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Looking to hone your craft? Then look no further! This Crafter Bundle Mighty Deal from Joelmaker Studio features 9 magnificent typefaces in 1 beautifully discounted package. These hand drawn calligraphy, vintage and brush fonts are the perfect mix of modern and classic, each sporting a variety of features such as Stylistic Alternates, Swashes, Ligatures and more.


  • Modern and classic calligraphy font.
  • Perfect for logos, T-shirts, quotes, invitations, notecards, product packaging and more.
  • OpenType Features include: Stylistic Alternates, Swash, Stylistic Set, Initials, and Contextual Alternates.
  • Features 650 glyphs, as well as punctuation, numbers and multilingual support.

Be Smart Script

  • Handmade brush font.
  • Create custom dynamic text.
  • Beautiful choice for invitations, headers, product packaging, printed quotes, mugs, tote bags and more.
  • Stylistic Alternates swashes, Contextual Alternates, Titling Alternates and Ligatures.
  • Includes basic Latin Uppercase and Lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.


  • Duo font set of Script and Sans Brush.
  • Modern calligraphy typeface with smooth lines, pointy-edged pull pens and a blend of classic and modern elegance.
  • Multilingual support for 19 languages.
  • Amigirl Script features 433 unique glyphs.
  • Perfect font for projects such as: signatures, logos, correspondence, signage, newsletters, posters, badges and more.
  • Font features include: Stylistic Alternates, Standard Ligatures, Discretionary Ligatures, Swashes and Stylistic Sets.
  • Bonus: Colorful collection of vector illustrations, ornaments and patterns.

Nightly Poem

  • Formed from a soft bristle brush.
  • Modern classic typeface with a touch of elegance.
  • Multilingual support for more than a dozen languages from Albanian to Italian and all the European languages based on the Latin alphabet.
  • Features include Standard ligatures, Stylistic Alternates and Swashes.
  • Use Nightly Poem for a variety of projects such as: titles, T-shirts, mugs, bags, stationery, signs, letterhead, labels, logos and more.


  • Elegant blend of classic and modern calligraphy.
  • Smooth lines and pointy-edged pull pens.
  • 533 unique glyphs.
  • Supports more than 15 different languages.
  • OpenType Features: Contextual Alternates, Standard Ligatures, Swashes, Stylistic Alternates and 8 Stylistic Sets.
  • Fabulous font choice for addressing invitations, signs, letterhead, wedding invites, logos, signatures, titles, labels and more.

Shinthia Script

  • Smooth, modern and classic hand-drawn calligraphy font.
  • Use this wavy typeface for a variety of purposes including titles, signatures, signage, printed quotes, product packaging, headers and so much more.
  • Shinthia Script sports some 529 unique fonts.
  • Features include Initials, Stylistic Sets, Swashes, Ligatures and Stylistic Alternates.
  • Supports multiple languages.

Story Dream

  • 2 typefaces in 1 deal: Handcrafted display and script typefaces.
  • Beautifully unique and modern.
  • Great for screen printing T-shirts, logos, branding, trademarks, greeting cards, flyers, magazine titles and more.
  • Over 750 glyphs in total - Story Dream Script: 484 glyphs, Story Dream Display: 300 glyphs.
  • Standard Ligatures, Discretionary Ligatures, Stylistic Sets, Swashes and Ornaments.


  • Modern brush font.
  • Created with stylish smooth hands through a soft fur brush.
  • Classic meets modern and mixes with true elegance.
  • Features include Contextual Alternates, Standard Ligatures, Swashes, Stylistic Alternates and Stylistic Sets.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Use on everything from signatures to correspondence to badges.
  • Includes bonus PNG file.


  • Modern and classic calligraphy font.
  • Perfect for logos, quotes, product packaging, greeting cards and more.
  • Contains a full set of lowercase & uppercase, a large range of punctuation, numerals, and multilingual support. 


Normally, this font bundle sells for $131, but today is the LAST DAY that you can get all 9 gorgeous typefaces for only $15! That's a 89% savings off the regular price! OR get both the Desktop and Web Font versions together for just $22!

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Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • The desktop fonts files are delivered in a mixture of .ttf and .otf files and can be installed on both Windows and Mac.
  • The web fonts and are in delivered in .eot, .svg and .woff formats.
  • These fonts can be used for both commercial and personal projects.
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