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Prototyping has never been this easy, nor this functional! Yes, the future of wireframes is here and its name is UX-App. This powerfully advanced web based tool lets you easily create fully functional prototypes, with no coding necessary. Simply stack various logic blocks to customize over 100 advanced components from working carousels to nested list views. There's even a slew of mobile options.


  • Build fully functional Web and mobile prototypes - native HTML components.
  • Unique advanced containers - add working components such as carousels, tabs, tables, maps, accordions and more. Perfectly functional on any device.
  • 70+ fully functional web & mobile components with advanced event handling and animation.
  • 30+ powerful events to rapidly resize, scale, animate, style, and re-position components.
  • Completely customize components to meet your style.
  • 1000+ SVG icons.
  • Google Fonts integration for both web and mobile.
  • No coding necessary - simply stack logic blocks.
  • Export functional HTML + JS prototypes or generate PNG for specifications.
  • Create unlimited Projects for web and mobile.
  • Easily share with your team - pass on a share link or export working HTML to get a jump on your product. Discuss components with teammates or clients using per page or per component threaded comments.

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  • Note: This is a web-based app.
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