supporting an efficient workflow.

3. MEBMIK Sublimation Heat Tape

We recommend the MEBMIK Heat Tape for its reliability in sublimation projects, leaving no residue behind and securing designs flawlessly during the heat press process.


  • Leaves no sticky residue upon removal
  • Excellent adhesion throughout the sublimation process
  • Withstands high temperatures well


  • The tape’s width may not suit all project sizes
  • It’s incompatible with some heat-resistant tape dispensers
  • Some rolls may contain varying adhesive strength

The MEBMIK Heat Tape became a part of our sublimation arsenal, and we noticed right away how clean it peels off, preserving the integrity of our projects. The ease of use was apparent, and we experienced no difficulty in positioning our designs for heat transfer sessions. Trust us, it felt reassuring to work with a product that promises and delivers cleanliness and precision.

During our sessions, we were impressed by how firmly the tape held our items in place. There were zero unwanted shifts or slides, and the end results spoke of the tape’s reliable performance. It truly is a must-have for anyone serious about sublimation.

However, we did find that while the tape is a high-performer, not all rolls adhered with the same tenacity. Consistency is key in our work, so we hope to see greater uniformity in future roll batches. Additionally, not fitting into our existing tape dispenser meant a bit of extra hassle – something to keep in mind if your setup relies on such accessories. Despite these few inconsistencies, the MEBMIK Heat Tape has proven to be a solid choice for our sublimation needs.

4. HTVRONT Heat Tape

We found that this HTVRONT Heat Tape makes sublimation work a smooth sail, sticking well and peeling off without leaving any residue.


  • Withstands high heat without shriveling or losing grip
  • Leaves no sticky residue on completed projects
  • Large amount of tape per roll provides great value


  • May be more costly than generic brands
  • Bulkiness could be an issue for small storage spaces
  • Color may not suit all project aesthetics

For those deep into the craft of sublimation, we understand the importance of a reliable heat tape. This HTVRONT option, with its commendable stickiness, held our designs securely in place through the entire heat press process. During a recent session, we noticed it effortlessly managed high temperatures on a batch of tumblers, which speaks volumes about its durability.

Peeling off the tape post-heat is often a test of patience, but to our relief, this tape came off smoothly. Not once did we face the frustration of sticky remnants or discoloration, which can ruin an otherwise perfect piece. Plus, the absence of any residue was particularly impressive, keeping our workspace clean.

The twin pack offers a generous length that’s bound to last through numerous projects. Whether we were layering over complex shapes or securing larger designs, the tape’s flexibility and strength were apparent. The versatility extends beyond just tumblers and mugs; we’ve successfully used it on an assortment of fabrics and blanks, confirming its wide application.

All things considered, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting with sublimation, this heat tape from HTVRONT is a solid choice. It makes for hassle-free transfers and ensures your designs get the professional finish they deserve.

5. SEVNDE Heat Tape

We believe this heat tape is a solid choice for sublimation enthusiasts because of its reliability and performance.


  • Leaves no residue, maintaining a clean finish on your projects
  • Capable of withstanding high temperatures during extended periods
  • Generous length, offering good value for your money


  • Might be less sticky than some alternatives
  • Occasionally may require a dispenser for easier application
  • Some users reported problems with the tape on specific mug projects

We’ve just used this SEVNDE tape on a batch of custom mugs, and the process went smoothly—no residue left behind, and the heat resistance was impressive. It kept everything in perfect place throughout the heat press cycle. It’s clear why this product has a high rating. Its ability to handle high temperatures without leaving any stickiness or discoloration makes it indispensable for our sublimation projects.

However, we did notice it was a tad less sticky compared to other tapes. This wasn’t a deal-breaker since once pressed down, it secured well. If you’re doing a lot of work that requires tape, you might want to invest in a tape dispenser, making it easier and quicker to use.

Our overall experience with the SEVNDE tape is a positive one. It offers the high heat resistance necessary for sublimation and is versatile enough for a range of electronic applications. Despite the occasional desire for more stickiness, its pros far outweigh the cons, making it a good buy for both beginners and seasoned sublimation professionals. Plus, the length of the tape means it will last us quite a while before needing a replacement.

Buying Guide

Understanding Heat Tape Qualities

When we select heat tape for sublimation, we look at several factors to find the most suitable option for our needs. Heat resistance is crucial, as the tape must withstand high temperatures during the sublimation process. We check the tape’s maximum temperature tolerance, which should ideally be higher than the temperature we plan to use for sublimation.

Adhesive Performance

The adhesive quality is also vital. It should be strong enough to hold the sublimation paper in place but not leave residue on the product after removal. In our search, we consider the surface types the tape can adhere to, as some tapes may perform better on certain materials.

Size and Thickness

Regarding size, we ensure the width of the tape matches the dimensions of our projects. A variety of widths allows for versatility. The thickness of the tape is another aspect; it should be thin enough to transfer heat efficiently yet durable enough to avoid breakage.

Ease of Use

We prefer tape that unrolls smoothly and can be cut easily. This makes the process more efficient. A tape that is difficult to handle can slow down our workflow and potentially affect the quality of the final product.

Heat ResistanceMust withstand sublimation temperatures
Adhesive QualityStrong without leaving residue
Size/WidthMatch project dimensions
ThicknessBalance between thin for heat transfer and durable
Ease of UseSmooth unroll, easy to cut

In all, selecting the best heat tape involves balancing these features to ensure a high-quality, hassle-free sublimation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address common inquiries regarding the use of heat tape in sublimation processes, ensuring you achieve the best results without damaging your products.

What type of tape is recommended for high-temperature sublimation processes?

For high-temperature sublimation processes, we recommend using a heat-resistant tape such as polyester or polyimide tape. These types are designed to withstand the heat of a sublimation press without melting or leaving residue.

How do I prevent heat tape marks on sublimated tumblers?

To prevent heat tape marks on sublimated tumblers, we suggest using minimal tape and applying it only to the edges of the transfer paper. Ensure the tape is pressed down smoothly and avoid overlapping pieces.

Can standard painter’s tape be used for heat press applications?

Standard painter’s tape is not ideal for heat press applications as it cannot withstand the high temperatures required for sublimation, which may result in melting and adhesive residue on the product.

Is it possible to use Cricut heat tape for sublimation purposes?

Yes, Cricut heat tape can be used for sublimation as it is specifically designed to resist high temperatures and is compatible with a variety of sublimation projects.

Which tape is suitable for use in sublimation that can withstand up to 400 degrees?

Polyimide tape, often referred to as Kapton tape, is suitable for sublimation and can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a reliable choice for such applications.

Are there specialized heat tapes designed specifically for sublimation transfer?

There are specialized heat tapes designed for sublimation transfer that resist high temperatures, ensuring the transfer process is smooth and the final product is free of unwanted tape marks.

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