White Space: Smart Objects & Design Hacks

Welcome to White Space, where we break down the hottest design tricks and trends, answer common questions from our subscribers, and share marketing- and design-related news. Have ideas for the content you’d like to see in the newsletter going forward? Join our Facebook group and let us know your thoughts! Click here to subscribe so … Read more

Crafting Futuristic Logos

5 Tips for Crafting Futuristic Logos for Sci-Fi-Infused Branding In a world where minimalist yet modern aesthetics reign supreme, futuristic logos have emerged as the go-to choice for businesses seeking a cutting-edge identity. These logos are more than just design trends; they represent a dynamic shift toward the future.  But here’s the catch: designing a … Read more

10 Tips for Effective Client Communication 

Building Strong Relationships for Creative Professionals Communication is one of the most important aspects of building a successful business. It’s not just something that managers and leaders need to focus on, but also for regular employees and contractors.  And if you’ve ever worked in a creative role, you know how difficult communication can be. That’s … Read more

The Best Graphic Design AI Prompts

Level Up Your Design Skills with the Best Graphic Design AI Prompts! From generative designs to creative uses of AI in graphics, we have the best graphic design AI prompts to use with art generators. Whether you’re a graphic designer or a solopreneur looking to level up your design skills, these tools can help take … Read more

White Space: 20 Awesome Mother’s Day Gifts💗

“With AI, we can create art that’s beyond what we can imagine.” – Refik Anadol ⚡Pop Quiz: Which Adobe tool uses AI to automatically generate designs?  In today’s issue: Let’s dive in, shall we? MOTHER’S DAY SPECIAL Mom-ents to Remember: Get Inspired for Mother’s Day Let’s put those design skills to work and create something … Read more

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