Top 7 Best Drawing Tablets for Mac with Seamless Compatibility

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Drawing tablets have revolutionized the way artists and designers work, offering a digital canvas and tools to explore creativity without limits. The beauty of drawing tablets lies in their ability to mimic the traditional drawing experience while providing the versatility of digital technology. For Mac users, finding a compatible drawing tablet that capitalizes on their system’s robust graphic capabilities is essential.

For Mac enthusiasts, the market offers a range of drawing tablets designed to work seamlessly with macOS, many of which boast features like touch gestures and customizable express keys that enhance workflow. To ensure an informed decision, one must consider the stylus technology, tablet size, and overall compatibility with their specific Mac model.

After careful analysis and consideration of features that align with the needs of Mac users, we identified top contenders that stand out in the market. These devices promise to deliver not only precision and efficiency but also compatibility and ease of use for Mac-based artists and designers. Let’s explore these options.

Best Drawing Tablets for Mac

In our search for the best drawing tablets compatible with Mac computers, we’ve carefully selected devices that enhance creativity and productivity. These tablets have been chosen for their seamless integration with macOS, responsiveness, and quality. Whether you are a professional artist or a hobbyist, our list aims to cater to a variety of needs and preferences.

1. Wacom Intuos Pro Medium

If you’re serious about digital artistry, investing in the Wacom Intuos Pro Medium would be a wise decision due to its streamlined design and superb performance.


  • Remarkable precision and control with the Pro Pen 2
  • Customizable ExpressKeys streamline your workflow
  • Wireless connectivity keeps your setup tidy


  • Premium price tag might be a barrier for some
  • Touch surface could experience occasional hiccups
  • The learning curve for mastering all features

Upon first use, we’re immediately taken with the Intuos Pro’s sleek, modern aesthetic. It’s slim, yet packs a punch in terms of functionality, which we find enticing for anyone’s creative space. The touch of pen-to-tablet feels intuitive, almost like pen on paper, which is perfect for those of us who appreciate a more natural approach to digital art.

Our shortcuts are at our fingertips with the programmable ExpressKeys, magnifying our productivity significantly. We’re able to switch tools or adjust options without the need to pause—something we can’t envision going without after trying it out. And the fact that we’re not bound by wires is the cherry on top. The Bluetooth feature allows us to connect to our Mac hassle-free, which is essential for maintaining our focus on the creative process.

However, we must acknowledge that the price point is on the higher end. While we believe the quality justifies the cost, it might not fit everyone’s budget. Besides, the multi-touch surface may occasionally be less responsive than we’d like, calling for a reset now and then. And let’s not forget that, while powerfully customizable, there’s a learning curve involved to utilize this tool’s potential fully; patience is key.

In summary, the Wacom Intuos Pro Medium is a top-tier choice for creatives seeking a professional-grade drawing tablet for their Mac. All things considered, it’s a stellar tool that feels like an extension of our artistic intent, despite its few manageable quirks.

2. One by Wacom Medium

If you’re seeking simplicity and reliability in a drawing tablet for your Mac, this one’s a worthwhile pick.


  • Seamless Mac compatibility ensures a smooth workflow
  • The realistic pen-to-paper feel facilitates a natural drawing experience
  • Lightweight design enhances portability for creators on the go


  • The pen might feel less premium compared to higher-end models
  • Basic features may not satisfy advanced users looking for more functionality
  • A longer USB cord would improve convenience during use

We recently got the chance to work with the One by Wacom Medium and are impressed with its versatility. Whether we’re sketching out ideas, annotating documents, or diving into digital art, the tablet’s compatibility with our Macs was spot on. The setup was a breeze, which means we could focus on our creativity instead of fiddling with drivers and software installations.

The pen feels almost like we’re drawing with a regular pen on paper, which is a testament to Wacom’s technology. It brings a level of comfort and control that we appreciate, especially during long creative sessions. Plus, this tablet’s portability means we’re not tethered to just one workspace; we can create wherever inspiration strikes.

Our only quibble is the pen’s build quality—it gets the job done, but doesn’t have the heft or grip that some of the pricier models offer. For newcomers, though, it’s more than capable. Also, for those who need advanced features like tilt recognition or a wider array of express keys, this tablet keeps it basic.

Lastly, the USB cord is sufficient but had it been a tad longer, it would allow for more flexibility in our setup. Overall, for anyone getting started or those who want a reliable, no-frills tablet for their Mac, we found this tool to be a solid choice.

3. UGEE M708 Graphics Tablet

For those seeking a budget-friendly drawing tablet that rivals premium models, the UGEE M708 is a worthwhile contender.


  • Excellent pressure sensitivity for detailed artwork
  • Customizable express keys boost workflow efficiency
  • Compatible with a range of software and systems


  • Initial setup may be daunting for new users
  • Pen might create a scratching noise until the surface is broken in
  • Tablet size may surprise new users expecting something smaller

As we unboxed the UGEE M708, we were excited to explore its capabilities. The large drawing space is quite impressive and offers ample room to let creativity flourish. With a naturally textured surface, drawn lines felt fluid and precise, almost like sketching on paper.

We appreciated the eight express keys, which we could tailor to our workflow, offering shortcuts that sped up our creation process. Switching between tools and actions without reaching for the keyboard kept us engaged and immersed in the design process.

Compatibility was not an issue; the M708 synced seamlessly with our Mac, and we dived right into our favorite drawing apps. Note that while setting up, the driver installation requires attention, but once done, the tablet operates smoothly.

One minor flaw we noted was the stylus making a scratching sound initially, but this dissipated after some use as the surface wore in to provide a smoother glide. And while prominently sized, first-time graphics tablet owners might be surprised by its footprint, though we found it manageable and well-proportioned for our creative endeavors.

4. XP-Pen Deco 01 V2

If you’re seeking a streamlined and efficient drawing tablet for your Mac, the XP-Pen Deco 01 V2 is an outstanding choice with its well-spaced working area and tilt support for natural drawing experience.


  • Spacious active area enhances our creativity without feeling confined.
  • Pen tilt sensitivity is a boon for us when adding depth and angles to artworks.
  • Customizable shortcut keys offer a tailor-made drawing experience, suiting our unique workflow.


  • May face occasional connection issues as reported by some users.
  • As with any non-screen tablet, there’s a learning curve in coordinating hand-eye movement.
  • The driver installation might seem cumbersome to a few of our team members, although it’s a one-time setup.

The XP-Pen Deco 01 V2 has been a revelation for us, thanks to its generous 10×6.25 inch space that lets our strokes flow without restriction. It’s like having a digital canvas where our ideas can spread out and take form freely. The surface grips the pen just right, offering an experience similar to drawing on paper.

The tilt function support of the stylus ensures that our lines and shading are dynamic and precise. Subtle hand movements are captured beautifully, mimicking natural brushwork. This adds a touch of authenticity to our digital masterpieces, making the transition from conventional to digital art remarkably smooth.

Customizing shortcuts on the XP-Pen Deco 01 V2 is straightforward, allowing us to optimize our workflow. By programming our most-used commands, we propel our productivity forward. It’s convenient, especially during those intense creative sessions when every second counts.

In summary, our experience with the XP-Pen Deco 01 V2 tablets has been largely positive. Its thoughtful design speaks volumes, catering to both the novice and the seasoned artist within our ranks. It balances the essentials of a powerful graphics tablet with the intuitive feel of traditional drawing tools.

5. Wacom Intuos Small Tablet

If you’re stepping into the digital art realm, the Wacom Intuos Small Tablet could be your go-to gadget for its comfort, control, and seamless Mac compatibility.


  • Intuitive to use with a responsive, battery-free pen
  • Sleek design that’s portable and convenient for limited desk space
  • Bundled with creative software and online training resources


  • The active area might feel limited for more expansive strokes
  • No touch functionality which could enhance navigation
  • Wired connectivity; does not have Bluetooth capability

After unwrapping the Wacom Intuos, we immediately noticed the sleek black design that promises to blend with any creative setup. Its compact size proved to be just right, fitting snugly on our workstation without having to rearrange our existing gadgets.

The pen felt like a natural extension of our hand. With its superb accuracy, we could translate our finest sketches into digital masterpieces without the annoying lag or jitter. It’s truly fulfilling to see your work come alive with such precision.

However, the lack of a wireless option meant that we were tethered to our Mac. We missed the freedom of untethered drawing, but for the heightened control and reliability, it’s a trade-off we’re willing to make. The bonus software sweetened the deal and opened a box of possibilities for our creative endeavors.

6. HUION Inspiroy H1060P

As digital artists ourselves, we believe that the HUION Inspiroy H1060P could be a robust choice for Mac enthusiasts looking to enhance their creative workflow.


  • The battery-free stylus removes the need for constant charging.
  • Programmable keys ensure a tailored drawing experience.
  • Digital strokes felt natural and precise.


  • The non-recognition of cursor on Samsung Galaxy S series.
  • No iOS support.
  • Driver installation is necessary.

The sleek and slim design of this tablet caught our eye immediately. It’s apparent that HUION has put thought into the aesthetics, and the large workspace provided us with the freedom to bring our ideas to life without feeling contained. Our experience was only improved by the fact we could draw continuously without worrying about the stylus dying.

Each shortcut key provided on the HUION H1060P was a breeze to program. We found ourselves smoothly customizing the tablet to our preferred workflow, which saved us a considerable amount of time during intricate design sessions. These customizable features added a level of efficiency that we greatly appreciated.

While using the H1060P, the absence of iOS compatibility didn’t hinder our creative process, as we primarily hooked it up to our Macs. However, it’s worth noting for any artist invested in the Apple ecosystem. Nevertheless, the cross-platform support has still made it a capable tool for our diverse team.

The need to manually install drivers before diving into our work wasn’t ideal, but it was a minor speed bump. Once we completed the installation, it was nothing but smooth sailing—or in our case, smooth drawing. Despite its few shortcomings, the H1060P is a tablet that has earned its place in our studio.

7. XP-PEN StarG640

If you’re seeking a compact, no-fuss drawing tablet for your Mac, the XP-PEN StarG640 is an affordable entry we’ve personally enjoyed using for various digital tasks.


  • Battery-free stylus eliminates the need for charging.
  • Slim design makes it highly portable.
  • Plug-and-play setup with Macs simplifies installation.


  • Smaller active area can be limiting for detailed artwork.
  • No express keys for quick shortcuts.
  • Driver installation can be confusing for some users.

After testing the XP-PEN StarG640 on my Mac, I found the simplicity of its battery-free pen quite convenient, as it eradicates the worry of the pen dying mid-task. Its lightweight and thin profile fit perfectly into my laptop bag, which allowed me to easily take my digital workspace on the go.

The tablet’s compatibility with Mac and Chromebook, paired with its ease in online teaching and digital drawing apps, has made our workflow smoother. I noticed my handwritten notes appeared crisp and clear when using the G640, an upgrade from struggling with a traditional mouse.

However, I did feel the constraints of the smaller drawing surface when working on more intricate designs. The lack of express keys meant I had to revert to the keyboard for shortcuts, which disrupted my workflow slightly. Initially setting up the drivers presented a bit of a challenge, but once over that hurdle, the tablet responded well to pressure sensitivity and accuracy.

Overall, our experience with the XP-PEN StarG640 suggests it’s a solid choice for those new to digital art or who need a dependable tablet for teaching, e-signatures, and casual graphic work on a Mac. While it may not cater to professionals seeking advanced features, its portability and simplicity make it a worthy consideration.

Buying Guide


Before purchasing a drawing tablet for Mac, we need to ensure it’s fully compatible with our operating system. This encompasses checking the tablet’s drivers and whether it can integrate with our Mac’s current OS version.

Pressure Sensitivity

A key attribute in a drawing tablet is its pressure sensitivity, measured in levels. Higher sensitivity gives us a broader range of line thickness and opaqueness, providing a more nuanced drawing experience.


We should consider the active area size of the tablet, which is the responsive part where we draw. Ideally, it should be large enough for comfortable drawing while fitting our workspace. Here’s a simple way to gauge what we might need:

Work PreferenceSuggested Tablet Size
Detailed WorkLarger active area
General UseMedium active area


Tablet resolution is another important factor, measured in lines per inch (LPI). A higher resolution results in a finer level of detail in our drawings.

Stylus Type

We must decide between a battery-operated or a rechargeable stylus. While battery-operated styluses are often cheaper, rechargeable ones are lighter and can be more convenient.

Additional Features

Key additional features that can enhance our drawing experience include shortcut buttons, multi-touch capability, tilt recognition, and wireless connectivity. Evaluating these based on our workflow can lead to a more efficient drawing process.

In sum, by considering these core features carefully, we can select a drawing tablet that suits our Mac and fulfills our artistic needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the most common inquiries to help you find the ideal drawing tablet for your Mac setup.

Which drawing tablets are compatible with macOS?

Most drawing tablets from reputable brands such as Wacom, Huion, and XP-Pen offer models that are fully compatible with macOS. Always check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure macOS support for the particular model you are considering.

What are the best pen display tablets for use with a MacBook?

For MacBook users, the Wacom Cintiq Pro and XP-Pen Artist Pro lines provide high-resolution displays and exceptional pen accuracy. These models are widely regarded for their seamless integration with macOS, offering versatile functionality for professionals.

Are there any entry-level drawing tablets you would recommend for macOS users?

We recommend the Wacom Intuos and Huion Inspiroy series as reliable entry-level options that work well with macOS. They offer an excellent balance of performance and affordability for those new to digital art.

What distinguishes Wacom tablets in their compatibility with Mac computers?

Wacom tablets are known for robust driver stability and broad software compatibility with Mac, ensuring a seamless user experience. Their build quality and customer support are also key factors that attract macOS users.

How does the performance of Huion tablets compare to Wacom when used on a Mac?

Huion tablets have significantly improved in quality and macOS compatibility in recent years and offer a competitive alternative to Wacom. They often provide similar functionality at a lower price point, which may appeal to budget-conscious Mac users.

Can you recommend a high-quality drawing tablet with a screen for MacBook users?

The Wacom Cintiq 16 and the XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Pro are excellent choices for MacBook users seeking a premium drawing tablet with a screen. They feature high-quality displays, superior pen pressure sensitivity, and are praised for their color accuracy.

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