Top 7 Best Standing Desk Accessories for an Ergonomic Workspace

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Standing desks have surged in popularity as more people seek the health benefits associated with standing while working. These desks can help alleviate back pain, increase energy, and improve posture, making them a staple in modern ergonomic office setups. However, to maximize the benefits and maintain a comfortable work environment, accessorizing your standing desk effectively is crucial.

Accessories for standing desks range from monitor arms that allow precise screen positioning to anti-fatigue mats that provide comfortable support for your feet during long standing periods. Other useful items include cable management systems to keep the workspace tidy, keyboard trays for optimal wrist positioning, and even ambient lighting to reduce eye strain.

We’ve invested time in examining a variety of standing desk accessories to determine which ones offer the most significant comfort and efficiency benefits. Our selections are based on their ability to seamlessly integrate into your work routine while promoting a healthy and productive workspace.

Top Standing Desk Accessories

In our quest for an ergonomic and productive workspace, we’ve identified the essentials that enhance a standing desk setup. Whether it’s for stability, comfort, or organization, these accessories have secured their spots on our list based on quality, user feedback, and overall practicality.

Our roundup aims to help you streamline your standing desk into a powerhouse of efficiency. From those who spend hours at their desks to the ones in need of a quick workstation upgrade, there’s something here for everyone.

1. Vari Active Seat

If you’re in the market for a dynamic and comfortable standing desk stool, the Vari Active Seat is a smart choice.


  • Encourages active seating and good posture
  • Height-adjustable to suit a variety of users
  • Comes fully assembled for convenience


  • The seat may be firm for some preferences
  • Higher price point compared to basic stools
  • Limited to a 20-degree forward tilt

After spending some time with the Vari Active Seat, we’ve felt the benefit of its design encouraging us to move more. The stool’s wide seat and range of motion kept our posture in check and engaged different muscle groups throughout the day, which is a big plus for anyone looking to avoid the sedentary pitfalls of desk jobs.

Adjusting the seat height is a breeze, thanks to the air-lift piston. Whether we were in a brief team huddle or getting deep into solo project work, having the flexibility to quickly change our position was invaluable.

We were pleased to find that this stool comes ready to use straight out of the box. Skipping past setup time meant we could dive into our workday with one less distraction. It’s a minor detail that translates to a major convenience.

One thing we did notice, the seat’s firmness might not be to everyone’s liking. While some of us preferred the sturdier feel for brief sitting periods, others would have welcomed a bit more cushion for extended use. It’s also worth noting that the price may be a factor for budget-conscious shoppers. Despite these points, the overall quality and benefits are undeniable.

This sturdy and supportive stool has a small footprint, making it a perfect addition to our office space without cluttering the area. We’ve found ourselves sitting less and enjoying the flexibility of movement more, which has had a noticeable impact on our general well-being at work.

2. VIVO Large Keyboard Tray

We found the space-saving design is a game-changer for workstations needing to maximize desk real estate.


  • Frees up valuable desk space
  • Encourages comfortable ergonomic positioning
  • Installs quickly and securely with sturdy clamps


  • May not fit all desk thicknesses – measure before buying
  • Holds up to 11 lbs, which may not suffice for heavy gear
  • Not suitable for desks with beveled edges

After attaching the VIVO Large Keyboard Tray to our desk, we noticed an immediate increase in available workspace. The clutter of a keyboard and mouse, which once consumed valuable desk space, now conveniently slides out of sight thanks to the robust under-desk design.

The feeling of relief in our wrists and shoulders was noticeable when typing at the recommended angles. The ergonomic benefits of this setup shouldn’t be underestimated, especially during longer work sessions.

Having put the C-clamps to the test, we can vouch for their sturdiness. Assembly was a breeze; we didn’t even have to break out the power tools, and the tray was secure moments later. Just make sure you’ve measured your desk thickness to ensure a proper fit—a little prep work here can save you time.

3. Fezibo Comfort Mat

We think you’ll appreciate the Fezibo Comfort Mat for how it blends comfort and function, making long hours at your standing desk much more bearable.


  • Encourages movement with massage features
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Rollers may shift during use
  • Firmness might not suit everyone
  • Could be too large for compact spaces

After hours of standing at our desks, we often face the dreaded foot fatigue. The Fezibo Comfort Mat has become a game-changer for us. With its built-in massage elements, we find ourselves shifting and moving more, lessening the strain on our feet.

The mat’s got a sturdy feel underfoot. Its material offers the just-right balance of firm support and soft cushioning. We’ve noticed that standing for prolonged periods isn’t that daunting anymore, thanks to this mat.

Storing this mat is a breeze. We just slide it under the desk or in a storage closet, given its slim profile and its light weight. It has become a staple, not just in our workspace, but also in any setting where we find ourselves on our feet for a while.

4. Jgstkcity Power Station

If you’re looking to declutter your standing desk and keep all your gadgets charged, this is a go-to accessory.


  • Clamps securely to the desk, preventing it from being jostled
  • Offers a combination of power outlets and fast-charging USB ports
  • Installing it is a breeze, making it immediately functional


  • Total power output is limited when using all the USB ports simultaneously
  • The clamp requires a small gap between the desk and wall
  • Some users may require more than the provided six-foot cord

From the first time you attach the Jgstkcity Power Station to your standing desk, its utility becomes evident. Our workspace felt more organized, with all the necessary charging options at arm’s reach. The inclusion of both USB-C and USB-A fast-charging ports means that we can keep our smartphones, tablets, and other devices powered up without the clutter of additional chargers.

We’ve found the clamping mechanism sturdy, giving us the confidence that even with a slight nudge, the power strip won’t shift or fall off the desk. This is a definite edge over conventional power strips that often slide around or need to be fished from behind the desk.

Despite its many pros, if you plug in several devices with high-power demands, you may notice the total 40W output isn’t enough to fast-charge everything simultaneously. That’s something to consider if you have multiple gadgets to power up quickly. Another point to bear in mind is the required gap for the clamp; it won’t work if your desk is flush against the wall. Lastly, the six-foot cord is generous, but depending on your office layout, an extension might be necessary.

In summary, we relish the convenience brought by the sleek form factor and the capacity to declutter. Balancing out its advantages, we are mindful of its few limitations. Nonetheless, the Jgstkcity Power Station is a solid ally in keeping a standing desk powering multiple devices without a fuss.

5. PAMO Under-Table Cable Organizer

We found that our workspace felt more organized and safer without all the cables cluttering the floor.


  • Effective at decluttering cable mess
  • Sturdy build and holds weight well
  • Easy to install with included tools


  • Under-desk visibility if not installed towards the back
  • Limited color options may not match all desks
  • Installation may require drilling, not suitable for all tables

In our quest for a neater and more organized workspace, the PAMO cable management solution proved to be the right kind of accessory for our standing desk. The simple design made it quite easy to store an array of cables and adapters, creating a much cleaner look under the desk.

Utilizing the cable organizer wasn’t just about aesthetics. It made the place safer, reducing the risk of tripping over loose cables. With everything tucked neatly away, cleaning around the desk became less of a chore. Plus, the included cable ties are a handy bonus for keeping everything bundled together.

What caught our attention right away was the durability of these trays. They’re crafted from solid steel, which easily held up our heavy power strips without any signs of sagging. It’s a nice step up from the flimsy plastic organizers we’ve used in the past. The installation was also a breeze; we had all three trays secured in no time, giving us quick and easy access to our cables whenever we needed to plug in or disconnect something.

6. Airlonv LED Desk Lamp

We think you’ll appreciate the seamless blend of functionality and design that this Airlonv desk lamp offers, especially if long hours at your desk are a norm.


  • Provides a broad spectrum of both color temperature and brightness settings
  • Highly flexible gooseneck allows for precise control over light direction
  • Efficient clamp design frees up desk space and provides easy installation


  • May not fit desks with thickness beyond 2.36 inches
  • Absolute brightness might not compare to larger, stationary lamps
  • USB power source might limit placement options depending on available ports

We recently got our hands on the Airlonv LED Desk Lamp, and we must say, it’s quite a clever workspace addition. Its adjustable lighting has made working through late hours a lot easier on our eyes. With its wide light bar, it manages to brighten up the entire desk without overwhelming us.

What stood out for us was the long and flexible gooseneck. It allowed us to direct light exactly where needed, which is ideal when focusing on detailed tasks. In sessions that went into the night, that meant less strain on our eyes and a more comfortable work environment.

Then there’s the convenience factor. Setting up the lamp was a breeze—the clamp attached securely to our desk without any hassle. The space savings we gained by not having a lamp base sprawled on the desk was another unexpected bonus, helping us maintain a tidy and minimalistic workspace.

We’ve found that having the right gear can make a huge difference in work productivity and comfort, and this Airlonv lamp fits the bill.

7. Aothia Leather Desk Pad

We found this desk pad to be a game-changer for our home office setup, providing both protective and aesthetic value.


  • Enhances desk aesthetics
  • Spacious for various desk items
  • Reliable non-slip backing


  • Surface might be too soft for writing with single sheets
  • Could be thicker for enhanced durability
  • Attracts dust and requires regular cleaning

From unboxing the Aothia Leather Desk Pad, the first thing we noticed was its sleek black finish that instantly upgraded our workspace. The spacious surface managed to accommodate our laptop, mouse, and notepad without a hitch. Sliding a mouse across this desk pad felt like gliding over calm waters, both effortless and precise.

The non-slip backing really delivered on its promise too. We could type away on our keyboards or shuffle papers around, and this mat didn’t budge an inch. It stuck to the desk like it was meant to be there, giving us the stability we needed during those high-speed typing sessions.

While the mat’s surface was fabulous for mouse tracking, when it came to pen and paper, the experience varied. Jotting down notes was comfortable enough, but for anything needing a solid backing, like signing a document, we had to slide a hardcover under the sheet. Also, maintenance was straightforward; a simple wipe and the occasional deeper clean kept it looking pristine, though we did notice it picking up dust and lint.

Overall, the Aothia Leather Desk Pad seems to tick the right boxes if you’re looking to protect your desk and add a touch of class to your workspace.

Buying Guide

Key Features to Consider

When looking for the best standing desk accessories, we must consider several key features to ensure that we add both functionality and comfort to our workspace.

Ergonomics: Accessories should complement the ergonomic benefits of a standing desk. Look for items that promote a natural posture and reduce strain.

  • Monitor arms or stands that adjust to eye level
  • Keyboard trays with adjustable angles
  • Anti-fatigue mats for cushioning underfoot

Space Efficiency: Maximize desk space without clutter.

  • Under-desk storage solutions
  • Desk-mounted organizers

Quality and Durability: Invest in accessories made from high-quality materials for long-term use.

  • Sturdy construction materials like steel or solid wood
  • High weight capacity for monitor arms

Compatibility: Ensure the accessories are compatible with the dimensions and design of your standing desk.

  • Check clamping requirements for add-ons
  • Measure the desk area for mats and storage solutions


  • Look for fully adjustable add-ons to cater to different tasks and user heights.

Price vs. Value

We must balance cost with the benefits we gain from each accessory.

  • Higher-priced items often offer better ergonomics and durability.
  • Prioritize accessories that are essential to your needs to get the best value.

Here’s a simple checklist to help us decide:

ErgonomicsHighNecessary for health and productivity.
Space EfficiencyMediumHelps keep the desk area tidy.
QualityHighAffects the lifespan of the accessory.
CompatibilityHighMust fit our standing desk design.
AdjustabilityHighAllows for personalization and flexibility.

By taking these factors into account, we’ll be able to make informed decisions that enhance our standing desk experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered common queries about enhancing the experience at a standing desk with the right accessories.

What are some must-have accessories for improving ergonomics at a standing desk?

For an ergonomic setup, we recommend adjustable monitor arms, an ergonomic keyboard, and a vertical mouse. These reduce strain on your neck, wrist, and shoulders.

What types of mats are recommended to enhance comfort while using a standing desk?

Anti-fatigue mats are essential. Look for one with a comfortable thickness and made of supportive materials to alleviate pressure on your legs and back.

How can I organize cables and accessories on my standing desk for better functionality?

We suggest incorporating cable management trays and clips. These help maintain a clutter-free desk and prevent tangling, improving functionality and focus.

Which monitor stands are best suited for a standing desk setup?

Opt for monitor stands that are adjustable in height. This ensures you can align your screen at eye level, which is important for posture and comfort.

What are some aesthetically pleasing accessories to complement my standing desk?

Consider sleek desk organizers, plant holders, or a desk lamp with minimalist design. These enhance the visual appeal while keeping the space tidy and well-lit.

Can you suggest any balance boards or active standing tools for a standing desk?

Yes, balance boards and wobble cushions encourage subtle movements and help activate your core, enhancing the active standing experience.

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