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Now's your chance to grab the feature packed Ultimatum version 2.8. The ultimate in flexibility, Ultimatum is a simple-to-use but complex-in-features tool for building the perfect WordPress theme. With it, you can modify just about anything you want on your website from basic font colors to the overall layout and site structure. And you don't even need to know a lick of code to get it done! Act fast, though, because right now, you can save more than 50% off the regular price!


Ultimatum Website Builder Highlights:

  • Perfect for Beginners
    Ultimatum is so versatile, it's the perfect answer for anyone and everyone! You don't need to know any programming at all. Instead, just dive into it's incredibly robust interface, and use the easy drag-and-drop feature to build out an entire WordPress website!

  • Create Layouts of Your Own
    Always frustrated with something in a WordPress template? Maybe the header's great on one theme but everything else is bad. Or the theme is perfect except for the double sidebar. Well, with Ultimatum, none of that matters because you can create your own theme! Just use the unique layout builder to place your modules and widgets wherever you want. 
  • Works on Mobile Devices
    Built with a responsive design, your Ultimatum template will look and function beautifully on any device. Your users can access your site on their laptops, desktops, smartphones or tablets. And if you're really up for it, grab the Pro version of Ultimatum and you can easily make your own mobile Web applications of your site with only a few clicks!


  • Make CSS Changes With Ease
    Changing up font sizes, colors, and styles is a breeze with Ultimatum's newly revamped CSS editor. Forget about browsing through lines and lines of code to make changes; just use a few simple forms and dropdown menus instead! Even cooler, you can type in your custom CSS changes in the live editor and preview your changes immediately!
  • Bootstrap and Bootswatches
    Besides the classic 960 grid system, Ultimatum supports a number of popular grid frameworks. Now you can whip up a variety of websites based on Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 2 and the 960 grid system, not to mention a slew of Bootswatches. 

  • 3 Premium Sliders
    Show off your most popular features, photos or products with a trio of high-quality sliders! The 3 premium sliders included are: Layer Slider, Slider Revolution and ShowBiz Slider! 
  • Huge Font Library
    Easily add your own fonts to your site, or take advantage of the 600+ Google Fonts currently available.
  • Build Beautiful Slideshows
    No matter the source, you can use a simple drag-and-drop action to create beautiful, professional slideshows for your website.
  • 10 Menu Options
    Bet you didn't even know there were so many different menu types! With Ultimatum, you get 10 unique menu types including 3 recently added ones: Mega Menu, Mobile Top Menu and Mobile Side Menu.
  • Custom Widgets
    Besides the countless widgets that WordPress comes with, Ultimatum offers a number of new custom widgets. Take advantage of a number of great custom widgets such as Ultimatum Twitter, WonderLoops, Ultimatum Recent Comments, Tag Cloud, ShowBiz and more!
  • 12 Free Themes
    By the end of the year, Ultimatum will have 12 free themes for you to choose from, if you'd like to just work off of some great pre-built themes.
  • Social Sharing
    This newest version of Ultimatum features a robust Social Share Plugin. Choose from up to 6 popular social sites (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and StumbleUpon), and manipulate the look, order, layout and other settings.
  • Fast Loading
    Speed is critical with websites these days, and Ultimatum's certainly turning up the heat! With minimized CSS and JS code, Ultimatum now loads faster than ever!
  • $180 Worth of Premium Plugins
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal also gets you roughly $180 worth of premium plugins to tie into your website! You'll snag professional plugins such as Visual Composer, Essential Grid, Ether Forms, Templatera and more! Each plugin is updated frequently, which can be easily done with just one click through the WordPress Dashboard.
  • WooCommerce Compatible (Pro version only)
    With the Pro License of Ultimatum, you'll be able to easily build your own powerful eCommerce website. Seamlessly connect your site to the popular WooCommerce plugin and you'll be on your way to generating some serious revenue!
  • BuddyPress Compatible (Pro version only)
    Looking to build a community? It couldn't be easier with BuddyPress, and with the Pro Version of Ultimatum, you can easily set up every aspect of BuddyPress with just a couple of clicks.
  • BBPress Compatible (Pro version only)
    With your Pro Version of Ultimatum, you can even add a robust forums section to your site. That's because the fine folks behind Ultimatum have built a powerful plugin to connect the popular BBforums to your WordPress site via a simple plugin.
  • Multiple Themes (Pro version only)
    Want to show a different theme depending upon the device your website is being viewed on? Not a problem! With the Pro version of Ultimatum you can display different themes for different devices!
  • Powerful Resources
    Besides being an incredibly powerful platform itself, Ultimatum also offers fantastic support tools. Read through extensive documentation, join in the interactive community, watch helpful video tutorials about Ultimatum and WordPress itself, and even attend live webinars.

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The Starter license for Ultimatum normally sells for $65, but today is the LAST DAY that you can get the Starter license for just $35, OR, unlock all of Ultimatum's potential awesomeness and get the Professional license for just $57, instead of the regular price of $125! That's a savings of 54%!

Click the BUY NOW button, select your desired version and make the ultimate choice today!

Deal terms:
  • You will receive a coupon code after completing your purchase to register at the Ultimatum website.
  • You will need a domain with WordPress 3.5 or higher installed as well as PHP 5 or higher, in order to use Ultimatum.
  • Includes the latest version of Ultimatum and all updates (within the version 2.x product) and support.
  • If you previously purchased this deal, you can upgrade to the latest version through your Ultimatum account.
  • Ultimatum works only on self hosted WordPress sites (not hosted websites).
  • The Starter License can only be used for one website. The Pro License may be used on unlimited websites and includes some additional features.
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