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Easily add an arsenal of hand-lettered fonts to your TypeFace Toolbox with this amazing Mighty Deal. This incredible deal has just been updated to include 90+ fonts  (37 font premuim Font Families) and more than 500 hand-drawn vectors, glyphs, custom brushes, ornaments and more. Perfect for everything from invitations to prints, this collection is a great way to add a hand-crafted aesthetic to any of your projects.


  • Instantly add 37 premium Font Families to your typeface toolbox.
  • You'll get a total of more than 90 unique, hand-drawn fonts.
  • Beef up your designs by using a real organic, hand-crafted style to your fonts.
  • These fonts are a great way to add a hand-drawn aesthetic to your printed projects including: invitations, logos, T-shirts, signs, prints and more.
  • Get all sorts of extra design goodies including 500+ hand-drawn vectors, bonus glyphs, custom brushes, swashes, ink splatters, ornaments, gold foil patterns and more.

Take a closer look at the 37 Font Families included in this deal:


  • Handsomely hand-lettered font family.
  • Includes 4 weights: regular, medium, bold and roughened.
  • 17 alternate letters.


  • Bold and beautiful.
  • 15 Vector Ink Splatters (AI, EPS and PSD).
  • 15 Catchwords.
  • 9 Extra Character Glyphs.


  • Inspired by chill vibes of your local cafe.
  • Two style fonts: Sans and Serif.
  • 50+ Bonus Glyphs.
  • 50+ vector drawings and catchwords (AI, EPS and PSD).


  • Adventurous, hand-lettered sans serif font.
  • Over 25 bonus glyphs.
  • Includes language support characters.

Campfire Stories

  • Duo of hand-crafted fonts, designed to work in harmony with each other.
  • Campfire Stories Regular.
  • Campfire Stories Brush.
  • 26 swashes in 2 different marker styles.


  • Fun and festive script font.
  • 20 Vector Swashes (AI, EPS, PSD and PNG).
  • 15 Vector Ink Splatters (AI, EPS, PSD and PNG).
  • 7 Seamless Patterns.
  • Bonus glyphs.


  • Elegant and flirty script font.
  • 26 Upper and Lowercase Opening Ornaments.
  • 26 Upper and Lowercase Ending Ornaments.
  • 60+ bonus glyphs.


  • Pairs nicely with script fonts.
  • Flycatcher and Flycatcher Grunge fonts.


  • Sturdy hand-lettered font family.
  • Inspired by Hemingway's adventurous life.
  • Rounded corners.
  • Great on curved paths.
  • 9 alternate letters.


  • Fat-to-thin brush strokes.
  • 24 Gold Foil Patterns.
  • 7 Bonus Ligatures.
  • 26 Stylistic Alternates.

Milk Stout

  • Sturdy, hand-lettered sans serif font family.
  • Inspired by the beautiful typography found on craft beers.
  • 2 fonts: Fill and Outline.


  • Rad and edge handcrafted font.
  • Mischief Alternate.
  • 16 Bonus Swashes (OTF, TTF, PNG, AI, EPS and PSD).


  • No-nonsense hand-painted font.
  • Slightly imperfect baseline.
  • Roughened brush strokes.
  • 15 Ink Splatters (PNG, AI and EPS).
  • 40 Hand Painted Icons and Catchwords (PNG, AI, EPS and PSD).
  • 3 Custom Brushes.
  • 75 Bonus Glyphs.


  • Fun and flirty script font.
  • 14 End Ornaments and Ligatures.
  • 40+ bonus vectors (AI, EPS, PNG).

Twenty Nine

  • Playful and flirty script font.
  • 26 Bonus Ornaments.
  • Over 100 Bonus Glyphs. 

Additional New fonts


Normally, the Hand Crafters Font Bundle sells for $2650, but today is the LAST DAY that you can get all 37 Premium Font Families + over 500 graphics for just $17! That's a savings of 99% off the regular price. OR, get the bundle including BOTH the Desktop and Web fonts for just $24!

Click the BUY NOW button to add a slew of hand-crafted awesomeness to your font arsenal!

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase. .
  • The desktop fonts are delivered in a combination of both .otf and .ttf files and can be installed on both Mac and Windows. 
  • In order to access the alternate characters and glyphs, you will need Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign.
  • This bundle also contains extended license: use in multiple personal or commercial projects,  install in multiple computers that you own, fonts and graphics can be used to resell flattened end products.
  • Fonts cannot be included in the resell product as they are (.otf, .ttf and other filetypes).
  • Graphics cannot be resold as they are, but have to be modified into an end product so that it's a totally new product.
Deal expired