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Buccaneers, we've found the buried treasure, and we're bringing it straight to your design workspace for a limited time! DesignerCandies and Mighty Deals are delivering a mighty bounty with the Vintage Map Creator Kit.

Complete with brushes and patterns, and all the essential map elements (think skulls and crossbones, compasses, and more), craft your very own vintage map for land or sea.

For extra visual interest, throw in some mountain peaks and majestic sky details, nautical vessels, iconic architecture, trees, animals… even mythical monsters from the watery depths and right here on land. Surf n' turf, if you will!

If you're designing the next epic board game, illustrating an adventure novel, or perhaps crafting a scavenger hunt for your boo, don't be a scallywag! Just bust out this kit and have a jolly Roger old time making your own old-school map.

This kit is perfect for those classic design projects, too — invitations, labels, place settings, classroom decorations, and more with a fun, vintage twist thanks to this easy-to-implement creator kit.

No need to walk the plank with your next project! Grab this deal today and get crafting, me hearties!


  • Mountain and Sky: Majestic peaks, and celestial bodies for adding a topographical and atmospheric touch to your maps;
  • Maritime Elements: Boats and ships of various designs for creating dynamic nautical scenes;
  • Architectural Icons: Old buildings, castles, and forts, for detailing civilizations and landmarks;
  • Flora & Fauna: Diverse trees and a variety of animals like birds, deer, bears, horses, octopuses, fish, rabbits, geese, and penguins add life to your designs;
  • Monstrous Creatures: Sea monsters, dragons, land monsters, and giant squids, perfect for adding intrigue and danger to your fantasy maps;
  • Map Elements: Compasses, anchors, skull and crossbones, scrolls, way markers, and route lines to guide adventurers on their quests;
  • Vintage Borders & Textures: Photoshop brushes and background patterns that add an authentic, time-worn look to your maps.



Save your doubloons, mateys — the Vintage Map Creator Kit is available for a limited time through Mighty Deals for only $10!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download after completing your purchase.
  • Files in PSD, PNG, and PAT formats.
  • These graphics may be used for unlimited commercial and personal purposes.
  • Not for resale or redistribution.