Best Sublimation Papers: Top Picks for Quality Prints

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Choosing the best sublimation paper is crucial for achieving vibrant and long-lasting prints. The paper must be compatible with the type of sublimation ink and printer being used, as well as the substrate on which the image will be transferred. The weight and coating of the sublimation paper affect the quality of the print, whereas a heavier paper can hold more ink, translating to richer colors.

When considering sublimation paper, attention should be paid to the transfer rate, which is the amount of ink that gets transferred from the paper to the substrate. A higher transfer rate means more efficient ink usage and better-quality prints. Additionally, the drying time of the paper can impact the production speed, so a balance between quality and efficiency must be found.

We’ve rigorously tested many sublimation papers to find the best ones that ensure crisp, colorful, and reliable transfers every time. The goal is to provide a seamless experience from printing to pressing, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional.

Top Sublimation Papers

Our roundup showcases the leading sublimation papers available for crafting high-quality prints. We’ve examined their performance, ease of use, and compatibility with different printers to ensure you get clear, vibrant transfers on your choice of substrates. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, our selection caters to a variety of needs, prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction.

1. Printers Jack Sublimation Paper

If you’re into DIY projects, we can recommend this paper for vibrant and lasting results on your customized items.


  • Excellent transfer rate for bright and lasting colors
  • Broad compatibility with inkjet printers
  • Includes a generous count of 100 sheets per pack


  • May have issues with printer jamming if not handled carefully
  • The edges can curl, causing inconvenience during printing
  • Some users report quality inconsistency between batches

We recently had the chance to use the Printers Jack Sublimation Paper for a variety of projects. Our experiences were overwhelmingly positive, as the printed designs transferred onto merchandise with impressive clarity and vibrant colors.

This paper stood out in our test runs as being especially user-friendly for beginners. We found that the high transfer rate allowed us to preserve much of the ink, which proved cost-efficient.

However, we did encounter minor drawbacks. On a few occasions, we had to deal with paper jams, a common enough issue that requires careful handling of the paper, particularly with printers prone to such problems. We also noted that the edges of the paper tended to curl up sometimes, requiring us to ensure they lay flat before printing.

Overall, it’s safe to say that Printers Jack provides a reliable sublimation paper option that we’ve found to be effective for various projects, from T-shirts to ceramic mugs. Despite a couple of hiccups, the pros clearly outweigh the cons.

2. Seogol Sublimation Paper

We found that Seogol Sublimation Paper brings a noticeable quality improvement to our projects and is certainly worth considering for your sublimation needs.


  • Rich and vibrant color transfer
  • Handles high ink loads without bleeding
  • Notably better than using plain copy paper


  • May jam in some printers
  • Package might arrive with bends affecting flatness
  • Designed more for textiles rather than hard substrates

Working with the Seogol Sublimation Paper recently has been an eye-opener for us. Swapping from regular copy paper, the first thing we noticed was the intense color vibrancy it brought to our custom t-shirts. Their 125gsm weight felt substantial and handled heavy ink loads gracefully, which can often be a challenge with lighter papers.

However, while we enjoyed the quality of print on light fabrics, there were moments of frustration when dealing with printer jams. In our experience, these were occasional and seemed to resolve with some troubleshooting. These sheets are tailored for textiles like t-shirts and mugs, so consider your substrate choice before purchasing.

Eco-friendliness is something we also keep an eye on, and it’s worth noting that this paper comes with a biodegradable warning, which is an added benefit. If your crafting or business requires consistent and professional quality prints, we think you’d appreciate this product’s performance, granted your printer harmonizes with its thickness. They’re a steadfast option, especially when the output is a priority over the occasional hiccup during printing.

3. Printers Jack Sublimation Paper

This sublimation paper stands out for its quick dry time and lasting image quality post-transfer, making it a solid pick for creative projects.


  • Superior image transfer quality with vibrant colors
  • Quick-drying to negate smudging or bleeding
  • Broad compatibility with various dye sublimation inks and printers


  • Paper may slightly exceed 13 x 19 inches, requiring possible trimming
  • Sheets could jam in certain printers if not handled correctly
  • Packaging may allow for paper damage or bending

The ease with which we transferred images onto substrates using this paper certainly impressed us. It wasn’t long before our workshop was filled with mugs, t-shirts, and mouse pads, each emblazoned with bright, clear graphics. The Printers Jack Sublimation Paper allowed us to make the most of our design talents.

Our satisfaction was only slightly tempered by needing to double-check the paper’s dimensions; some sheets were marginally larger than expected. We recommend verifying the size before using it to avoid any jamming issues in your printer.

Handling a batch of this sublimation paper, we felt confident in its ability to produce professional-quality items from a home workspace. Whether we were creating personalized gifts or prototypes for a larger project, the results were always as expected: sharp and long-lasting.

4. A-SUB Excellence

We think you’ll appreciate this sublimation paper for its consistent quality and excellent color transfer.


  • Exceptional ink transfer efficiency
  • Quick-drying with minimal fracturing
  • Versatile for a variety of substrates


  • Limited to sublimation ink only
  • Works best on light-colored materials
  • Higher cotton content materials might not yield optimal results

Finding the right sublimation paper can be a game-changer for our DIY projects, and we’ve found A-SUB to be a reliable choice that delivers vibrant colors and sharp, clear images. The paper is thick but dries quickly, preventing our designs from bleeding or ghosting. It’s a pleasure to work with a product that performs as expected, especially when time and consistency are key.

In our experience, this paper has indeed a transfer rate to brag about. We’ve tried it on various materials and are impressed with the richness and clarity of the final product. Whether it’s mugs or phone cases, the custom designs we’ve printed look professional and are incredibly durable.

Our caution comes when working with materials that have a higher cotton content. While the paper is versatile, we’ve observed that for the best results, it’s wise to stick to lighter colors and substrates with less cotton. That said, when we used it within its ideal range, we’re always pleased with the flawless transfers it provides.

With its ease of use and superb quality, we believe A-SUB Sublimation Paper is an excellent choice for experienced crafters and newcomers alike. This product makes our creative endeavors feel limitless.

5. HTVRONT 120gsm Sublimation Paper

Considering our recent crafting session, we can confidently say that this HTVRONT Sublimation Paper is definitely worth considering for your vibrant and long-lasting printing needs.


  • Exceptionally high transfer rate resulting in vivid, sharp printed designs
  • Robust build ensures designs survive washing and exposure to sunlight
  • Versatility allows for a broad range of substrates to print on


  • Only pairs well with sublimation ink and certain fabrics
  • Limited to light-colored materials, potentially restricting creativity
  • The need for immediate storage to prevent damage might inconvenience some users

We recently got hands-on with HTVRONT’s sublimation paper and were quite impressed with the print quality. Transferring our custom designs onto various substrates, from T-shirts to ceramic mugs, yielded consistently vibrant and sharp results. It’s no wonder why our craft projects turned out so eye-catching; the paper’s high transfer rate truly did justice to our digital artwork.

If you’ve ever been frustrated with sublimation papers that warp or wrinkle under high temperatures, this product is a game changer. We put our printed items through several wash cycles and even left a test piece in direct sunlight for a day. To our satisfaction, there was no noticeable fading or cracking. The paper’s performance lived up to its premium quality claim.

However, as adept this paper is for crafting, we noticed it caters specifically to light-colored fabrics and substrates. Those of you who love working with a darker canvas might have to look elsewhere.

It’s also key to point out that successful printing can only be achieved when used with sublimation ink. Remember, store the paper properly after use; its sensitivity to environmental factors such as humidity is not something to overlook.

In the realm of sublimation printing, our experience leads us to recommend HTVRONT Sublimation Paper as a top contender for anyone serious about their crafting. Whether it’s for personal use or professional, the results speak for themselves – vibrant, durable, and truly impressive.

6. A-SUB Excellent Quality Sublimation Paper

If you’re into personalized printing, this sublimation paper is what elevates your projects from good to fantastic.


  • Exceptional ink transfer delivers vibrant, true-to-life colors.
  • No jamming or bleeding enhances the printing experience.
  • Efficient for a variety of projects from T-shirts to mugs.


  • Limited compatibility: Best results on substrates with high polyester content or special coating.
  • Not suitable for darker colored or 100% cotton materials.
  • Requires sublimation ink; cannot be used with regular inkjet inks.

We’ve recently worked on a variety of custom crafts and the A-SUB sublimation paper really impressed us with its performance. The colors on the final products were stunningly vibrant and mirrored our original designs precisely. What you design on screen is exactly what you get after the heat transfer – a major win for any craft or small business venture.

During our sessions, we appreciated how smoothly the paper went through our inkjet printer. Not once did it jam or cause any delays. And, as someone who loathes cleanup, the mess-free aspect where the ink didn’t bleed or leave residue was a game-changer.

Lastly, the resilience of the prints caught our attention. After multiple washes, the transferred images on fabrics remained as bright and crack-free as when first pressed. This kind of durability is exactly what our creations needed.

However, if you’re planning to print on dark-colored items or pure cotton, it’s better to choose a different paper, as this one won’t meet your needs. Also, remember that specific sublimation ink is a must. Regular inkjet ink just won’t do the trick here.

Overall, there’s a reason this sublimation paper is part of our arsenal. Whether it’s for T-shirts, mugs, or mouse pads, it consistently delivers. Our experience tells us that for anyone serious about sublimation printing, A-SUB is unquestionably a top option to consider.

Buying Guide

Paper Quality

The paper quality is foundational for sharp and vibrant transfers. We look for high-grade paper that boasts consistent coating, ensuring an even and reliable transfer every time. For best results, a smooth, fine surface is essential as it affects the paper’s ability to absorb and release ink.

Ink Compatibility

Sublimation paper must be compatible with the sublimation ink used. We determine which paper works best with our ink type, whether for a piezo or thermal inkjet printer. It’s essential the paper can handle the specific ink without smearing or over-absorption, which could affect the transfer.

Transfer Rate

We consider the transfer rate, which defines how well the ink transfers from paper to substrate. A high transfer rate means less ink waste and more vivid colors on the final product.

Drying Speed

The drying speed is crucial to avoid smudging and ensure a clean print. We opt for paper that dries quickly post-printing to minimize wait times and improve efficiency.

Size and Compatibility

We choose sublimation paper that matches our printer’s specifications and the size of the items we’re transferring onto. This ensures a seamless process without the need for cutting or resizing, saving us time and reducing waste.

Paper QualityHighDetermines clarity and consistency of transfers
Ink CompatibilityHighMust match our specific ink type
Transfer RateHighAffects color vibrancy and ink efficiency
Drying SpeedModerateCrucial for workflow and avoidance of smudges
Size CompatibilityModerateShould align with printer specs and transfer items

Color Retention

We seek paper that offers excellent color retention, ensuring that the colors stay true from print to press. This attribute is critical for replicating the intended design accurately.


While not compromising on quality, we balance cost-efficiency. We aim for paper that offers a good price-to-performance ratio, providing value without sacrificing the transfer quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we cover some of the most common inquiries about sublimation paper, providing clear and useful insights for various applications.

What attributes define high-quality sublimation paper for Sawgrass printers?

We look for quick-drying, high-release papers when selecting sublimation paper for Sawgrass printers. A consistent coating that works well with Sawgrass inks is also crucial for vibrant and sharp image transfers.

How does sublimation paper differ for cotton fabrics versus dark fabrics?

Sublimation paper for cotton fabrics usually requires a special coating to bond the ink since sublimation typically doesn’t work on cotton. For dark fabrics, we use a transfer paper designed to show up on darker materials, often in combination with a white underbase.

Which sublimation paper brands are recommended for use with Epson printers?

For Epson printers, brands like A-Sub, TexPrint, and Koala are commonly recommended. These brands are known for their compatibility with Epson’s ink formulations and print technology.

What are the considerations for selecting sublimation paper meant for glass applications?

When choosing sublimation paper for glass, we ensure it has a tight release characteristic and can withstand the high temperatures needed for transferring images onto glass products without causing damage or color shifts.

What are the implications of using different weights, like 105gsm and 125gsm, in sublimation paper?

Using papers of different weights like 105gsm and 125gsm affects how much ink the paper can absorb and how it releases that ink onto the substrate. A heavier paper (125gsm) often leads to less warping and can be beneficial for larger pressings where more stability is required.

How does Hippo Sublimation Paper compare to other brands in terms of performance and quality?

Hippo Sublimation Paper is typically praised for its consistent quality and good ink release, which results in vibrant colors and sharp details. However, individual results can vary based on the printer used and specific project requirements.

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