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Another mega-popular deal returns and it now has even more awesome content! Some deals are just too darn awesome for their own good, like this Ultimate Designer Toolkit! For just $27, you'll get yourself an entire month to download more than 60,000 Designer Items from one of the greatest design libraries around!

You'll find an arsenal of vectors, gradients, textures, patterns, brushes, icons, stock photos, Photoshop actions, business card templates, and tons more, not to mention a good number of helpful tutorials! That's an insane amount of design elements! 

Take a closer look at exactly what's included in this Ultimate Toolkit for Designers:

50 Photoshop Actions for Portrait and Landscape
In this set, there are a total of 50 beautiful, professional and extremely useful Photoshop action for Landscape and Portrait image manipulation. There are a total of 25 Portrait Photoshop Actions and 25 Landscape Photoshop Actions.
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30 Photoshop Wedding Actions
This brand new Photoshop actions pack will save you tremendous time editing wedding photos. With these actions you can apply amazing effects to wedding photos and make those special moment photos really stand out.
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150 Food & Spices Stock Photos
In this set you will 150 high quality, professionally crafted food and spices stock photos. This set has a lot of variety and includes things like pepper, raisins, coriander, quinoa, rosemary, almonds, dried berries, goji berries, dill, sesame seeds, millet, lentil, and much more.
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iOS 7 Gui PSD Pack #1
This iOS 7 Gui PSD Package brings you 18 elements in total, including: Menu, Music Player, Calender, Social Network Icons, Sign In Window, Outline Icons, Icons, Loader, Sign in Large Screen, Map, Graph, Outline Graph, Handle, Switch buttons, Video Screen, Weather Screen, Devices and Slider Screen.
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iOS 7 Gui PSD Pack #2
In this second iOS 7 Gui PSD Package you will find a total of 28 elements, including: Steps, Search button, MP3 player, Ratings, Percent loader, Slider, Submit button, Graph, Dropdown, Drop down 2, Search box, Form, Pagination, Check box, Radio Button, Switch Button, Article, Loading, and more.
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150+ Tshirt Mockup PSDs
This package contains more than 150 single color tshirt mockup PSDs and PNGs in the form of model stock photos. There are both front and back mockups and in various tshirt styles and colors. These are particularly useful to showcase tshirt designs.
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1000 Stock Photos Without Backgrounds
This package of 1000 stock photos of random objects with backgrounds removed is something that every designer must download. All web designers love stock photos because they can be used for so many different things. These stock photos are perfect to use as featured images on your client websites, posters, calendars, illustrations and more.
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500 Holiday Vectors For 13 Major Holidays
This mega package contains 500 vectors for 13 major U.S. holidays, including Christmas, New Year, Halloween, Hanukkah, Easter, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, President's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Columbus Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day.
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385 Icon Vectors
This mega icon art package contains a total of 385 beautiful icon vectors that can be used in website or app designs.
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100 Valentine's Day Icons
In this beautiful icon set, you will find a total of 100 high quality, adorable icons for Valentine's Day.
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522 Seamless Photoshop Patterns
This package contains 522 beautifully crafted, seamless Photoshop patterns. These patterns can be loaded directly into Photoshop because .pat files are provided. This mega package is a must for any designer.
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50 Ultimate Vector Mascots
You won't find a mascot package like this anywhere else. Each vector took countless hours to create to perfection. This package contains a total of 50 mascot vectors, including 27 Animal Mascot Vectors, 6 Roman Mythology Mascot Vectors, 2 Royal Mascot Vectors, 10 Small Business Mascot Vectors, 3 Religious Mascot Vectors and more.
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340 Seamless Vectors
Add some gorgeous textures to your latest project with this array of seamless vector patterns. With total scalability, they're perfect for Web backgrounds, hi-res print work, high-impact Web design, and large backgrounds.
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27,000 Photoshop Gradients
Apparently, Crayola was wrong when they gave us just 16 colored crayons as kids. This set of 27,000 Photoshop Gradients lets you add some amazing color gradients to your work! Easily mix up color combinations for your backgrounds, prints, banners, websites, buttons, and more!
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18,000 Photoshop Layer Styles
Quickly (and easily!) change up an entire layer of your work in one fell swoop! Use any of these 18,000 Photoshop Layer Styles to add some neat special effects to any layter in your current project. Use them to whip up buttons or nav bars in no time flat.
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1,545 Vector Illustrations
Add some great visuals to your current project with this set of 1,545 vector illustraions. These high-quality, premium illustrations are completely scalable, so they'll work with you no matter what size you're working at!
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815 Photoshop Patterns
Say goodbye to boring backgrounds! With this collection of 815 Photoshop Patterns, you can create all sorts of beautiful seamless patterns that will truly work wonders on Website backgrounds.
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Ultimate CSS Framework
(Easy PSD-2-HTML Conversion)
No need to worry about coding up a site. With this Ultimate CSS Framework, you can easily convert your gorgeous PSD Layouts into live websites. And you can do it all in a matter of minutes!
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2,986 Photoshop Brushes
Forget about painting the town red... With 2,986 different Photoshop brushes, you can paint it yellow and blue and green and blue green and, well, you get the idea. Add a real artistic touch to your work!
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1,105 Adobe Add-ons
With these add-ons, you can change up colors in Adobe illustrator or Adobe Photoshop with just a few clicks! These two sets include Swatches and Color tables.
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1,129 Vector Elements
Go ahead and get your hands on this really useful set of vector elements to make your design process that much easier. This set includes: Floral Vectors, Vector Swirls, Ornate Vectors, and Vector Web Design Elements.
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1,290 High Resolution Textures
Textures can make a gigantic difference in your work, and with nearly 1,300 high-res textures to choose from, you're certainly covered. All textures are 4288×2848 pixels and cover a variety of themes, including: Cement, Wood, Wall, Rust, Bricks and more. 
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512 Vector Icons
Use the 512 vector icons in this bundel to build websites, applications, toolbars, and even iPhone/iPad apps. 
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527 Stock Photos
When you need a professional photo fast, just look to this set of 527 stock photos. They're great for mock-ups or even large prints!
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PSD to HTML 960 Grid System Tutorial
Using the popular 960 grid system, you can convert your PSD files to HTML in no time flat. This tutorial (available in PDF format), shows you exactly how to take advantage of the 906 Grid System and build yourself a great site.
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902 Pixel Icons
Pixel icons are so much fun, offering a playful-yet-useful appearance. This bundle sports 902 hand-crafted pixel icons to use on any number of different design projects.
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82 Photoshop Actions
Actions DO speak louder than words! And with this collection of 82 Photoshop Actions, you can easily turn your average images into breathtaking worsk of art in a matter of seconds. 
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Web Graphics
Get a huge jump on design with this collection of Web Graphics that feature: Download Buttons, PSD Navigation menus, Banners, Web shadows, Website backgrounds, Web boxes for your web related projects and more. 
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3D Creator
This set of Photoshop Actions lets you whip up a 3D Logo or 3D text. In fact, you can even change any shape you want with this set. Great way to offer a different perspective on things in a fun and entertaining way!
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3D Software Box Creator
Show off your product's software box in a very visual way thanks to this 3D Software Box Creator. You don't need to know a thing about 3D design to generate a realistic 3D box for your latest product.
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100 Business Card Templates (Vectors + PDF)
Create all sorts of business cards for yourself or your clients with this collection of 100 Business card templates. Fully customizable, this set comes in Vector and PDF formats.
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100 High Quality, Customizable Logos PSD + PNG
A great set of 100 professional layered logos. Customize them as you need, using the PSD and PNG files included with this bundle.
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500 Amazing Hand-Drawn Vector Images
Another fantastic collection of hand-drawn vector images. This beautiful set of 500 vectors is fully scalable to fit your needs.
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500 Black and White Vector Shapes and Silhouettes
This collection of 500 black and white Vectors features a slew of professional shapes and sillhouettes to add that perfect something special to your designs.
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1000 More Amazing Stock Photos And Textures
Get your mitts on 1,000 high-quality stock photos and textures to use in your design work. Browse through nearly 20 different image categories including: flowers, animals, clouds, art, metal, plants, water, rust, tools, rocks, and more!
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224 Model Stock Photos Holding Blank Sign
This collection of 224 stock photos are a great way to frame your main message. You can easily edit the photos to put in your own text and graphics right on the blank signs!
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You'll also get 25 PSD Layouts + Tutorials

Sound too good to be true? It's not. So you can stop pinching yourself!


You'll get more than 60,000 resources in one place for a huge discount! Right now, for a limited time only, you can get one full month access to the Ultimate Designer Toolkit for just $27, instead of the regular price of $99 - that's 73% off the regular price!

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