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Having a great product or service is a fantastic start. But no matter how incredible your product is, the way in which you market your product is truly the key to success. By using a very specific checklist approach to copywriting, you can minimize your workload, while maximizing your conversion rates, and ultimately your revenue.

StartupPlays' The Web Copywriting Bible is an online interactive guide to help you write effective copy for the Web. How you pitch your product is as important (if not more) as what you're actually selling. This guide is preloaded with a task list, expert tips and document templates. With specific milestones, you'll get tips, tricks, and various tools to accomplish each task and get the knowledge you need for growing awareness about your site. This isn't just your basic "how-to" sort of guide. It's a super technical hands-on approach.

The Web Copywriting Bible Highlights:

  • Speaking from Experience
    The author of this play uses these same strategies to help hundreds of companies boost their online results through layout and copywriting that resonates with the audience.
  • Thorough Process
    The entire play consists of 8 key milestones, with the average time to complete the entire learning process taking 2 to 4 weeks. Each milestone is made up of a series of lengthy and introspective questions geared towards getting you thinking and acting upon your startup and the media. Steps you'll learn include:
    • The psychology of page layout
    • Effective presentation and structure
    • Conversion-boosting tactics
    • Reducing hesitation and purchase anxiety
    • Writing with conviction and authority
  • Step-By-Step Guide
    Included in this Startup Play is a step-by-step guide to writing extremely effective copy for the Web. Each step of the guide is made up of many smaller steps and questions, and they in turn are comprised of multiple actions and questions you'll need to answer. Things can get fairly technical as you step back and answer targeted questions about your website and user base. Each milestone includes a breakdown of related topics, and each topic contains multiple actions you'll need to take in order to move on.
  • Important Milestones
    You'll complete various tasks with the help of specific files, tools, and tricks for each milestone. See the 8 milestones below:

About the Author:

This Startup Play was put together by Peep Laja, a conversion optimization expert he runs the conversion agency Markitekt. His career has been a unique mix of experiences, which all combine to offer him a real understanding of how to write resonating copy. Besides running a SaaS startup for information marketers and an SEO agency in Panama, Peep worked in real estate over in Dubai, and spent many years fundraising for non-profits.


To get the most of this educational guide, you should have a basic Web Knowledge and Technical Knowledge, as well as skills in story crafting, social media, and copywriting.


"Great course! I especially like paragraphs about novelty and value proposition - very actionable and easy-to-follow advice on how I can easily make improvements to my site with very little effort:) I also started paying more attention to readability while writing blog posts, sales copy etc." - Lauri Pihkva

"This course teaches you about how the human eye interacts with a web-page, and what you need to do with your copy in order to get people to actually read it. The course also goes into the mechanics of persuasion, both how to persuade people with your message, and how to get people to believe your message. The course has some good examples, and talks about how to develop your value proposition. Overall, I'd recommend this course to beginners and intermediate web-marketers. This also serves as a great check-list even for advanced marketers. I'm glad I got the course, and it's worth WAY more than the asking price." - gdaniel.dg user

"Easy-to-follow and practical tips. Useful for anyone from people that are just starting out in web writing to pros who want a comprehensive checklist to refer to, when writing." - andruspurde

"It's structured in a way that takes you through the entire process of writing, even the pre-writing part. It's easy to follow, very clear." - Eduardo Esparza


The Web Copywriting Bible startup play normally costs $49, but for a limited time only, you can learn how to maximize your revenue through copywriting and layout for only $24! That's a 50% savings!

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