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Learn about typography while playing poker with The Font Deck! This beautiful, casino-quality deck of cards doubles as a practical guide to fonts. Each of the 52 faces contains a mini-lesson about fonts, complete with a beautiful visual example. With this deck, designers and non-designers alike can learn the fundamentals and key terms of typography, improve at recognizing important fonts, discover fascinating history, and get better at using typography in their daily lives. This makes the ideal unique holiday gift for the designers in your life.

It's essentially a typography textbook crammed into a deck of cards!


  • 56 cards, each with a piece of typography information.
  • Subjects include: iconic typefaces, letter anatomy, fonts to avoid, font classification, history of typography, and more.
  • Printed in rich, full color by the USPCC on high-quality Bicycle® stock with air-cushion finish.
  • Worldwide shipping available.


The Font Deck normally sells for $20 (+ shipping), but for a limited time only, you can get it for just $15! (+ shipping). Choose to buy sets of 3 at a time to save on shipping costs and give them to all your designer friends.

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  • Shipping time takes approximately 5-10 business days within the USA/Canada, 1-2 weeks to Europe and South America and 2-4 weeks to other countries.
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