Best Drawing Tablets for Toddlers and Kids 2024

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Drawing tablets for kids are designed to be user-friendly, durable, and age-appropriate. They offer the ability to draw, sketch, and paint with a stylus. These devices can be a great tool for unleashing children’s creativity without the mess and hassle of traditional art materials.

After evaluating many drawing tablets for kids, we’ve identified the top choices that tick all the boxes. The following recommendations are categorized based on age, ensuring that you can make an informed choice when selecting a drawing tablet for your child.

Best Drawing Tablets for Kids

Discover our top picks for the best drawing tablets for kids, making digital art creation fun and accessible for young artists of all skill levels.

1. For 3 to 6 years old: Bravokids Doodle Board

The Bravokids drawing tablet is a great educational tool and gift for kids. It’s perfect for kids aged 3 to 6 because it offers endless creative possibilities while being eco-friendly and safe to use.


  • No harmful radiation or glare
  • Can be used up to 100,000 times
  • Lock key feature to save content


  • Only for children 3 to 6 years old

Our experience with the Bravokids Doodle Board was incredibly positive. The 10-inch LCD screen is not only vibrant and eye-friendly but also perfect for sparking children’s creativity.

The tablet releases zero harmful radiation, glare, or discomfort, ensuring a comfortable experience even during extended use. This is particularly beneficial for preschool-age kids, entertaining while safeguarding their eyesight.

What impressed us further was the doodle board’s durability, allowing for up to 100,000 uses and significantly reducing paper and pencil waste. This not only conserves resources but also maintains a clutter-free home environment.

The built-in battery, lasting six months, is easily replaceable when worn out, eliminating the hassle of constant charging or power connections.

Navigating the Bravokids tablet is a breeze, offering a simple and intuitive experience. Creating lines while writing or drawing mirrors the ease of using a pen on paper, with the added benefit of adjusting line thickness based on pressure from a stylus, nail, or any hard object.

Erasing content from the screen is a quick and easy process – just press the erase button, and it disappears in an instant. The tablet even features a convenient lock key to save content.

The construction of this toddler writing tablet stood out with its durable plastic and rounded corner design, protecting against falls and shock damage. Weighing only 150 grams, it’s effortlessly portable and fits seamlessly into school bags, handbags, or travel bags.

Versatility is another highlight, as the Bravokids doodle board can be conveniently used in various locations, such as the car, airplane, restaurant, or at home on the sofa. This makes it an essential travel companion for kids.

2. For 3 to 6 years old: ERUW LCD Writing Tablet for Kids

The ERUW 15-inch LCD writing tablet is an excellent choice for children, providing a fun and educational experience that promotes creativity.


  • Eye-protection and colorful writing
  • Higher quality and safe materials
  • Easy to use with screen lock


  • Limited to 15-inch size
  • Might not be suitable for older children
  • Requires battery replacement eventually

After spending time with the ERUW LCD Writing Tablet, we were impressed with its eye protection and colorful writing feature. The tablet is designed with a high-quality, 15-inch LCD colorful screen that avoids radiation, glare, or blue light protecting children’s eyes, especially during long usage. This also offers a brighter color and improved painting experience, making it a staple tool for your child’s learning and creativity.

The ERUW tablet is made with safe, non-toxic, and durable materials. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around, while its round corners make it easy for little hands to grip and hold.

The added screw on the backside of the battery case enhances its safety. Unfortunately, the tablet only comes in a 15-inch size, which might not be suitable for older children looking for a larger drawing surface.

One of our favorite features was the ease of use and screen lock function. The tablet can be cleared by pressing the rhino’s eye button, providing a blank canvas for new drawings. The smart lock switch on the back prevents accidental erasures. Children can also adjust the sketch intensity to create lines of varying thickness.

The ERUW LCD Writing Tablet is an eco-friendly option that can be erased and rewritten over 100,000 times, reducing paper waste. Its portability makes it an excellent companion for travel or outdoor activities. However, the tablet does require battery replacement eventually, which might be a minor inconvenience.

Overall, the ERUW 15-inch LCD Writing Tablet is a perfect educational gift for children aged 3 to 9 years old who love to doodle or draw.

Its eye-protection and colorful writing features, along with its ease of use and eco-friendly design, make it a great addition to any child’s learning toolkit. If your child is within the target age range and loves drawing, we highly recommend this product.

3. For 8 to 12 years old: Frunsi Standalone Drawing Tablet

The Frunsi Standalone Drawing Tablet is a fantastic option for kids, providing a user-friendly experience with high-quality features at a reasonable price.


  • No computer is needed, a standalone tablet
  • FHD display: clear and vibrant colors
  • Android 12 operating system


  • Stylus sensitivity may be insufficient for advanced artists
  • Potential system UI glitches requiring restarts
  • Limited app compatibility

Kids will love the Frunsi Standalone Drawing Tablet. This 10-inch tablet with an FHD display offers a captivating environment for kids to explore their creativity through digital art. The colors on the display are vivid, and the 1920x1200P resolution ensures crisp, clear visuals.

What sets the Frunsi tablet apart is that it’s a standalone device; there’s no need to connect it to a computer. It runs on Android 12 and is powered by a quad-core processor and provides ample storage and flexibility.

It also supports external SD cards up to 128GB and comes with a pre-installed drawing app that works right out of the box – a major advantage for when kids just want to dive in and start drawing.

Although the Frunsi Standalone Drawing Tablet is an excellent option for most young artists, it is not without drawbacks. The stylus has a pressure sensitivity of 1024 levels, which might not satisfy more advanced artists in need of fine control.

Overall, this drawing tablet is a great value for the price. Its features such as the standalone capability, FHD display, and Android 12 make it a top choice for kids looking to explore digital art. Just be aware that some minor issues may arise, but they shouldn’t be a dealbreaker for most families.

4. For 8 to 12 years old: Wacom One HD Creative Pen Display

The Wacom One HD Creative Pen Display is an all-around excellent choice for kids who want to unleash their creativity and explore digital art.


  • High-definition 13.3″ display
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, Chromebook, and Android devices
  • Customizable pen shortcuts for efficiency


  • Slightly heavier at 4.4 pounds
  • May require additional accessories for some devices
  • Only 4096 pressure sensitivity levels

We tried out the Wacom One HD Creative Pen Display and were impressed with its performance. Its 13.3″ high-definition display is perfect for kids to draw, sketch, and edit photos or videos, providing a generous digital canvas.

The compatibility with Mac, Windows, Chromebook, and Android devices makes it versatile and easy to connect to various sources.

Using the pen was a delightful experience. The button on the pen can be customized for shortcuts like undo or copy/paste, making it even more efficient when creating digital art. Also, the Wacom One works with various software programs, so children can explore different creative outlets.

One drawback we found is its weight – at 4.4 pounds, it might be slightly heavy for some kids to carry around. Also, its pressure sensitivity is only 4096 levels, which is a bit lower compared to some other models in the market. However, this should not be a major issue for children who are just starting with digital art.

In conclusion, the Wacom One HD Creative Pen Display is an excellent drawing tablet for kids, offering a large, high-definition canvas and compatibility with various devices.

Its customizable pen shortcuts add an extra layer of convenience that will help young artists stay engaged with their projects. Just keep in mind the potential need for extra accessories and its slightly heavier weight.

5. For 8 to 12 years old: XP-PEN Artist 12 Pro Drawing Tablet

The XP-PEN Artist12 Pro is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-quality drawing tablet for kids, featuring an 11.6″ fully-laminated screen and precise tilt function for a natural drawing experience.


  • Fully laminated screen for precise cursor location
  • Tilt function for natural shading and transitions
  • 8 customizable shortcut keys for improved workflow


  • Might be overwhelming for very young kids
  • 60-degree tilt function limit might be limiting for some artists
  • 3-in-1 cable design may not suit all setup preferences

When we first unpacked the XP-PEN Artist12 Pro, we were impressed by its sleek design and build quality. The fully-laminated screen offers a fantastic paper-like drawing experience as the cursor appears precisely where we want it to, minimizing any parallax issues.

The tilt function support of up to 60 degrees is a game-changer. Older kids aged 8 to 12 would be able to enjoy more natural shading and smoother transitions between lines and strokes. They no longer had to keep adjusting the brush direction in their drawing software.

On the downside, this tablet might be a bit overwhelming for very young kids as it offers many advanced features. The 60-degree tilt function limit may not be enough for some artists who prefer more extensive tilt support. Also, the 3-in-1 cable design, while convenient, may not suit all preferences or computer setups.

Overall, we highly recommend the XP-PEN Artist12 Pro for kids and beginners looking for a high-quality drawing tablet with an engaging drawing experience. Its advanced features make it a valuable investment for those keen to explore and develop their digital art skills.

Buying Guide

When looking for the perfect drawing tablet for kids, there are several factors to consider. In this buying guide, we’ll discuss what features to look out for and how to choose the best product amongst the vast range of options available.

Display vs. Non-display Tablets

When choosing a drawing tablet, it’s essential to understand the two primary types: display and non-display tabletsDisplay tablets have a built-in screen that lets children draw directly onto it. These provide a more intuitive experience. However, they tend to be more expensive.

On the other hand, non-display tablets don’t have a built-in screen. Instead, the tablet is connected to a computer, and the drawing is displayed on the computer monitor. Non-display tablets are usually more affordable and are a great starting point for younger kids or those on a budget.


The size of the drawing tablet can directly impact a child’s drawing experience. Consider the size of the active drawing area, as well as the overall dimensions of the tablet.

  • Small tablets (4 – 7 inches) are portable and great for kids who want to take their tablets on the go.
  • Medium tablets (8 – 11 inches) offer a larger active drawing area, making them suitable for more intricate drawings.
  • Large tablets (12+ inches) provide even more space, allowing for more detailed work and making them an excellent choice for older kids or more advanced artists.
Tablet SizeActive Drawing AreaPortabilitySuitable for
Small4 – 7 inchesHighYounger kids, beginners, on-the-go drawing
Medium8 – 11 inchesModerateIntermediate artists, larger drawings
Large12+ inchesLowAdvanced artists, detailed work

Stylus Sensitivity

A drawing tablet’s stylus sensitivity, measured in levels of pressure sensitivity, affects the drawing experience it provides. Typically, a higher level of sensitivity allows for a more natural drawing experience, as the stylus can mimic the feel of a pencil or brush. We recommend looking for tablets with at least 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Battery Life (for battery-operated tablets)

When considering a battery-operated tablet, the battery life is an essential factor, especially for kids who frequently take their tablet on the go. Opt for a tablet with a minimum battery life of 4-6 hours to ensure it will last through extended drawing sessions.

In summary, when selecting a drawing tablet for kids, evaluate the type of tablet (display or non-display), size, stylus sensitivity, and battery life. By considering these features, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect drawing tablet that fits your child’s needs and ensures an enjoyable, creative experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top recommended drawing tablets with a screen for young artists?

There are some great drawing tablets with screens for young artists. The Bravokids Doodle Board is perfect for toddlers between the ages of 3 and 6. For kids between the ages of 7 and 12, some of the top options include the Frunsi drawing tablet and the Wacom One.

These tablets offer quality displays, responsive pens, and customizable settings for an improved drawing experience. We recommend researching each model to determine which will best suit your child’s needs and preferences.

At what age should you give your child a drawing tablet?

The appropriate age to introduce a drawing tablet to your child often depends on their level of interest and technical ability. Generally, children as young as 3 years old can benefit from using a drawing tablet. By age 7, most children have enough motor skills and creativity to use a drawing tablet effectively.

Should you buy an expensive drawing tablet for kids?

The decision to invest in an expensive drawing tablet for a child depends on their level of interest and commitment to art. For beginners, we recommend starting with an entry-level or mid-range tablet. These devices often provide adequate features and performance for young artists, without breaking the bank.

However, if your child is passionate about art and has developed advanced skills, a more expensive tablet with professional-grade features might be a worthwhile investment.

Are tablet screens bad for children’s eyes?

Extended screen time may strain the eyes, but using screens wisely can reduce this risk. To keep your child’s eyes healthy while using a drawing tablet, suggest the following tips:

  1. Remind your child to take breaks regularly and adopt the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
  2. Ensure the tablet is used in a well-lit space.
  3. Adjust the screen brightness to a comfortable level.

By following these suggestions, your child can enjoy their drawing tablet without jeopardizing their eye health.

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