Top 7 Best Office Chairs with Flip-Up Arms in 2024

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Office chairs with flip-up arms cater to the ever-changing needs of dynamic work environments. These arms can be lowered or flipped out of the way when not needed, enabling the chair to slide under desks of different heights or free up arm space for tasks that require a broader range of motion. This feature is especially beneficial in multi-task environments or smaller workspaces where every inch of space is valuable.

We’ve evaluated a broad range of chairs to identify those that offer the best mix of ergonomic design, practical features, and durability. Our selection aims to enhance your work experience by providing comfort that meets the demands of a flexible and efficient workspace.

Top Office Chairs with Flip-Up Arms

In our search for comfortable and versatile office furniture, we’ve compiled a selection of the best office chairs featuring flip-up arms. These chairs offer the perfect blend of comfort, ergonomics, and flexibility to cater to long hours of work while also providing the space-saving convenience of flipping the arms away when not needed.

1. Best Executive Leather Option: EZAKI High Back Chair

If you’re in the market for an office chair that blends comfort with convenience, this EZAKI model might just be what you need for your workspace.


  • Flip-up arms allow for versatile use
  • Adjustable lumbar support caters to back comfort
  • Sturdy construction with easy mobility


  • May be too large for smaller desks
  • Some may prefer more color options
  • High back design not suited for all body types

The first thing we notice about the EZAKI High Back Chair is the sense of support it provides. As we sit down, the lumbar support and the memory foam cushion of the seat give a comfortable embrace. It feels like a chair that can withstand hours of use without discomfort, which is a game-changer for those long days at the desk.

While using the chair, we can’t help but appreciate the flip-up arm design. It offers the flexibility needed to move closer to the desk or to play an instrument without the arms getting in the way. It’s also a space-saver when it comes to tucking it under the desk after a productive day.

The durability and the smoothness of the wheels are evident as we glide across the floor. There’s a solidity to this chair that instills confidence—it feels like it’s built to last. The metal base is robust, and the chair’s ability to accommodate a variety of body types is definitely a plus.

We think this chair hits the mark for anyone seeking a reliable office chair with the flexibility of flip-up arms. It’s a chair that has adapted to our needs throughout the day, whether we’re focused on work or leaning back for a quick break.

2. Breathable Option: Flash Furniture Mesh Chair

Our team’s experience with the Flash Furniture Mesh Chair suggests it’s a solid choice for those in need of an ergonomic office chair with the added bonus of flip-up arms.


  • Convenient flip-up arms allow for versatility between tasks
  • Breathable mesh back keeps you cool during extended use
  • Built-in lumbar support fosters better posture and comfort


  • Some users may find the seat padding less cushy than desired
  • The chair’s back does not recline, which could be a drawback for some
  • The assembly process, while straightforward, requires some time and effort

We’ve spent quite some time working in this chair, and the breathable back truly makes a difference when you’re logging long hours at the desk. The mesh design ensures a comfortable experience even on those warmer days.

Users will appreciate the flip-up arms as they provide the flexibility to draw closer to the desk or keyboard, which is excellent for typing or intricate tasks. Additionally, these arms can simply be flipped down when you need that extra support or are ready to recline a bit.

We’ve found the lumbar support to be particularly helpful; it encourages an upright seating position, reduces the strain on our back, and is noticeable during extended periods of work. Although the chair doesn’t recline, we found the tilt tension to compensate, allowing a slight lean back while keeping us engaged with our work.

However, users seeking a softer, plush experience might find the seat’s firmness a tad bit rigid. We noticed that it’s supportive, though, and aligns with what some health experts suggest for proper posture.

Putting this chair together was a hassle-free process. While it might take a little under 30 minutes, the included tools and step-by-step instructions are clear enough to make the task manageable without any professional help.

In summary, the Flash Furniture Mesh Chair offers both functionality and comfort. With its ergonomic features and the practical design of flip-up arms, we consider it a worthy investment for anyone spending a considerable amount of time seated at their desk.

3. Also Great: Mimoglad Ergo Chair

We believe this vibrant office companion leverages its ergonomic design to cater to long hours of work or play.


  • Ample lumbar support and adjustable headrest enhance comfort.
  • Setup is straightforward with clear instructions provided.
  • Flip-up arms are a nifty feature for guitar players and those needing more space.


  • The bright carrot orange color may not suit all office aesthetics.
  • Some users may find difficulty in matching the screw sizes during assembly.
  • Despite being sturdy, the mainly nylon construction might not appeal to all.

Having recently spent some quality time with the Mimoglad Ergo Chair, we’re quite taken with the level of comfort it affords. The chair’s flip-up arms are a game-changer for transitioning between tasks that require elbow room, such as strumming a guitar or clearing space quickly. The lumbar support is notably accommodating, conforming to our backs effortlessly and leaving us free from the usual strain after a long day’s work.

The chair’s breathability is another high point. Even during those work sessions in a heated environment, we stayed cool, which speaks volumes of the mesh fabric’s effectiveness. Adjusting the seat to our preferred elevation was a breeze, thanks to the pneumatic adjustment lever, ensuring that our legs and back remained in a healthy alignment.

Not only has this chair brought a pop of color to our space, but the solid build also suggests that it is a durable addition to our office ensemble. While the chair is quite robust, comfortably supporting up to 300 lbs, its visual appeal is something of personal preference.

That said, assembling the chair had a few hiccups due to mismatched screw sizes—an issue we hope to be an outlier rather than a common occurrence. Overall, our days at the desk have been more enjoyable since the Mimoglad Ergo Chair rolled in.

4. Budget Mesh Option: MINLOVE Gray Ergo Chair

Our verdict: Worth considering for its comfort and space-saving features.


  • Easy to tuck away with flip-up arms
  • Enhanced comfort from thick sponge seat
  • Supportive with adjustable lumbar


  • Limited color options
  • Wheels could be higher quality
  • Smaller in structure than some may expect

Having just had the chance to use the MINLOVE Ergonomic Desk Chair, we noticed that the lumbar support it provides is truly considerate of spinal health. Its ergonomic design seemed tailored to encourage correct posture, a vital aspect when we’re spending hours at our desks.

The assembly of this chair was a breeze; instructions were clear, and the process was painless. It’s a pleasant change not to dread the setup of a new office staple. Within no more than 15 minutes, we were able to go from unboxing to fully installing the chair.

Major plus in our book: the flip-up arms. They allowed us to slide the chair under the desk, freeing up valuable office space, practical for smaller home offices. The mesh material kept us cool after prolonged sitting, and the cushion’s rebound effect was comfortable enough to prevent any undue discomfort.

We did note the chair’s wheels could offer a better glide, especially on carpeted floors, but that’s a minor blip on an otherwise impressive feature set. We also wished for more color variants to match different decors, but the current shade of gray was neutral enough to blend in most settings. Overall, the MINLOVE chair is a solid choice for someone seeking ergonomics without sacrificing efficiency.

5. Budget Leather Option: NEO Chair Executive

We believe this NEO Chair Executive is a superb choice for anyone seeking comfort and versatility in their office seating.


  • Flip-up arms allow for easy storage and adaptability.
  • Plush cushioning offers sustained comfort throughout the day.
  • The tilt-lock mechanism and adjustable height add to its ergonomic benefits.


  • Some users may find the chair’s leather less breathable than mesh options.
  • A 250lbs weight limit may not accommodate all body types.
  • Assembly is required, which may be a minor inconvenience.

The first thing we noticed when we settled into the NEO Chair Executive was the exceptional support it provided for our back and legs. The well-contoured backrest and thick seat padding really do make a difference during long hours of sitting. Having the armrests flip up is also a fantastic space-saving feature that we found particularly useful for tucking the chair away after a day’s work.

What also stood out to us was the chair’s ease of movement. The combination of a solid, heavy-duty base and smooth-rolling casters meant we could glide effortlessly across the floor to collaborate with colleagues or reach for files. The adjustable height mechanism worked smoothly too, which is essential for finding that perfect desk-to-chair alignment.

On the downside, while the chair’s premium faux leather adds a touch of class and is simple to clean, in hotter climates or during longer sitting periods, we noticed it didn’t offer the same level of breathability as some of the mesh-backed chairs we’ve tried. Additionally, while putting the chair together was much simpler than we anticipated—taking just about 20 minutes—it’s something to consider if you’re not handy with tools.

In summary, the NEO Chair Executive is a sturdy, comfortable option that blends well into any office environment, be it for work or gaming. With its ample seat cushioning, ergonomic support, and convenient flip-up arms, it meets the demands of a variety of users, although it may not be the top choice for those with a heavier build or those who prefer a cooler seating option.

6. Contender: OLIXIS Executive PU Leather Chair

After hours spent testing, we believe this chair could be a smart addition to any office space, thanks to its comfort and adjustability.


  • Upscale look with a clean white finish that stands out in any office setting.
  • Arms conveniently flip up, making it easy to tuck under a desk or to make extra room when needed.
  • Assembly isn’t a headache – clear directions and a logical design simplify the process.


  • The bonded leather finish, while durable, may not breathe as well as mesh alternatives.
  • Limited color options – this chair comes in white, which might not suit everyone’s taste or office decor.
  • The weight capacity maxes out at 275 lbs, which might not accommodate all body types.

Let’s dive into our firsthand experience with this office upgrade. On first glance, the materials give off an impression of quality; the leather feels strong to the touch and appears built to withstand daily use. The stitching holds up under scrutiny, suggesting that this isn’t a chair that will fall apart within months.

The comfort level of this chair strikes a commendable balance between soft and supportive. The seat cushion is thick, which we’ve found reduces discomfort during long periods of sitting. And when it’s time for a quick break or a moment to strategize, flipping the armrests up and leaning back feels effortless.

Functionality hasn’t taken a back seat to comfort and style either. We were able to adjust the height to suit various desk heights and body sizes, fit it into tight workspaces with the flip-up arms, and appreciate the sturdy base while rolling across different floor types.

Real-world use has proven this OLIXIS chair to be a solid choice for those looking to combine elegance with ergonomics. While the color might be a sticking point for some, if a white chair fits your space, it’s sure to add both style and function to your workday.

7. Contender: Sweetcrispy Ergonomic Chair

We recommend this chair for anyone seeking comfort and versatility, without taking up too much space.


  • Ergonomic lumbar support enhances posture.
  • Mesh design keeps you cool throughout the day.
  • Flip-up arms save space, perfect for small areas.


  • Seat padding may seem insufficient for some users.
  • Limited color options may not suit all tastes.
  • Assembly required, which might be a hassle for some.

From the moment we sat down, the lumbar support made a noticeable difference, reducing the strain on our lower back. The mesh back kept us cool, free from that sticky feeling after long periods of sitting, especially on warmer days. We found the high-density sponge seat firm yet comfortable, which might not match everyone’s preference.

Having used these chairs in a tighter workspace, we appreciate the flip-up arms feature—it’s a real space-saver. In just a swift motion, we easily tucked our chairs under the desk, freeing up the room for other activities. This feature is particularly useful in multipurpose rooms or when the chair is not in use.

We’ve rolled around the office effortlessly on the smooth casters, grateful for the stability and mobility they offer. This chair glided on various surfaces, from plush carpets to hardwood floors, without leaving any marks or scratches. Adjusting the height was a breeze with the intuitive lever, making it suitable for different desk heights and user preferences.

The Sweetcrispy Ergonomic Chair is a solid choice that meets the demands of a work-from-home setting or a busy office. The straightforward assembly, taking us no more than 15 minutes, might be a minor inconvenience for some, but the clear instructions and included tools make it manageable. Once set up, it’s a workplace game-changer.

Buying Guide

Comfort and Ergonomics

We must prioritize comfort when looking for an office chair with flip-up arms. Adjustable features such as height, tilt tension, and armrest positioning make a significant difference in our overall seating experience. A well-padded seat and breathable backrest material are important for long hours of use.

FeatureWhy it Matters
Seat PaddingPrevents discomfort from prolonged sitting
Backrest MaterialEnsures breathability and reduces sweating
Adjustable HeightAccommodates different desk heights and user sizes

Durability and Materials

The choice of materials directly impacts the durability of the chair. Metal frames usually offer more strength than plastic ones, and high-density foam retains its shape better over time. Looking at the weight capacity can also give us clues about the overall sturdiness of the chair.

Frame MaterialMetal frames are typically more durable
Foam DensityHigher density for longevity
Weight CapacityHigher capacity indicates sturdiness

Design and Functionality

Flip-up arms are a key feature for versatility, allowing us to easily slide under desks or stand up from the chair. We should look for smooth armrest movement and ensure they lock securely in place. The design should be sleek to fit various office decors while also being functional.

Armrest MotionShould be smooth and lock securely
Design AestheticShould complement office decor

Price Point

We need to consider our budget while ensuring we don’t compromise on necessary features for short-term savings. A mid-price point often strikes a good balance between cost and quality.

Price RangeAdvice
EconomicalMay lack some comfort and durability features
Mid-pricedOften the best value for money
High-endComes with more features but at a higher cost

In our search, we’re also mindful of the warranty period, which provides us with a safety net for our investment. Matching our personal needs with these features will guide us to the best office chair with flip-up arms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Office chairs with flip-up arms address various needs, from ergonomic comfort to space efficiency. We’ve collated some common inquiries to help guide your selection process.

What are the benefits of using a reclining office chair with flip-up arms?

A reclining office chair with flip-up arms allows us to easily switch between active typing and relaxed modes, aiding in muscle relaxation and circulation. The ability to flip the arms away can also prevent strain on our shoulders and arms during long periods of recline.

How do ergonomic chairs with flip-up arms improve posture and comfort during long work hours?

Ergonomic chairs with flip-up arms support our natural spine alignment and allow for close desk work without the limitation of fixed armrests. They promote comfort through adaptability to various tasks, which is crucial during extended work hours.

Should I consider padded office chairs with flip-up arms for enhanced comfort?

We find that padded office chairs with flip-up arms offer an additional layer of comfort, reducing pressure points on our elbows and forearms during prolonged use. This is particularly beneficial when our tasks involve extensive typing or desk work.

What distinguishes a gaming chair with flip-up arms from a traditional office chair?

Gaming chairs with flip-up arms are typically designed with a more aggressive aesthetic and additional features focused on comfort and support during intense gaming sessions. They often have a wider range of adjustabilities, such as tilt mechanisms and more pronounced lumbar support, in contrast to traditional office chairs.

How does an office chair with flip-up arms affect space-saving and desk compatibility?

Office chairs with flip-up arms enhance space-saving as we can tuck them under desks more efficiently when not in use. This feature also makes the chair a versatile choice for desks of varying heights and allows for unobstructed movement in our work area.

What features should I look for when selecting an office chair with armrests for daily use?

When selecting an office chair with armrests for daily use, we look for adjustable height and width to ensure they fit various body types and desk configurations. Durability, ease of arm movement, and material quality are important factors to ensure long-term comfort and use.

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