Best Hoodies and Sweatshirts for Sublimation in 2024

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Sublimation printing has become a popular method for creating personalized apparel, offering the ability to infuse fabric with vivid, full-color graphics that last as long as the material itself.

Hoodies and sweatshirts, widely loved for their comfort and style flexibility, serve as excellent canvases for sublimation due to their large, print-friendly surfaces. This printing technique is unique because it turns dyes into gas through heat, which then binds to the fabric, creating a durable and high-quality image.

When considering hoodies and sweatshirts for sublimation, choosing the right material is crucial. The best results are achieved on polyester or poly-blend fabrics, as they allow the sublimation ink to bond thoroughly, ensuring the brightness and longevity of the image. A tagless neck label is also preferred to avoid discomfort after printing.

We have dedicated hours of research and hands-on testing to various hoodies and sweatshirts, identifying those that not only accommodate sublimation beautifully but also maintain their comfort and structural integrity over time.

Top Picks for Hoodies and Sweatshirts for Sublimation

We understand the importance of finding the perfect substrate for your sublimation projects, which is why we’ve curated a selection of hoodies and sweatshirts that excel in print receptivity and durability.

Our criteria for this list focused on fabric quality, surface smoothness, and color retention to ensure your designs come out vivid and last longer. Whether you’re customizing apparel for a business or crafting personal gifts, our roundup will help you choose the ideal blank canvas for your creativity.

1. Best Men’s Sweatshirt: EcoSmart Comfort

This Hanes EcoSmart Sweatshirt strikes the perfect balance between eco-conscious comfort and casual style.


  • Made with recycled materials
  • Holds its shape over time
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Thinner material than some may expect
  • Potential for color to fade with washing
  • Fit might not meet everyone’s preference

After slipping into the Hanes Men’s EcoSmart Sweatshirt, the first thing we notice is its undeniable comfort. The blend of cotton and recycled polyester feels soft against the skin, and it’s satisfying to know we’re wearing eco-friendly clothing. Plus, pulling it on is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design.

We appreciate the sweatshirt’s resilience. The ribbed cuffs and hem keep it looking crisp, even after multiple wears. Its durable double-needle stitching means we don’t worry much about wear and tear. Whether we’re heading out for errands or lounging at home, it’s quickly becoming our go-to choice for a relaxed fit.

What doesn’t go unnoticed is its versatility when it comes to sublimation. The fabric’s smooth surface makes it an ideal canvas for our latest designs. It serves as an excellent option for both personal customization and business needs.

However, be mindful that this isn’t the thickest sweatshirt out there. On cooler nights, we might layer it under a jacket for extra warmth. And while the hues caught our eyes initially, we’ve learned to wash it carefully to preserve the color vibrancy. Overall, the Hanes EcoSmart Sweatshirt is an excellent pick for those who value sustainability and comfort in their casual wear.

2. Best Men’s Hoodie: Hanes EcoSmart Hoodie

Slipping into this hoodie, we are wrapped in warmth and a sense of eco-conscious comfort.


  • Pill-resistant fabric maintains its softness
  • Eco-friendly design gives a feel-good vibe
  • Roomy front pocket adds convenience


  • May experience minor shrinkage post-wash
  • Cut could be boxy for some body types
  • Lint balls can develop with wear

When we first laid hands on this Hanes EcoSmart Hoodie, what struck us immediately was its plush interior. The soft feel is like a gentle hug, perfect for those days when you need an extra layer of comfort. The material boasts pill resistance, which means it keeps looking presentable even after multiple sublimation sessions and washes.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about clothing that aligns with our values. This fleece’s content incorporates up to 5% recycled polyester fibers, making us feel part of a larger effort towards eco-friendliness with every wear. We find it easy to slip it on and get going thanks to its pull-on closure, and the roomy kangaroo pocket keeps our essentials close at hand.

However, it isn’t without its quirks. After the first wash, we did notice a slight change in texture, leading to mild shrinkage. While it retains its comfort, some of us found the cut to be a tad boxy. This isn’t a dealbreaker but something to keep in mind for those preferring a snug fit. And during particularly active days, we observed that lint balls can form, though they’re nothing a good lint roller can’t handle.

3. Best Men’s Polyester Hoodie: Renegade Pullover

After testing it out, we believe this hoodie is ideal for those looking to combine comfort with the vibrancy of sublimated designs.


  • Excellent for sublimation projects
  • Warm and fits nicely
  • Durable with quality fleece


  • Sizing may run larger than expected
  • Fabric can pill after numerous washes
  • Not tailored for those with longer torsos

Renegade Sportswear’s hoodie has impressed us with its heft and ability to retain warmth, a must for colder climates. The feel of the fabric and its resistance to chilly drafts make it a strong contender for our go-to outdoor gear. Having worn it on a brisk morning jog, we appreciated the snugness of the cuffs and the warmth of the three-panel hood.

The sublimation results on this hoodie exceeded our expectations. The brightness and sharpness of the image we transferred were remarkable, enhancing the overall appearance. It’s a huge plus for those of us looking to create custom apparel that stands out. This warmth didn’t compromise the hoodie’s breathability, which remained comfortable throughout a day’s wear.

However, while most of us appreciated the looser fit, some found the sizing on the larger side. We suggest you consider ordering a size down if you prefer a more fitted look. Additionally, those of us who’ve used it heavily observed that the material may start to pill after several washes, which is something to bear in mind for maintaining its appearance. Tall individuals in our group noted that the hoodie is better suited to those with a shorter torso.

In conclusion, the Renegade Sportswear hoodie serves as an excellent canvas for sublimation printing, while also providing the necessary comfort and durability one expects from a quality sweatshirt. Despite some sizing quirks and potential for wear over time, its sublimation capabilities definitely make it a piece worth considering for your custom apparel projects.

4. Best Women’s Sweatshirt: Hanes Ecosmart V-Notch Sweatshirt

Our team was impressed by the comfort and versatility offered by this mid-weight sweatshirt, making it an ideal canvas for your sublimation projects.


  • Provides a soft and plush feel
  • Made with EcoSmart™ cotton for sustainability
  • Features a comfortable, classic silhouette


  • May have a boxy fit on some body types
  • Sleeves tend to be fitted; could restrict movement
  • Shorter length might not appeal to all

Slipping into the Hanes Ecosmart V-Notch Sweatshirt, we appreciated how the plush fabric felt against the skin. It’s exactly what you’d want in a cozy layer for a chilly morning. The sweatshirt presents a clean, classic look that effortlessly transitions from a casual coffee shop visit to an afternoon on the couch.

We noticed right away the snug cuffs which, while stylish, might not be suitable for those preferring to roll up their sleeves. The silhouette shapes well to form, but the slight boxiness could lead to a less flattering fit for certain body types. Despite this, the classic cut does offer timeless appeal and provides ample opportunity for custom sublimation without compromising comfort.

The durability of a sweatshirt is key for us, and after a few washes, it’s clear this Hanes garment is cut from a cloth that survives the spin cycle with ease. The fact that it supports American farming through its use of EcoSmart™ cotton is a big plus in our books. We wear our sweatshirts frequently and look forward to personalized designs with sublimation on this cozy number.

5. Best Women’s Hoodie: Bingerlily Casual Hoodie

If you’re in search of a lightweight layering piece that’s easy to sublimate, this is a find you shouldn’t overlook.


  • The fabric handles sublimation well, maintaining vibrant colors after several washes.
  • With its soft touch and comfortable fit, it’s a pleasure to wear all day.
  • The included pocket is not just stylish but also handy for small essentials.


  • Those looking for a thicker, warmer hoodie might find it too thin.
  • It fits snugly, so you may need to size up for a looser feel.
  • The lighter weight material may not be to everyone’s preference for a sweatshirt.

We recently had the opportunity to try out the Bingerlily Women’s Casual Hoodie and were quite taken with its sublimation-friendly surface. The hoodie’s blend of cotton and polyester ensured that our custom designs adhered well and looked sharp.

In terms of wearability, we appreciated how soft the fabric felt against the skin. It was light enough to not feel cumbersome, which makes it perfect for those days when you need an extra layer without the bulk.

On the flip side, if you’re looking for something to keep you warm on a chilly day, this might not be the best pick. It’s not fleece-lined, so don’t expect it to replace your winter gear. Additionally, those who prefer a roomier fit should definitely consider ordering a size up to achieve that desired loose fit.

All in all, our experience points to this hoodie being a great option for anyone looking to create custom apparel without the hassle of dealing with heavy or unwieldy fabric. It’s a garment that feels good to wear and even better to personalize.

6. Best Women’s Polyester Hoodie: Oalka Performance Hoodie

We recommend this hoodie for its versatile use in active and casual settings, and its lightweight fabric is ideal for sublimation printing.


  • Exceptionally comfortable and lightweight
  • Thumb holes in cuffs for ease during activities
  • Stretchy material that nicely contours different body shapes


  • Waistband may not appeal to everyone
  • Material is on the sheer side for some tastes
  • May require sizing down for a perfect fit

Having recently worn the Oalka Women’s Hoodie, we can speak to its breathability and comfort firsthand. Whether you’re going out for a brisk jog on cooler days or simply looking for a cozy layer while running errands, this hoodie strikes an excellent balance between warmth and ventilation.

The texture is worth noting – the blend of polyester and spandex gives it a smooth touch that you’ll appreciate throughout the day. The thumb holes are a nifty feature for those of us who enjoy an extra bit of coverage for our hands during a morning run.

One thing we want to point out is the waistband’s unique fit, which might not be everyone’s favorite. Although not an issue for us, the trim finish does roll up for some movements, so keep this in mind when selecting this hoodie for your wardrobe.

For sublimation enthusiasts, the material is accommodating, showcasing vivid colors and sharp details once printed. Just be aware that the sheen finish of the fabric may affect the final appearance of lighter designs, making them appear slightly less opaque than expected.

Considering sublimation, the Oalka Hoodie is optimal for those looking for a reliable canvas for their creative designs. It impresses us with its fit and functionality, ensuring your custom prints are displayed prominently while you stay cozy and stylish.

7. For Kids: Cozy Toddlers’ Fleece Hoodie

This Amazon Essentials Fleece Hoodie is a solid pick for keeping your little ones warm and ready for sublimation projects.


  • Exceptionally soft and comfortable for everyday wear
  • Holds up well in the wash, retaining shape and color
  • Ideal for custom sublimation designs


  • The head opening can be snug for some children
  • Sizes run a bit small; consider ordering up
  • Color variations may occur due to screen settings or dye lots

Our recent experience with the Amazon Essentials Boys’ Fleece Pullover Hoodie has been largely positive. The fleece is soft to the touch, making it a hit among the kids. From a parental standpoint, its durability through multiple washes is a relief. We found that the fabric held ink well during sublimation, making it a fun project for personalized sweatshirts.

While the pullover is generally true to size, we’ve noticed the fit is somewhat snug, especially after printing. It’s wise to size up if you prefer a more relaxed fit or if you’re between sizes. We also suggest checking the hoodie right out of the package, as the head opening may present a slight challenge for children with broader head sizes.

The versatility of the hoodie is admirable, offering a solid base for creativity. Whether for casual wear or adding a personal touch with sublimation, it has served our needs well. We did, however, observe slight color discrepancies, so be sure to examine the hoodie upon arrival to ensure it matches your expectations for your sublimation projects.

Buying Guide

Fabric Quality

When choosing a hoodie or sweatshirt for sublimation, it’s crucial to consider the material. We look for items with a high polyester content, as sublimation ink adheres best to these fibers. Ideally, a blend of at least 50% polyester is recommended, offering a balance of vibrancy and comfort.

Fabric CharacteristicsSublimation Suitability
100% PolyesterExcellent
Polyester BlendGood
100% CottonPoor

Weight & Thickness

The weight of the fabric, usually measured in ounces per square yard, affects the end result of sublimation. We prefer a medium-weight fabric that’s not too thin to ensure the sublimation ink doesn’t bleed through.


We opt for white or light-colored hoodies and sweatshirts as they best showcase the vivid colors of sublimation prints. Darker colors can interfere with the print’s integrity and vibrancy.

Surface Smoothness

The smoother the fabric, the sharper the sublimation print will appear. We look for a tightly knit surface, which ensures a better transfer of the design.

Heat Resistance

It’s important that the fabric can withstand the high heat required for sublimation. We ensure that the material is rated for the necessary temperature without degrading.

By considering these features, we ensure to choose the best hoodie or sweatshirt for sublimation ensuring quality prints and satisfactory results.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address common inquiries about selecting and printing on hoodies and sweatshirts for sublimation, focusing on materials, techniques, and suppliers.

What factors should I consider when choosing a hoodie for sublimation printing?

We must ensure the hoodie is made of synthetic fibers like polyester, which bind well with sublimation inks. The weight and texture of the fabric also affect the print quality and durability.

Which materials are optimal for achieving vibrant colors in sublimation sweatshirts?

100% polyester materials are ideal for sublimation because they allow the ink to saturate deeply, resulting in bright, lasting colors. High polyester content is key for vivid outcomes.

How do polyester blends compare to 100% polyester for sublimation sweatshirts?

Polyester blends, while softer and more fabric-like in feel, may not yield as vibrant colors as 100% polyester. The presence of non-polyester fibers can result in a faded or vintage look.

What are the best practices for sublimation printing on crewneck sweatshirts?

We recommend using high temperatures and pressure for transferring designs onto crewnecks. It’s critical to ensure a flat printing surface to avoid inconsistencies in the final print.

Where can I find wholesale suppliers for sublimation-ready hoodie blanks?

Wholesale suppliers specializing in sublimation products can be found through industry trade shows, online marketplaces, and direct manufacturer websites. Look for suppliers with good reviews and quality products.

Can you recommend any brands that are particularly well-suited for sublimation techniques?

Brands like Gildan, Jerzees, and Hanes offer specific lines of sweatshirts and hoodies designed for sublimation. Select those known for high-quality polyester fabrics to ensure the best sublimation results.

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