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HTML5 is all the rage these days. And for good reason. It's a massively exciting new technology. But it's also not being used properly by many developers today. Whether you haven't embraced the new markup language or you're looking for some insight into how to best use it, this Mighty Deal is for you.

Written by Luke Stevens, The Truth About HTML5 isn't just another book on how to program with HTML5 (though it will teach you that). Instead, it's a book that looks at the reasons and instances you should use the language. With this 260+ page eBook, you'll vastly improve your programming skills by knowing exactly which tools to implement and when.

The Truth About HTML5 Highlights:

  • The Basics
    The basic structure for an HTML5 document isn't all that different from what you're already used to. Learn the slight differences, as well as the numerous optional parts you can include if you're hesitant to change.
  • HTML5's New Elements
    Besides getting the lowdown on all the new elements introduced in HTML5, you'll also get plenty of reasons why you should never use them. 
  • Using HTML5's New Tags
    The new HTML5 markup language includes a ton of new tags for your programming. But like the new Elements, many of these are completely useless, used incorrectly, or just not worth the effort. 
  • Search Engine Optimization
    There's a lot of discussion linking HTML5 to improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You'll quickly see how a new markup language has little to do with your rankings in search engines.
  • Using Forms
    Forms are a crucial part of almost every website, and HTML5 has some great (and not so great) features tied around creating forms. You'll learn the good and the bad of it all.
  • Getting Graphical With Canvas
    One of the more interesting and fun features of HTML5 is the Canvas, which has the potential to create some incredible visual and gaming features. You can use it for everything from tooltips to animations to full-blown video games.
  • Audio and Video
    The new audio and video elements are a welcome addition to HTML5. You'll get the full details on how to use them, why to use them, and when to use them.
  • The Future
    With HTML5 here, what's on the horizon for programmers? Get some insight into the very future of Web Design and how it relates to you and your profession.


"The Truth About HTML5 by @lukestevens has made me rethink my HTML authoring practices - first book in years to do so." - Nick Caldwell, Web Designer

"The Truth about HTML5 by @lukestevens should have included a "Tweet this" button. On every other sentence." - Alan Houser

"This book is one of the best tech books I have read. There are tons of "how-to" books, but this book is different. It is not for beginners. It discusses what works, what doesn't and what you should know about how HTML5 was created. The book goes over all the features in the specification and talks about each one. Some features are great, but some don't do much of anything, and some are actually bad. HTML5 is a great design tool. It is an improvement over the previous standards and the book discusses this. The Canvas API and the Audio and Video features have great promise. But not all features need to be embraced. There were features that I used but didn't see any usefulness in them. After reading this book, I understand that I can continue to use DIV's instead of the new tags such as ARTICLE and SECTION. And there are obscure features that I don't have to learn in depth because they will likely disappear from use (but probably not the spec). He also talks about the comeback of SVG, which I was happy to learn. Anyone who is working with HTML5 needs to read this book." - Casey

"3 chapters in to @lukestevens' book and I'm really impressed; it challenges received wisdom & gives plenty to consider." - Peter Gasston, Web Developer and Author

"Forget what you think you know about the origins of HTML5. In this book, Luke Stevens reveals some surprising facts about why HTML5 came in to being and how, and how not, it should be used. Written in his own unique way, you'll be surprised at some of what you learn and enjoy it while you do." - Ian Devlin, Author of HTML5 Multimedia: Develop and Design

"As a developer you're hearing every day about this or that shiny new technique. Luke's book lays out the full picture of where we are and how we got here with respect to HTML5. It's a comprehensive state of affairs with the bonus of an appreciation of history. I now understand the HTML5 territory far better, and it gives me places to go to learn more at every point. It’s not a how-to, it's a why-to, which empowers you as a developer to make informed decisions and understand where all this is headed." - Ben Beilharz, Web Designer/Front End Developer

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