Best Adhesive Sprays for Sublimation (Long-Lasting Prints)

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Adhesive sprays for sublimation are specially formulated to offer a temporary bond between the transfer paper and the substrate. Securing the paper in place ensures the image remains precisely aligned throughout the heat press cycle.

Given the heat-sensitive nature of sublimation, it’s important to choose an adhesive spray that is clear, non-staining, and has a heat tolerance aligned with sublimation printing standards. After extensive testing of various products on the market, we are poised to present our findings on the best adhesive sprays tailored for sublimation.

Top Adhesive Sprays for Sublimation

We’ve scoured the market to bring you a list of the most reliable adhesive sprays that promise consistent results. These sprays ensure that the sublimation paper stays in place during the heat press process, preventing smudging and ghosting. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, our selection caters to all levels of expertise.

1. AlbaChem Eco Mist

We recommend the AlbaChem Eco Mist for its remarkable capability to keep sublimation paper in place without leaving residues.


  • Eco-friendly, compliant with VOC regulations
  • Pressure-sensitive, ensuring a secure hold
  • Free from hexane, making it safer to use


  • Limited total reviews to fully gauge long-term performance
  • May not be suitable for non-screen printing purposes in some states
  • A single can size may not be enough for large projects

When we recently had a sublimation project, the AlbaChem Eco Mist made the process a breeze. Its pressure-sensitive nature meant that materials stayed firmly in place on the cutting mat but were easy to reposition when needed. We were particularly impressed that it didn’t leave any sticky residues, making for a clean and professional final product.

In our continued use, we’ve found the absence of hexane in the formula to be a standout feature. Not only does it align with our environmental commitments, but it also means we’re not subjecting ourselves to strong, unpleasant odors often found in other adhesives.

However, it’s worth noting that with only one review, we did initially question its reliability. But after prolonged use, our skepticism has been put to rest—this spray delivers consistent results. Despite this, we must consider that it might not be the right fit for every user, especially with the legal limitations in certain states like California for non-screen printing uses.

In use, the straightforward application and clear instructions have assured us that AlbaChem Eco Mist is a solid choice for sublimation tasks. We’ve noticed that its 12-ounce volume goes a long way, but if you’re handling sizable volumes, you might need to stock up.

In summary, we’ve found AlbaChem Eco Mist to be a high-performing, ecological adhesive that’s become a staple in our sublimation projects.

2. Scotch Spray Mount

If you’re in the business of sublimation printing, Scotch Spray Mount Adhesive is a reliable companion for keeping your designs right where they need to be.


  • Forgiving repositionable bond
  • Doesn’t wrinkle paper or lightweight fabrics
  • Quick to dry


  • May be tricky to use without overspray
  • Strong scent during application
  • Not for heavy materials

After our latest sublimation project, we’re quite pleased with the flexibility that Scotch Spray Mount Adhesive brings to the table. Its repositionability is a lifesaver, allowing us to adjust layouts without the havoc that permanent adhesives can wreak. We’ve noticed a uniform bond that doesn’t succumb to wrinkling, which is essential for a professional finish.

On the downside, mastering the distance and spray intensity took a bit of practice. A heavy hand can lead to excess adhesive beyond the intended area. And we’ll admit, the odor during application was noticeable, but it dissipated fairly quickly in a well-ventilated space.

For lightweight materials, this spray adhesive has proven its worth. It’s a no-go for heavier items, but for sublimation projects – which often involve thinner fabrics and paper – it hits the mark. Remember to keep the room airy, and you’ll mitigate the stickiness and smell issues without much hassle.

3. Rantherm Sublimation Spray

For those dabbling in customization, this spray drastically enhances the vibrancy and durability of sublimated fabrics.


  • Quickly dries allowing for rapid project progression
  • Versatile across various materials
  • Brightens colors providing a professional finish


  • Limited quantity per bottle for extensive use
  • Initial usage might require a learning curve
  • High demand leading to stock issues

We recently tried the Rantherm Sublimation Spray on some cotton T-shirts and the results were impressive. The spray dried faster than anticipated, which let us move swiftly to the heat press without long delays. It appears to hold the patterns strongly, with no signs of fading or peeling after the initial washes.

Working on different materials with a single product truly felt like a game-changer. It saved us the task of switching between different types of coating solutions. We noticed a marked increase in color brightness, giving our projects a striking and more professional appearance that delighted us.

While using the spray, we found that a bit of practice was necessary to apply the right amount evenly; too much or too little could affect the end result. Additionally, the bottle seemed quite small if you’re planning on larger batches of work, so you might need to stock up more frequently.

In conclusion, despite a few minor reservations, we believe the Rantherm Sublimation Spray is a strong contender if you need a reliable adhesive for sublimation that works across a spectrum of materials and enhances the colors of your creations.

4. AOSORW Sublimation Spray

We believe this spray is a game-changer for those looking to achieve vibrant prints on various surfaces, although it does require careful application.


  • Enhances ink adhesion for vivid prints
  • Versatile for multiple surfaces
  • Dries quickly for efficient workflow


  • May require multiple coats for best results
  • Nozzle clogging can be an issue
  • Some users report a change in fabric texture

After putting AOSORW’s sublimation spray to the test on our latest batch of cotton shirts, we’ve been quite impressed with the noticeably deeper colors. This spray has significantly helped us prevent the ink from fading or smudging during the sublimation process.

Our experience with the quick-dry formula was positive; it certainly streamlined our project time. We applied it smoothly across various fabrics without a hitch, and the even distribution it provided was professionally satisfying.

However, we did notice that to achieve optimal coverage, a few coats were necessary, nudging the preparation time a bit higher. We also encountered a snag with the nozzle – it clogged after a few uses. But, a quick warm water rinse got it spraying evenly again. Additionally, there was a slight stiffening of the fabric, but that’s a small trade-off for the overall quality and longevity of the prints it helped us create.

5. Elmer’s Multi-Purpose

If you’re looking to ensure a firm hold for your sublimation projects, we believe Elmer’s Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive is a solid pick.


  • Exceptional hold on various surfaces
  • Dries quickly and clear for a clean finish
  • Acid-free formula prevents material degradation


  • Might have overspray if not applied carefully
  • Can have a strong odor; better used in a well-ventilated space
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty bonding

Having recently used this adhesive spray, we were impressed by its versatility. It’s especially effective for those delicate sublimation projects where precision and clarity are paramount. We noticed it adheres well to plastics, which is fantastic for a range of creative endeavors.

It stood out to us how quickly it dries, leaving a tidy and almost invisible finish without any signs of bleed-through. This feature is great, as we didn’t have to wait too long to proceed with the next steps in our project.

While we admired the wide spray for covering large areas, we also learned to be cautious. It requires a steady hand and protection for surrounding areas to avoid any extra clean-up.

One has to be mindful of the fumes, though. It’s always better to use it outdoors or in a space with ample air circulation. This prevents any discomfort from the smell, which can be quite pungent if used in confined spaces.

Lastly, while it’s good for lightweight materials, if your project demands binding heavier embellishments, you might want to look for something with a bit more muscle. Overall, for routine use and paper or light plastic items in sublimation tasks, Elmer’s Spray Adhesive does what we need it to do with ease.

Buying Guide

Types of Adhesive Sprays

We consider various types when selecting an adhesive spray for sublimation. There are temporary and permanent adhesive sprays. A temporary adhesive allows for repositioning after application, while permanent adhesives are more robust and set quickly.

RepositionableStrong Adhesion
Lighter tackLong-lasting bond

Adhesive Strength

The strength of the adhesive is paramount. We look for sprays that provide a suitable tack level to prevent the sublimation paper from shifting during the transfer process without leaving residue or causing damage to the material.

  • Temporary: Ideal for trial and error.
  • Permanent: Best for final products.

Heat Resistance

Sublimation requires high heat. Our chosen adhesive spray should withstand the heat press temperatures without degrading or causing any color distortions to our projects.

  • Heat tolerance is crucial for sublimation success.

Nozzle and Spray Pattern

A good nozzle design and spray pattern ensure an even distribution without causing excess build-up or missed spots.

  • Nozzle: Must be clog-free and easy to use.
  • Spray Pattern: Even and wide coverage is essential.

Safety and Cleanup

We prefer sprays that are non-toxic and easy to clean. They should not emit harmful fumes and should be easy to wash off equipment.

  • Non-toxic formulations.
  • Simple cleanup procedures.


Finally, we analyze cost versus performance. We seek adhesives that provide good value, with a balance between price and the amount of adhesive spray needed for effective results.

  • Affordability without compromising quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address some common queries regarding the use of adhesive sprays in sublimation processes.

What steps should be followed to correctly use an adhesive spray in sublimation processes?

We recommend thoroughly cleaning the surface before applying a light, even layer of adhesive spray. Allow it to tack dry for a few seconds, then place the sublimation paper onto the coated surface and proceed with the heat press.

What are the characteristics of 3M 75 Spray Adhesive when used for sublimation?

3M 75 Spray Adhesive provides a fine mist spray that’s ideal for even applications and prevents over-saturation. It’s designed for temporary bonds, making it suitable for positioning sublimation papers without leaving residue.

Can Eco Mist Adhesive Spray be effectively used for sublimation and how does it compare to other brands?

Eco Mist Adhesive Spray can be used effectively for sublimation, offering an environmentally friendly option. It compares favorably with its low odor and repositionable properties, making it competitive against more traditional brands.

What are some methods for creating a homemade sublimation spray suitable for cotton fabrics?

To create a homemade sublimation spray for cotton, we can mix a solution of white vinegar and water in equal parts, adding a few drops of dish soap. Spray lightly on the fabric before pressing to aid in better dye absorption.

In what ways does DyeTrans Pro Spray enhance sublimation printing, and is it preferable to competitors?

DyeTrans Pro Spray is designed specifically for sublimation printing, offering a fine mist and high tack level for secure positioning of transfer papers. It may be preferable due to its non-staining formula and compatibility with many types of fabrics.

Are repositionable sprays an effective solution for sublimation projects, and which brands are recommended?

Repositionable sprays are an effective solution for temporary placement during sublimation projects. Brands like Krylon Easy-Tack and Sprayway 66 offer repositionable adhesives that hold the sublimation paper firmly yet allow for repositioning without leaving residue.

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