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Bored with your current website's layout? Need a fresh coat of paint on your blog? Or looking to get in on this whole "responsive web design" so your site will actually look good on mobile devices?

Whatever your reason, this Mighty Deal can satisfy all those requests at once. This collection of premium responsive WordPress themes from WPtriumph offers a large selection of high-quality, easy-to-use themes that are sure to give your blog the treatment it deserves.

WPtriumph WordPress Theme Highlights:

  • 32+ WordPress Themes
    Includes all 20 of the current WordPress themes available on WPtriumph.com PLUS all new themes released in the next year, with a guarantee of at least 12 new themes. That's a library with a minimum of 32 themes to choose from!
  • Works Anywhere
    Built with a responsive design, all of these themes will work on today's top browsers, as well as on the most popular smart phones, laptops, notebooks, and tablets. Your site will look great no matter what device your users are viewing it on.
  • Simple to Use
    Not only are these themes a cinch to install, but they're a piece of cake to use as well. Built with a "plug and play" design, there aren't millions of customizations you need to set up initially to make things work.
  • Customer Support
    Besides having access to a dedicated support team, your club membership includes extensive documentation to explain how to best use your WordPress themes.
  • Customizable
    If you'd like to change up any of the themes, whether it's a minor adjustment or site-wide changes to fonts or colors, you can easily alter things thanks to the customization-friendly CSS3 styles.


This beautiful collection of 20 responsive WordPress Themes, plus a guaranteed minimum of 12 new WordPress themes over the next year, normally would cost $99 for a Personal license, but for a limited time only, you can get them all with a 1-year Personal license Club Membership at WPtriumph for just $27! That's almost 75% off the regular price! OR get the Developer license for just $57 instead of the regular price of $179.

Click the "buy" button to choose your license.

Take a look at the current WordPress themes you'll get with your purchase:

Moscow Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Zurich Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


New York Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Vienna Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Tutfolio Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Rome Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Tokyo Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Ottawa Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Symphony Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Persona Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Paris Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Blackout Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Oslo Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Brazilia Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Berlin Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Canvas Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Extratys Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Prague Responsive Wordpress Theme


Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Helsinki Responsive Wordpress Theme

Theme Page  |  Live Demo


Warsaw Responsive Wordpress Theme

Theme Page  |  Live Demo

Deal terms:
  • Upon payment, you will receive a coupon code that grants you an instant access to WPtriumph.com.
  • To access themes you will need to register, select the membership type you have purchased (personal or developer) and input the coupon code you have received from MightyDeals.
  • The Personal license allows for usage on unlimited domains that you own. The Developer license allows for usage on unlimited client domains.
  • You are purchasing a 1-year membership, during which you'll have FULL access to all themes, support and  updates. This is a non-recurring subscription, i.e. you will not be re-billed once it expires.
  • All themes are released under the GPL.
  • Developer license does not include PSD files.
  • Developer license provides priority support, including weekends.
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