Top 6 Best Monitor Arms for Standing Desk in 2024

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Working at a standing desk can be a game changer for those looking to improve their posture and energy levels throughout the workday. However, integrating a monitor arm can elevate this ergonomic experience even further.

Monitor arms are pivotal for creating a flexible and comfortable workspace, allowing you to adjust your monitor to the ideal height, depth, and angle. This adaptability is crucial, especially when transitioning between sitting and standing positions during long hours at the desk.

When considering the best monitor arm for a standing desk, several key factors come into play. Compatibility with your monitor’s size and weight is essential, as is the arm’s range of motion. An ideal monitor arm should offer reliable stability and smooth adjustability to prevent any screen shaking or unwanted movement. Additionally, it should have easy installation and cable management features to maintain a clean and organized workspace.

Selecting the right monitor arm can significantly impact daily productivity and comfort. We have dedicated hours to evaluating a variety of monitor arms to guide you to the best option for your standing desk setup, keeping your needs and budget in mind.

Top Monitor Arms for Standing Desks

In our search for the ideal office setup, we’ve found that a reliable monitor arm is a game-changer for standing desks. It allows for optimal monitor positioning, easing neck strain and enhancing overall comfort. Our lineup of monitor arms offers sturdy support and versatile adjustability to suit your workspace needs.

1. Mount-It! Stand Up Workstation

Given our hands-on experience, we’d say this workstation is a solid pick for anyone aiming to alternate between sitting and standing without purchasing a new desk.


  • Effortless transition from sitting to standing
  • Supports dual monitors for expanded screen real estate
  • Provides storage tray for organizing desk essentials


  • Monitor mounts could be more robust
  • Assembly may require an extra pair of hands
  • Gas spring arm needs manual tension adjustment for balance

Having recently set up our office space with the Mount-It! Stand Up Workstation, we’ve noticed a significant improvement in our workday ergonomics. The gas spring arm allows us to go from seated to a full stand in seconds without interrupting our workflow. This flexibility has been crucial for maintaining energy levels throughout the day.

The spacious keyboard tray comes with a soft wrist pad, enhancing comfort during prolonged typing sessions. Plus, the storage tray is a nifty addition for keeping our desks uncluttered, housing everything from our smartphones to a favorite mug.

We did, however, pick up on a slight wobble in the monitor mounts when adjusting them to the preferred height. While this hasn’t affected the overall functionality, it’s something to be mindful of during setup. Speaking of which, while assembly is straightforward, it’s much smoother when tackled with a colleague.

After tweaking the gas spring arm initially to get the tension just right, we’ve enjoyed the adaptability of moving our monitors to the perfect height for both positions. The fact that we can maintain a clean, cable-free desk thanks to the integrated cable management system is the cherry on top.

In our time with the Mount-It! workstation, it’s proven to be a reliable addition to our office. It’s an effective space-saver, allowing us to enhance our existing desks rather than investing in entirely new stand-up desks. Whether adjusting the height for comfort or making use of the dual monitor setup, it’s been an asset worth considering for anyone who values flexibility and ergonomic health at their workstation.

2. MOUNTUP Ultrawide Monitor Arm

We’ve found that if you’re after a robust monitor arm for your standing desk, the MOUNTUP Ultrawide Monitor Arm is a solid pick, offering great flexibility and reliable support for large screens.


  • Effortlessly supports larger screens, enhancing the ergonomic setup of a workspace
  • Easy setup with both clamp and grommet mount options, conserving precious desk space
  • The arm’s full range of motion allows for an ideal viewing experience without straining


  • Some users may find the tilt adjustment requires a bit of effort to get right
  • Cable management setup can be a little tricky initially but works well once in place
  • Although a minor point, the USB cables for the built-in connectors are not included

Installing the MOUNTUP Ultrawide Monitor Arm, it was immediately clear how much more room we had on our standing desk. With the easy-to-follow instructions, we went from unboxing to up and running in less than quarter of an hour. We were particularly impressed with the sturdy construction of the arm, which gave us confidence that it could securely hold our hefty 32-inch screen with no trouble at all.

Once the monitor was mounted, we appreciated the extensive reach and the height adjustability of the gas spring arm. We could easily pull the monitor closer for intricate tasks, then push it back for a broader view of our work. This versatility proved invaluable for our changing postures throughout the day, especially when switching from sitting to standing.

The built-in cable management feature kept our workstation looking neat, tucking away the unsightly cables, and the base’s USB connectors were an unexpected bonus for keeping devices charged.

After some time spent tweaking, we found the monitor’s position could be tailored to reduce glare and alleviate strain on our eyes, neck, and back. The MOUNTUP Ultrawide Monitor Arm unquestionably made our work sessions more comfortable and productive. Overall, it’s a reliable tool that anyone seeking an organized and ergonomic desk setup would appreciate.

3. HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

We believe this monitor arm is a solid choice for anyone looking to optimize their desk space and improve their work posture.


  • Enhances stability and holds monitors securely
  • Offers a wide range of motion for optimal viewing
  • Simple installation process with clear instructions


  • May not accommodate larger dual monitors perfectly
  • The arms could be limited if extended full distance
  • Adjusting tension requires effort to get right

After attaching our monitors to the HUANO Dual Monitor Stand, the first thing we noticed was the stability. The monitors stayed in place without any wobble, which gave us peace of mind, especially when adjusting them to different angles. It felt reassuring to trust that our screens wouldn’t suddenly shift or fall.

The range of motion was impressive. The gas spring arm made it incredibly easy to tilt and swivel our monitors to the perfect angle. We were able to easily transition from focused work to sharing our screen with a colleague sitting opposite us. This flexibility combined with the vertical adjustment improved our posture by aligning the screen with our eyes, eliminating the frequent neck strains we used to experience.

Installation was straightforward and took no time at all. The provided manual was clear, and we had the choice between a C-clamp or grommet mounting, both of which were easy to install. We also appreciated the built-in cable management, which allowed us to maintain a clean and organized workspace.

However, when we attempted to set up two large monitors, we had to be quite precise with their positioning, as full extension seemed to stretch the arms to their limits. Adjusting the tension required some effort, but once dialed in, the monitors held their position well.

The HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand truly made a difference on our standing desk setup by giving us back valuable desk real estate. It’s a reliable, space-saving solution with the capability to adjust to various work styles and postures.

4. WALI Dual Monitor Mount

We think the WALI Dual Monitor Mount is a solid pick for anyone looking to free up desk space and add some ergonomic flexibility to their workspace.


  • Frees up valuable desk real estate
  • Offers a wide range of motion for perfect positioning
  • Installation is straightforward with two mounting options


  • May not accommodate over-sized monitors smoothly
  • Could require a bit more effort to adjust once set up
  • Some desks might not work with the provided clamp or grommet

After clamping the WALI Dual Monitor Mount to our standing desk, we immediately noticed the additional space we gained—perfect for essential desk items or simply to enjoy a less cluttered work area. The sleek black design meshes well with most office aesthetics, and it’s a real joy to have the screens at our desired height and angle, combating the usual neck strain we’ve endured from static monitor stands.

Adjusting the monitors to an ideal orientation is delightfully intuitive; a quick tilt here, a swivel there, and a rotation for good measure. Whether we’re sharing content with a co-worker or switching from landscape to portrait mode for coding, this mount handles it all with grace.

We do want to mention, however, that while the arms hold our 27-inch screens securely, we had to take a moment to ensure everything was tightened just right. It’s not a set-it-and-forget-it situation, but a little attention here does mean we’re set for the day without worry of drooping or drifting monitors.

5. MOUNTUP Single Monitor Arm

If desk space and adjustability are what you’re after, this monitor mount might just be what you need.


  • Creates a significant amount of desk space
  • Full range of motion for optimal viewing angles
  • Quick assembly, under 15 minutes


  • The tension may need adjusting for heavier monitors
  • May have limited compatibility with very thick desks
  • Cable management could be more robust

Upon installing the MOUNTUP Single Monitor Arm on our standing desk, we immediately noticed the extra real estate it provided. Transforming a cluttered desk into a sleek and streamlined workspace has enhanced our productivity and overall work environment substantially.

The maneuverability is something we’ve come to appreciate deeply. We could swivel, tilt, and rotate our monitor with such ease, it felt like having a new level of control over our workspace. The ability to share screens with a colleague by simply turning the monitor rather than moving the entire laptop is more useful than we ever anticipated.

Though we had to spend a bit of time fine-tuning the tension to accommodate our monitor’s weight, we found the process straightforward. Given this small effort, the mount now holds the screen firmly in place, whether we’re furiously typing away or casually browsing. The setup was so intuitive and quick, we were up and running in no time, and without the need to clutter our desk with tools and manuals.

6. VIVO Dual Monitor Stand

If you need a robust and flexible solution for your standing desk setup, this VIVO stand is a solid choice.


  • Enhances ergonomics with adjustable tilt and height
  • Securely holds two monitors with ease
  • Cable management keeps workspace uncluttered


  • C-Clamp may not fit all desk types
  • Initial setup requires time and patience
  • Some desks may require additional spacers for optimal fit

We’ve recently tried the VIVO Dual Monitor Stand, and its adaptability has made multitasking a breeze. Adjusting the height and angle for the ideal ergonomic position was straightforward, which has been critical in reducing our eye strain and neck discomfort during long working hours.

The solid build quality brings a sense of reliability to our workspace. Not once have we worried about the support of our monitors – and they’re not lightweight models either! Plus, organizing cables has never been easier, thanks to the built-in clips; as a result, our desk has never looked cleaner.

Our only grumble is with the C-Clamp. While robust, it may not attach well to desks with unconventional edges or those that are particularly thick, demanding a bit of ingenuity on our part to secure it properly. And for those who dislike putting furniture together, expect to allot a little extra time for assembly. That said, these are minor issues compared to the everyday convenience and sturdiness we’re now accustomed to.

Buying Guide


Before purchasing a monitor arm for a standing desk, we need to ensure that it’s compatible with our desk and monitor setup. Check the clamping requirements, like desk thickness and edge style, to confirm a good fit.

  • Desk Compatibility: Thickness and edge type
  • Monitor Compatibility: VESA mount standard (75x75mm or 100x100mm)


A key feature of monitor arms is their adjustability, providing ergonomic benefits. Look for arms offering a range of motion that suits your needs.

  • Height Adjustment: To align with eye level
  • Articulation: Ability to swivel, extend, or retract
  • Tilt & Rotate: Adjusts the viewing angle and allows portrait or landscape orientation

Weight Capacity

Ensure the arm can support the weight of your monitor. Overburdening the arm might lead to damage or injury.

Monitor WeightRecommended Weight Capacity
Up to 15 lbsAt least 20 lbs
Up to 30 lbsAt least 35 lbs

Build Quality and Material

Robust materials like aluminum or reinforced polymers indicate durability. Prioritize solid construction over aesthetics to avoid risk of wear and tear.

  • Preferred Materials: Aluminum, heavy-duty plastics
  • Construction: Ensure no weak joints or components

Cable Management

Organized cables contribute to a clutter-free workspace. Integrated cable management systems are essential.

  • Look For: Built-in channels or clips to secure cables

Ease of Installation and Adjustment

We prefer monitor arms that offer straightforward installation and adjustment. Complicated setups can frustrate users and detract from the arm’s convenience.

  • Installation: Tool-less options or clear instructions
  • Adjustment: Simple mechanisms for changes without tools

By focusing on these features, we can select the best monitor arm that meets our requirements for stability, adjustability, and overall quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

When selecting a monitor arm for a standing desk, it is vital to prioritize ergonomic comfort and workspace efficiency. In this section, we address common queries and provide insights to assist in making an informed choice.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a monitor arm for a standing desk?

We recommend considering the weight capacity, adjustability, and ease of installation when selecting a monitor arm. Ensure the arm can support the size and weight of your monitor and that it offers a range of motion conducive to frequent changes in position.

How do dual monitor arms benefit sit-stand desk configurations?

Dual monitor arms vastly improve multitasking capabilities and provide optimal screen placement, which leads to a reduction in neck and eye strain. They allow both screens to be adjusted independently, catering to personal viewing preferences and supporting alignment when transitioning from sitting to standing.

What are the best budget-friendly monitor arms available on the market?

Budget-friendly options that maintain quality and adjustability include brands like VIVO and AmazonBasics. These monitor arms offer the necessary adjustments and robust designs at a more accessible price point.

How does a monitor arm improve ergonomics in a standing desk setup?

A monitor arm elevates the display to eye level, which helps maintain an upright posture, reduces the likelihood of slouching, and lessens strain on the neck and shoulders. The flexibility of adjustment also promotes movement, which is integral to the ergonomic benefits of a standing desk.

What are the most recommended monitor arms according to user reviews on platforms like Reddit?

On platforms like Reddit, users commonly recommend the Ergotron LX and Fully Jarvis monitor arms for their durability, wide range of adjustments, and overall quality. These products have garnered a reputation for effectively enhancing standing desk setups.

In comparison to monitor stand risers, what are the advantages of using a monitor arm?

Compared to stand risers, monitor arms offer superior adjustability, including height, tilt, and swivel options, which enable precise screen positioning. They also free up desk space and keep the work area more organized, allowing for a clutter-free environment that is conducive to productivity.

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