Top 6 Best Tablets with Pen Input for Artists and Professionals

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Tablets have become essential tools for productivity and creativity, blending the portability of a smartphone with the processing power of a laptop. Among the spectrum of tablets available, those with pen input stand out for their versatility. They cater to a broad audience, from artists who sketch directly onto the screen to professionals who annotate documents on the fly.

With a stylus or digital pen, these tablets offer a level of precision that fingers on a touchscreen simply cannot match, providing a more natural and intuitive way to interact with the device.

Choosing the right tablet with pen input hinges on several critical factors. The pen’s sensitivity and accuracy are at the forefront, ensuring the smoothest possible writing and drawing experience. Equally important is the tablet’s display quality, as it affects the overall visibility and the accuracy of pen strokes.

Our research and hands-on testing are geared towards identifying the best tablets with pen input for a range of uses and preferences. We believe that a great tablet, paired with a responsive pen, can significantly enhance your productivity and creative expression. Our recommendations are designed to help streamline your purchasing decision, making it easier to identify the tablet that’s right for you.

Top Tablets with Pen Input

We’ve researched and compiled a list of the best tablets that offer pen input, which are perfect for artists, professionals, and casual users alike who want to draw, take notes, or get creative on a digital canvas. Our selection includes tablets across various price points and operating systems to ensure you find the one that fits your needs and budget.

1. Samsung Galaxy S9 FE

We believe the Galaxy Tab S9 FE strikes a fine balance between function and form, making it a solid choice for those seeking a reliable and versatile tablet.


  • Remarkably water and dust resistant
  • Long battery life, with quick-recharging feature
  • Intuitive and responsive S Pen included


  • Lack of 45W wall charger in the box
  • Some may find it pricey
  • Limited to 16:9 FHD resolution in certain scenarios

The Galaxy Tab S9 FE has been a joy to use. Its 10.9″ screen is vibrant and crisp, providing an immersive experience whether you’re sketching out ideas with the S Pen or catching up on your favorite shows. The dual speakers complement the screen beautifully, outputting clear and dynamic sound that enhances whatever you’re viewing.

We’ve taken this tablet on various excursions and found the rugged build to be trustworthy. The IP68 rating means it’s survived accidental splashes and sandy conditions without a hitch. For those who are always on the move and in different environments, this durability is a goldmine.

Battery life has never been a concern; it comfortably lasts through a day of heavy use. And on days when we’re in a pinch, the Super Fast Charging gets us back to full power swiftly – although we needed to purchase a separate charger for optimal speed.

The S Pen feels as natural as a regular pen on paper, making note-taking and drawing both accurate and enjoyable. However, we noticed that when we wanted to push the tablet’s resolution to its max, the aspect ratio limitation came into play.

Despite its few drawbacks, when you hold the feathery S9 FE and navigate its user-friendly interface, it’s clear that this tablet is a top-notch gadget for both creative and practical use. The lack of a high-speed charger out of the box is a minor inconvenience compared to the benefits it offers, though it does pad the overall investment slightly. While the price tag might make you pause, the features and quality justify the cost.

2. Amazon Kindle Scribe

If you’re in the market for an e-reader that doubles as a writing device, the Kindle Scribe should catch your attention with its seamless reading and note-taking experience.


  • An exceptional e-ink display that mimics paper
  • Long-lasting battery life that won’t leave you stranded
  • Note-taking capabilities integrate well with reading


  • Considerably slower than a tablet when navigating
  • Limited app availability outside reading and note-taking
  • Higher cost compared to basic e-readers without writing functions

We’ve spent ample time exploring the functionalities of the Kindle Scribe and it has reshaped our reading habits. The freedom to jot down notes directly onto the digital pages of your favorite books feels incredibly intuitive. It’s like having a personal journal tucked inside every title on your shelf.

Switching from reading to writing is almost magical. The pen glides over the screen smoothly, and there’s something deeply satisfying about seeing your handwriting flow across such a crisp display. The e-ink technology offers a glare-free experience, which means we can read comfortably even in bright sunlight.

When we consider the practicalities of the Kindle Scribe, the advantages of its extended battery life can’t be overstated. We don’t have to worry about charging it daily, as it lasts several weeks on a single charge, depending on our usage patterns.

However, when it comes to speed and app diversity, it doesn’t pretend to compete with more versatile tablets. It’s a specialized tool and it excels within its niche, but those looking for multipurpose devices might find its functions limited.

Despite this, for avid readers and note-takers, the Kindle Scribe stands out as a thoughtful convergence of the old-world charm of paper and the digital efficiency of an e-reader.

3. Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e

If you’re seeking a durable 2-in-1 laptop that can keep up with a busy schedule, the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e is a dependable choice.


  • Versatile 360-degree hinge for multiple viewing modes
  • Water-resistant keyboard and rugged build for durability
  • Good battery life up to 12 hours


  • Lower screen resolution of just 1366×768
  • The stylus pen may not be included, contrary to some listings
  • Initial setup can be a bit time-consuming for new Windows 11 users

We’ve recently had the opportunity to spend time with the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e and it certainly lives up to its reputation for being a tough device. Having put it through its paces, we can attest to its solid build quality. Handling accidental bumps and scrapes seems like a walk in the park for this laptop.

The flexibility of this laptop is quite impressive. Switching from the traditional laptop setup to a tent mode for presentations or to tablet mode is slick and efficient. The included stylus (when it actually comes with one) enhances the experience significantly, especially when jotting down notes or sketching out ideas.

Battery life is a standout feature. We consistently got close to the 12-hour mark, which is more than enough to get through a full day without scrambling for a power outlet. Whether for school or work, this is an asset that we’ve found to be incredibly useful.

However, the lower screen resolution is something to be aware of as those used to higher resolutions might find it lacking. Overall, the Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 11e combines flexibility and resilience in a way that’s hard to beat at its price point.

4. Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

We highly recommend the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite for those who need a reliable tablet for both creative and everyday tasks.


  • The S Pen feels like a real pen and enhances productivity.
  • Immersive visuals and sound create an engaging entertainment experience.
  • Battery life is remarkably long, enduring through both work and play.


  • Only has a mid-range processor, which may not suit heavy multitasking.
  • Cameras are adequate but won’t replace your primary photography device.
  • The metallic body is sleek, yet can be slippery without a case.

Using the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite feels intuitive, thanks mainly to the included S Pen. Whether sketching out ideas or jotting down notes during a meeting, the pen’s precision is commendable. It magnetically attaches to the tablet, which means it’s always on hand and we never worry about losing it.

When it comes to winding down, the tablet’s screen delivers rich colors, and the Dolby Atmos surround sound draws us right into the heart of movies and games. Even after binge-watching our favorite series, the tab still has plenty of juice left for other tasks.

Carrying the Tab S6 Lite around is a breeze due to its slim profile. It slips easily into our bag without adding bulk. The tablet boasts a stylish aesthetic that feels modern and professional. However, without a protective case, the sleek design can be a bit slippery in the hand.

5. Fire Max 11 with Stylus

We found the Fire Max 11 with its included stylus to be a compelling purchase for those seeking a tablet that seamlessly blends entertainment and productivity.


  • Responsive stylus for drawing and note-taking
  • Impressive display quality for media consumption
  • Long battery life for all-day use


  • Limited to Amazon’s ecosystem which may not appeal to all users
  • Camera quality could be better for the price point
  • Sound quality from the speakers may not satisfy audiophiles

The moment we picked up the Fire Max 11, it was clear that Amazon had put thought into crafting a tablet for the creatively inclined. The stylus felt natural in hand, and we appreciated how it attached magnetically to the device—no more rummaging around in bags trying to find where it’s gone. Taking notes and sketching flowed without lag, a real game-changer for us digital note-takers and on-the-go sketch artists.

With its brilliant display, the Fire Max 11 made streaming our favorite shows and games a visual treat. We didn’t anticipate such a crisp and colorful experience at this price point. Even after several hours of binge-watching, we didn’t feel the usual eye strain, thanks to the low blue light feature—our eyes were grateful.

Battery life on this thing was impressive. We spent the entire day alternating between work and play without reaching for the charger. However, we did notice that the sound from the built-in speakers didn’t quite fill the room. It’s not a deal-breaker, as headphones easily remedy this, but for those who rely on built-in audio, it’s something to consider. Using the cameras for video calls provided acceptable quality, but we’ve seen sharper on other tablets. Despite this, it’s a solid choice for keeping in touch with family and friends.

If you’ve been searching for a tablet that caters to your creative endeavors while doubling as a media powerhouse, the Fire Max 11 stands out. Yes, it steers you towards Amazon’s ecosystem, which may limit app availability when compared to other tablets, but the trade-off is a seamless experience with Amazon services that many users find value in. Whether you’re sketching out your next big idea or unwinding with a movie, this tablet delivers without breaking the bank.

6. Qukenk K118 10.1″ Android Tablet

If you are in search of a value-packed tablet for versatile use, the Qukenk K118 is a contender that deserves a spot on your shortlist.


  • Exceptional battery life for extended use
  • Comes with an array of accessories including a keyboard and stylus
  • Smooth performance with its Octa-Core processor and 4GB RAM


  • Display resolution is adequate but not top-notch
  • May not be compatible with all cellular networks
  • The device’s durability has not been tested over the long term

We’ve been thoroughly putting the Qukenk K118 tablet through its paces and we’re quite impressed with its performance. Whether we were browsing the web or diving into e-books, the tablet consistently provided an enjoyable experience. It managed multiple apps with ease, thanks in no small part to its robust Octa-Core processor and ample RAM.

The accessory bundle that comes with the Qukenk K118 adds incredible value, especially considering its price point. We found the Bluetooth-enabled keyboard to be quite responsive for typing, and the touch pen improved our precision in note-taking and design apps. It’s particularly convenient for those moments when we want the feeling of a laptop without the bulk.

Battery life stood out prominently. We didn’t have to charge the tablet frequently, which made it an excellent companion for road trips and flights. Despite the screen’s resolution not being the highest available, the display was still vibrant and crisp for day-to-day tasks. On the downside, verifying compatibility with our specific carrier could be smoother, as not all networks are supported. Moreover, while the tablet feels well-assembled, we’ve yet to see how it holds up after months to years of use.

Buying Guide

Understand Your Needs

We should first consider the primary use of our tablet with pen input. Whether it’s for taking notes, drawing, or professional graphic design, the need will dictate the necessary features. We can list out the specific tasks we plan to use the tablet for to ensure it meets our expectations.

Display Quality

The display is crucial for a clear and sharp visual experience. We look for a high-resolution screen to ensure the finest details are visible, and good color accuracy if working with visual media.

Pen Responsiveness

The pen’s responsiveness is pivotal for a smooth experience. We seek tablets with pens that have low latency, high pressure sensitivity, and palm rejection for a natural writing and drawing feel.

Battery Life

We should consider the battery life to ensure the tablet keeps up with our mobile lifestyle. A longer battery life means we can use the tablet throughout the day without the need for frequent charging.


The size and weight of the tablet affect its portability. We prefer something lightweight and slim for ease of transport, especially if we use the tablet on the go.

Price Range

Our budget is an important consideration. We can find a balance between cost and functionality, ensuring we get the best value without overspending.

FeatureSpecification to Consider
Display– Resolution
– Color accuracy
Pen– Latency
– Pressure sensitivity
– Palm rejection
Battery Life– Hours of usage per charge
Portability– Weight
– Dimensions
Price– Our allocated budget

By focusing on these key features and considering our individual needs, we can select a tablet with pen input that suits us best without compromises.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address common queries regarding the best tablets with pen input, focusing on note-taking, productivity, cost-effectiveness, student needs, Android devices, and artistic use.

What are the top tablets with stylus support for note-taking?

We recommend the Apple iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil for its seamless note-taking capabilities. The Microsoft Surface Pro series also excels with its Surface Pen, providing a natural writing experience for users who prefer Windows.

Which tablets come with a pen and keyboard for optimal productivity?

For productivity, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ is a stellar choice, as it includes an S Pen and an optional keyboard cover. Another great option is the Microsoft Surface Go, which, when paired with the Surface Pen and Type Cover, serves as a compact productivity powerhouse.

What are the most cost-effective tablets with stylus functionality?

The Lenovo Tab M10 Plus offers a budget-friendly solution with active pen support. We also find the Amazon Fire HD tablet range compatible with stylus pens, providing an affordable entry point for stylus-integrated devices.

What are the best options for tablets with pen input tailored to students?

We find the Apple iPad with the 1st gen Apple Pencil to strike a perfect balance for students, offering a mix of performance and price. For those invested in the Android ecosystem, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is also a great choice with its included S Pen.

Which Android tablets offer the best stylus support?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab series stands out in the Android category. Particularly, the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ are leading in stylus support with their low latency S Pens, making them highly responsive to artists and professionals.

What are the leading tablets for artists and drawing?

Artists should consider the Wacom MobileStudio Pro for its advanced pen technology and pressure sensitivity. The iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil’s precision and tilt support is also revered among the creative community for drawing and design work.

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