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The Constructivist is a unique collection of collage elements inspired by the Constructivism and Suprematism art movements. This collection is 100% unique on the digital assets market. There is nothing like it. You can express complexity in simple shapes using more than 1100 PNG objects. Perfect for wall art prints, decoupage, T-shirts and more.

While it is called The Constructivist, this series include Suprematism art as well. These two art movements, both originating from Cubism and Futurism are considered to be opposed. But we see them as one. Constructivism, with its very pragmatic and practical art, where the abstract shapes have a single direction, together with other elements compose a unitary meaning. In Suprematism on the other hand, the shapes must not have a meaning but rather be free to define their own emotions, moving towards complete abstraction, creating a "sense of sensation" (like The Black Square of Kazimir Malevich). We see both of these as a metaphor for the human inner world, where the need for meaning is in constant opposition to the need for feeling.


  • The Constructivist is a unique collection of collage elements inspired by the Constructivism and Suprematism art movements;
  • Create stunning designs in 60 seconds using 1100+ png elements:
    • Architecture
    • People
    • Hands
    • Shapes
    • Paper Backgrounds
    • Industrial Machines
    • Textures
  • Good for loads of projects including posters, T-shirts, prints, mugs, logos, crafts and more;
  • Dimensions: 4000 x 3000 p, DPI 300;
  • Extended license!



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  • The files are delivered in .png format.
  • Extended License:
    • assets can appear in up to 250,000 physical or digital end products for sale.
    • unlimited business social media accounts owned and managed by the licensee.
    • unlimited physical advertisements for local, national and global markets.
    • digital paid advertisements with unlimited impressions.
    • broadcast and streaming for unlimited lifetime viewers.
    • one native app, web app, or game downloaded or sold up to 250,000 times.
  • Cannot be sublicensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own.