Best Sublimation Ink: Top Picks for Vibrant Prints in 2024

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Sublimation printing has revolutionized the way we apply designs to various materials. It’s a process where special ink is transferred to an object via heat, turning from a solid to a gas without passing through a liquid phase. This technique has become especially popular for creating vibrant, full-color images on fabrics, ceramics, and other substrates. The key component in this process is the sublimation ink, which, unlike regular ink, is designed to vaporize at high temperatures and bond with the material’s surface, resulting in a permanent, high-resolution image.

When selecting the best sublimation ink for a project, it’s vital to consider the type of printer being used, the range of colors provided, and the ink’s ability to produce consistent, long-lasting results. Compatibility with your printer model is crucial to prevent damage and ensure efficient ink usage. Moreover, a good sublimation ink should offer a wide color spectrum for accurate color reproduction. The vibrancy and durability of the transferred image also depend heavily on the quality of the ink.

In addition to compatibility, color quality, and durability, potential buyers should pay attention to the ink’s transfer efficiency—the higher the efficiency, the clearer and more precise the printed image will be on the final product. It’s also worth noting the volume of ink needed and the cost per print when considering bulk or frequent printing jobs. With that in mind, we’ve carefully researched and tested a range of sublimation inks to find the options that offer the best performance for various applications and needs.

Top Sublimation Inks

We’ve gathered a selection of the finest sublimation inks for those looking to achieve high-quality prints with vivid colors and durability. Our choices cater to both beginners and seasoned printing professionals, ensuring that you have the inks necessary to bring your creative projects to life on various substrates.

1. Printers Jack Ultra Vivid Sublimation Ink

We’ve just tried out the Printers Jack Sublimation Ink Four Pack, and we’re genuinely impressed by its performance on a variety of substrates.


  • Vivid and bright colors that transfer beautifully
  • Easy to install and refill with included syringes
  • Excellent fade resistance, ensuring long-lasting prints


  • Only suitable for polyester or coated materials, not cotton
  • Slower drying time compared to some other inks
  • The syringe refilling method may be cumbersome for some users

Working with Printers Jack Ultra Vivid sublimation ink was a breeze. We found the vibrancy of the colors to be top-notch—reds and blues popped just like they should on our mugs and shirts. The variety of shades available also gave us the flexibility to really get creative with our designs.

The process of refilling was straightforward, thanks to the included syringes. Though dealing with syringes might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it certainly beats dealing with spills and the mess that can come with other refill methods. Plus, it’s hard to argue with the cost-effectiveness of refilling your tanks over buying brand-new cartridges.

Durability is key in the sublimation business, and thankfully, we didn’t notice any signs of fading or color deterioration over time. Our products stayed as striking as the day they were printed, which says a lot about the ink’s quality. Considering how easy it is for sublimation prints to fade, this ink’s ability to resist that is a significant advantage.

However, it’s important to note that this ink is specifically designed for polyester or coated materials. So, if your project involves cotton textiles, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Also, since the drying time is somewhat slower, you might need to factor in a bit more time for your production process. And if you’re not a fan of syringes, you might find the refilling method a bit fiddly.

In terms of compatibility, this ink played nicely with our range of Epson printers. We didn’t experience any clogging, and the prints came out smooth every time, which is more than can be said for some of the other inks we’ve tried in the past.

To sum up, the Printers Jack Ultra Vivid Sublimation Ink is a reliable choice that offers excellent color quality and durability for a wide range of sublimation projects. If you’re working with the right materials and don’t mind the syringe refill method, this ink won’t disappoint.

2. Seogol Sublimation Ink

After trying out Seogol’s Sublimation Ink, we’re convinced it’s a worthy investment for anyone looking to produce vibrant, long-lasting prints on a variety of mediums.


  • Vibrant colors that truly pop on different substrates
  • Reliable compatibility with a wide range of Epson printers
  • Comes with useful accessories like gloves and needles


  • Some users may need to source additional syringes
  • Getting the free ICC profile might require reaching out to the company
  • May not be compatible with all advertised printer models

Our experience with Seogol Sublimation Ink has been largely positive. We got gloves and needles with the package, which made the refill process seamless. We’ve noticed that the colors are exceptionally vibrant right off the bat, bringing our creative projects to life on T-shirts, mugs, and more.

While we’ve enjoyed the product’s compatibility with our Epson printers, we did bump into an obstacle or two. For instance, getting the ICC profile needed a bit of an effort as we had to contact the seller directly for this. But once set up, the inks delivered top-notch results.

We appreciate the advanced three-layer filtering technology Seogol promises, as it means less worry about clogs and smoother texture in print results. Translating designs onto physical mediums without loss of detail is crucial in our work, and this ink has met our expectations.

For anyone diving into the world of sublimation printing, remember that your experience may vary depending on your equipment and the specific material you’re transferring onto. Still, from our perspective, Seogol Sublimation Ink stands as a solid choice for quality and reliability.

3. Sawgrass SubliJet HD Ink

We recommend this sublimation ink for those who need high-quality prints with durability and vibrant hues.


  • Produces remarkably vivid colors
  • Includes a roll of heat tape for added value
  • Designed to leave no residue


  • Limited to Sawgrass printers
  • Pricey compared to standard ink
  • Cyan only—requires purchasing other colors separately

This Sawgrass SubliJet HD Sublimation Ink for the SG400 and SG800 printers has not disappointed us. The cartridge was effortlessly installed and we noticed that the cyan ink positively burst with life on each print we produced. The saturation was impressive, providing us with professional-grade results on all sorts of materials.

What we also found valuable was the included heat tape—Sublimax brand, no less—which is something you don’t typically find when purchasing just a cartridge. The tape held materials in place flawlessly during the sublimation process and, as claimed, didn’t leave behind any sticky mess.

It’s useful to mention our observation regarding the cartridge’s offering; it’s only available in cyan. This means you’ll need to source the other colors separately. We’re aware that the cost might stretch some budgets, primarily due to its proprietary nature. Still, if you’re sporting a Sawgrass printer, we’ve experienced that this product is a worthwhile investment for the quality it delivers.

4. Hiipoo Sublimation Ink

We’ve found that the Hiipoo Sublimation Ink set strikes a fine balance between quality and easy usability, which makes it a solid choice for your creative printing needs.


  • Vibrant and consistent color output
  • Easy to refill with included syringes
  • Compatible with a wide range of Epson printers


  • Limited to less than 30% cotton fabrics
  • Requires manual filling with syringes, which can be messy
  • Gloves provided in the kit may not fit all hand sizes

We’ve recently tried out the Hiipoo Sublimation Ink and were quite pleased with the vibrantly colored prints we got. The inks were well-suited for a variety of projects, such as custom mugs and T-shirts, which all came out with professional-looking results. This practicality really hit the mark for us.

The refilling process was straightforward, thanks to the syringes and gloves in the kit, which allowed for a clean installation. We appreciate the eco-friendly approach of refillable bottles, which aligns with our appreciation for sustainable practices.

We did notice that these inks are to be used on less than 30% cotton fabrics to maintain the fidelity of the colors, so keep that in mind if you’re looking to print on cotton-rich materials. Also, be prepared for a bit of a learning curve if you’re new to using syringes for refilling – it can be a bit tedious initially. Despite these minor issues, we found Hiipoo’s Sublimation Ink to be reliable for our various printing endeavors.

5. Tounker Creative Inks

We found this ink to be a game-changer for vibrant, long-lasting prints, making it ideal for anyone engaged in creative printing projects.


  • Exceptional color vibrancy and print quality
  • Compatible with a plethora of printers
  • User-friendly, complete set with accessories


  • Limited to polyester and less than 30% cotton fabrics
  • Meant only for sublimation printers, not universal use
  • Relatively few reviews for confidence in long-term performance

Tounker Sublimation Ink impressed us with its standout vibrancy and performance on our latest projects. When we loaded it into our EcoTank printer, the colors popped on every substrate we tried, be it mugs or T-shirts. Not just looking pretty, the prints have held up well to washing and light exposure. This ink brought our designs to life, making them eye-catching and professionally looking.

Ease of use is crucial in our workshop, and with Tounker’s refill kit, there was no mess or fuss—from the syringes and gloves down to the clear instructions, it was smooth sailing. Refilling was a breeze, and we were back to printing in no time. No clogs, no smudges—just continuous, reliable performance.

We must highlight the cost-effectiveness of these inks. It’s clear the manufacturer understands the need for affordable quality in a market that often sees steep prices without justifiable benefits. With Tounker, we struck a balance, investing in quality without denting our wallet too much. While the brand may not be as well-known, the results have spoken for themselves.

So, for all our fellow print enthusiasts looking to bolster their sublimation game, Tounker Creative Inks come through. Keep in mind its compatibility and fabric limitations, but beyond that, expect to enjoy a smooth and vivid printing journey.

Buying Guide


Before purchasing sublimation ink, we must ensure it is compatible with our printer. Not all inks work with every model, and using the wrong type can result in poor quality prints or damage to the machine.

Printer ModelVerify the ink is suited for your specific printer model.
Cartridge TypeSome printers require proprietary cartridges while others are more flexible.

Print Quality

The quality of the print is crucial. We look for inks that provide vibrant, long-lasting colors and have good UV resistance to prevent fading over time.

Color VibrancyHigher vibrancy for more vivid prints.
LongevityInks should resist fading and weathering.

Ink Composition

We consider the ink’s composition since it affects the durability and the health aspects of using it. Eco-friendly and non-toxic formulas are preferable.

Eco-friendlyBetter for the environment and us.
Non-toxicSafer for home and workplace use.

Cost Efficiency

While we may be tempted to go for cheaper options, we weigh the cost against the yield. Higher-yield inks, although sometimes more expensive upfront, can result in lower costs per print.

Cost FactorEvaluation
Initial PriceNot always indicative of final cost efficiency.
YieldHigher yield inks can be more economical over time.

We evaluate these features methodically, understanding that the best sublimation ink depends on balancing compatibility, print quality, composition, and cost efficiency according to our specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we answer some of the most common questions about sublimation inks, focusing on their use for beginners, compatibility with specific printer models, purchasing sources, suitability for different fabrics, and comparing brands for optimal results.

What are the recommended sublimation inks for beginners to use with their first printer?

For beginners, we recommend starting with inks like INKXPRO or Hiipoo, as these are generally more forgiving and come with instructions that are easy to follow.

How to select the right sublimation ink for specific Epson printer models?

When selecting sublimation ink for Epson printers, ensure that the ink is compatible with the model. For instance, EcoTank-series printers work well with Sublijet-UHD inks, which are designed for this line.

Where can I find high-quality sublimation ink from reputable retailers?

High-quality sublimation ink can be found through online platforms such as Amazon, HeatPressNation, or directly from manufacturers’ websites. Always read reviews and check for retailer certifications.

Can sublimation ink be effectively used on cotton fabric, and if so, which brand is recommended?

Sublimation ink typically does not work on cotton. However, for mixed fabrics, ArTainium UV+ inks yield good results on a blend of polyester and cotton when a polyester coating is applied to the cotton.

What are some factors to consider when choosing between different sublimation inks for Sawgrass printers?

Considerations for Sawgrass printers include checking ink compatibility, color performance, drying time, and the longevity of the ink. SubliJet-R is a popular choice for its vibrant colors and reliability.

Are there differences in performance between various sublimation ink brands for the Epson F170?

Yes, performance can vary. Inks like Cosmos Ink are formulated specifically for the Epson F170, providing sharp quality and color accuracy. Choose based on print clarity, fade resistance, and transfer efficiency.

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