Best E Ink Tablet for Drawing: Unveiling the Top 5 Picks of 2024

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Digital artists and designers often seek the perfect balance between the traditional paper-and-pencil experience and the convenience of digital technology. E ink tablets have emerged as a bridge between these worlds, providing the tactile sensation of drawing on paper with the benefits of digital editing and sharing. These tablets use electronic ink technology to simulate the appearance of actual ink on paper, which is gentle on the eyes and offers exceptional outdoor legibility.

When considering an E ink tablet for drawing, one must be mindful of the pressure sensitivity and responsiveness of the stylus, as these greatly affect the accuracy and the overall drawing experience. The texture of the tablet’s surface also plays a significant role, as it contributes to the device’s paper-like feel. Artists should look for a tablet that mimics the friction of paper to create a more natural experience.

Battery life and screen size are additional pivotal factors. A long-lasting battery is essential for uninterrupted creative sessions, while the screen size determines the canvas area available for artists to express their creativity. Like conventional art supplies, having a suitable ‘canvas’ can be just as important as the ‘brush’ or, in this case, the stylus.

We have dedicated extensive hours to researching and evaluating various E ink tablets to determine which ones meet the needs of artists and designers. From stylus precision to the overall drawing experience, we aim to provide insights into the best E ink tablets on the market, ensuring that creatives can find the right tool to capture their visions effectively.

Best E Ink Tablets for Drawing

Our curated selection of E Ink tablets is tailored for artists and note-takers who crave the paper-like feel when drawing or writing. These devices merge the digital convenience with the tactile pleasure of traditional media, providing a comfortable and eye-friendly canvas for your creativity. We’ve considered the needs of both casual sketchers and professional illustrators in our roundup.

1. Best Overall: reMarkable 2 Bundle

We find the reMarkable 2 Bundle strikes a fine balance between traditional note-taking and modern convenience, making it ideal for those inclined towards handwriting and sketching with the feel of real paper.


  • Mimics the feel of paper exceptionally well
  • The distraction-free design keeps us focused
  • Handwriting-to-text conversion is impressively accurate


  • Priced at a premium, certainly an investment
  • Limited tablet functionality compared to multipurpose devices
  • The necessity of a subscription for full feature access

Transitioning from pen and paper to digital has never been so seamless for us. The reMarkable 2’s writing surface genuinely replicates the tactile sensation of writing on paper. For individuals like us who spend hours jotting down notes or sketching diagrams, this tablet has been a game changer in terms of comfort and ease of use.

After testing many devices, we’re yet to find one that stays as true to a distraction-free experience as this one. No pop-up ads, social media notifications, or email alerts to pull our focus away from the task at hand. It’s just us and our thoughts, which is incredibly liberating and conducive to productivity.

Having used the reMarkable 2 for various tasks, from reading documents to taking notes, we can vouch for its handwriting recognition. It smoothly converts our handwritten notes to typed text, making sharing and organizing our work effortless. This feature alone has been a huge time-saver for our team.

Conversely, the price tag is steep. This may not be the first choice for those of us on a tight budget, especially when considering the ongoing cost of the subscription service to unlock all of its features. And while it’s excellent for what it does, don’t expect it to replace your traditional tablet – it’s not built for watching videos or running typical apps.

Lastly, the need for a subscription to access certain features could feel like a gatekeeping move, which might turn off some potential users. However, if these cons aren’t deal-breakers for you, the reMarkable 2 Bundle is undoubtedly one of the best E Ink tablets for drawing and note-taking on the market.

2. Also Great: BOOX Tab X

We believe the BOOX Tab X is a significant contender for artists and readers looking for a paper-like drawing and reading experience.


  • Impressive responsiveness for an E Ink tablet
  • User-friendly interface that closely mimics a traditional tablet
  • Versatile features enhancing productivity and creativity


  • The price point could be a hurdle for some potential users
  • May not replace the smooth feel and versatility of an iPad Pro for tablet enthusiasts
  • Requires time to adapt to the different modes and functionality

After a week of sketching and scribbling notes with the BOOX Tab X, we’re pretty impressed with its paper-like feel. The slim design feels good in our hands, and flipping through apps is a breeze thanks to the tablet-like interface. Doodling and annotating PDFs feels natural, almost like using pen and paper.

The versatility stands out. We’ve been adding hyperlinks to our notes, syncing content across devices, and the experience is remarkably smooth. The new refresh modes are truly a game-changer, providing clarity that’s easy on the eyes whether we’re drawing or reading.

However, we have to be honest—switching from an iPad Pro to the Tab X does come with a learning curve. It’s not quite as snappy, and the app ecosystem isn’t as robust. But for those of us susceptible to screen fatigue or who crave that E Ink simplicity, it’s a worthy trade-off.

In conclusion, our experience suggests that if you’re after that tactile, paper-like drawing and reading environment, the BOOX Tab X is a strong choice despite its few shortcomings.

3. Perfect Middle Ground: BOOX Ultra Tablet

We find the BOOX Ultra Tablet to be a versatile tool for artists and note-takers who prefer a paper-like experience with the convenience of digital.


  • Exceptional battery life for long drawing sessions
  • Lightweight design promotes portability
  • The high-resolution E Ink display is easy on the eyes


  • Drawing responsiveness may not match that of an LCD tablet
  • Limited third-party app compatibility could be restrictive
  • Higher price point compared to standard tablets

After spending some quality time with the BOOX Ultra Tablet, one thing became clear: it’s a delight for eyes usually fatigued by glaring screens. Its 10.3″ display, which mirrors the look of newspaper print, offers a comfortable viewing experience even when outdoors. This coupled with the tablet’s remarkable battery life, allowed us to draw and take notes throughout the day without needing to recharge.

We were impressed by its sleek and sturdy aluminum alloy body, which felt both premium and durable. Its lightweight profile didn’t weigh us down, making it a constant companion in our backpacks. However, we noticed that while the tablet’s responsiveness is adequate, some E Ink-accustomed artists might miss the immediate feedback that traditional LCD screens provide.

Tailoring the BOOX Ultra Tablet to our workflow was a breeze, thanks to Android 12 OS and access to a plethora of apps via the Google Play Store. That being said, not all apps are optimized for E Ink displays, which can be a hiccup for those who have specific third-party applications in mind.

While it’s a significant investment, the BOOX Ultra Tablet’s blend of reading comfort and digital convenience positions it as a standout offering in the niche market of E Ink tablets for drawing and note-taking. Its drawbacks are few but notable; future buyers should weigh these against the tablet’s unique advantages.

4. Budget Option: Kindle Scribe

Owning the Kindle Scribe feels like having a tailor-made digital notebook that complements our reading and writing needs seamlessly.


  • Effortless integration of reading and note-taking
  • Remarkable battery life that outlasts typical tablets
  • Display provides a natural paper-like experience


  • Some patience required to master the features
  • Conversion of handwriting to text can be finicky
  • Limited to Amazon’s ecosystem for documents and books

Immersing ourselves into the Kindle Scribe’s universe, we noticed off the bat how the dual nature of the device enticed our love for reading and jotting down thoughts. The reading experience is soothing to the eyes, thanks to its glare-free Paperwhite display. Writing with the Premium Pen feels as intuitive and smooth as pen on paper which makes drawing and sketching a delight.

The seamless transition between reading a favorite novel and switching to note-taking mode without distractions adds a new depth to how we interact with content. Though it takes a bit of time to get used to, once we got the hang of it, scribbling in the margins of ebooks and navigating through Kindle notebooks became a breeze.

Our appreciation grew for the Scribe’s extended battery life. It’s refreshing not to worry about charging the device every day, giving us weeks of writing or months of reading time. However, it’s worth mentioning that the handwriting recognition can sometimes be less accurate than desired, and getting documents onto the device means sticking within Amazon’s walled garden.

In conclusion, the Amazon Kindle Scribe fits right into our world, enhancing how we read and capture our creativity. Despite a few quirks that require a learning curve and adaptation, it excels in what it was designed for – providing a singular space for our reading and writing ventures.

5. Also Affordable: PocketBook Verse Pro

In our hands, the PocketBook Verse Pro shines as a stellar choice for avid readers and note-takers valuing portability and waterproof capabilities.


  • Feels exceptionally light; comfort in holding it for extended periods can’t be overstated
  • SMARTlight adaptation for optimal reading in any light is a game-changer
  • The assurance of waterproof protection allows for worry-free reading near water


  • The necessity of regular charging may interrupt your flow, despite its long battery life
  • Avid audiobook listeners may find the audio features lacking in comparison to dedicated devices
  • Some might seek a larger screen than the Verse Pro’s 6-inch display

Holding and navigating the Verse Pro is a breeze – it fits effortlessly into most bags and purses, making it our constant travel companion. Its weight is hardly noticeable, offering a grip that feels natural and comfortable during our lengthy reading sessions.

The SMARTlight technology has proven indispensable. We’ve read in day and night settings without straining our eyes, tweaking the screen’s warmth to suit our preferences exactly. The auto-adjust feature comes in handy when moving from one lighting environment to another.

We’re impressed by the device’s resilience to water. Our reading no longer pauses for a dip in the tub or a lounge by the poolside; the Verse Pro’s IPX8 waterproof rating has eliminated that concern altogether. However, users anticipating extensive audio use might find it prudent to consider alternate options, as our experience showed that dedicated audiobook players offer superior sound quality and functionality.

Despite the smaller screen, we’ve not found it restrictive; the crisp E-Ink display delivers the illusion of reading off paper, especially when reading outdoors. Though we had to charge the device more frequently than some other e-readers on the market, the overall convenience and durability make the Verse Pro a compelling option.

Turning the pocket-sized Verse Pro over in our hands, we understand its appeal. It may not be perfect, but it succeeds in striking a balance between form and function, making it a worthy investment for book lovers.

Buying Guide

Screen Size and Quality

When selecting an e-ink tablet for drawing, the screen size is crucial for a comfortable drawing experience. Larger screens offer more drawing space, allowing for intricate details without constantly zooming in and out. Screen quality also matters, as higher resolution displays provide better clarity and sharpness, making it easier to see fine lines and textures.

Pressure Sensitivity

The pressure sensitivity of the tablet’s stylus is pivotal for artists. A higher sensitivity level provides more control over line thickness and opaqueness, something that’s essential for nuanced artwork. Tablets usually range from 1,024 to 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity.


Consider how the tablet connects to other devices. Is it standalone, or does it require connection to a computer or smartphone? The ability to easily transfer your artwork to and from your device can streamline your workflow.

Battery Life

For those who draw on the go, battery life is a key consideration. A longer-lasting battery ensures uninterrupted creative sessions, enabling you to draw without the need for constant recharging.


It’s important to find a tablet that fits your budget, but bear in mind that the cheapest option may not always offer the best value for drawing. Strike a balance between cost and features, ensuring you’re paying for functionality you will actually use.

FeatureWhy It Matters
Screen SizeDetermines the working area for your artwork
Screen QualityAffects the clarity and sharpness of your drawings
Pressure LevelsInfluences line thickness and texture in your drawings
ConnectivityEases transferring artwork between devices
Battery LifeEnsures you can draw for long periods without interruptions
PriceReflects your budget and the tablet’s value for your needs

We recommend weighing each feature against your specific needs. The right balance will provide you a tablet that complements your artistic workflow while remaining within your planned expenditure.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we answer common queries regarding the best E Ink tablets for drawing, from the top choice for artists to the most suitable options for students.

Which E Ink tablet offers the best drawing experience for artists?

The reMarkable 2 currently stands out as the E Ink tablet offering the best drawing experience for artists, thanks to its near-paper feel and high responsiveness.

What is the most cost-effective E Ink tablet suitable for drawing?

For those on a budget, the Boox Nova series offers a good balance between quality and affordability, making it a cost-effective choice for drawing.

Which E Ink tablet is the top choice for note-taking?

When it comes to note-taking, the reMarkable 2 shines for its simple interface and writing-centric design, although other tablets like Boox devices also offer excellent note-taking capabilities.

What is the ideal E Ink tablet for college students needing to take notes and draw?

For college students, the Boox Note Air provides a versatile option, blending the ability to take notes and draw with a full Android tablet experience and access to educational apps.

How does the reMarkable 2 compare with other E Ink tablets for drawing purposes?

Compared to its peers, the reMarkable 2 offers a superior drawing experience with its virtually lag-free input and exceptional paper-like screen texture, which sets it apart from other E Ink tablets.

Are there any Android-based E Ink tablets that excel in drawing and handwriting recognition?

Yes, Android-based E Ink tablets like the Boox Nova and Note series excel in drawing and handwriting recognition, benefiting from the extensive app ecosystem and flexible software.

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