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Jealous of everyone else building the coolest WordPress templates around? Or maybe you see tons of sites offering premium WordPress themes, and you know you could do better with your eyes closed. Except, you don't know exactly how to build a WP theme at all. Well, it's about time you learned!

Scratch-Building WordPress Themes with Photoshop is a powerful online video course from Ten Ton Books. With over 13 hours of tutorials from award-winning trainer Geoff Blake, you'll be guided each step of the way from concept to fully functional theme.

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Learn to Scratch-Build WordPress Themes Highlights:

  • Optimize Photoshop
    Learn how to setup various options and settings within Photoshop to optimize the program for web design.
  • Master the Grid System
    You'll get introduced to various grids, which will become templates for your theme layout. In particular, you'll learn how to build your own 960 Grid System.
  • Wireframes and UI Design
    After conquering the world of grid systems, you'll move on to the next step: wireframing and UI design. Uncover a ton of tools and solid techniques to learn how to wireframe effectively in Photoshop, and then apply various design skills to your wireframe structure.
  • From Photoshop to Code
    Once you've finished up your wireframe and added all necessary design, you'll be taught exactly how to move your entire layout from Photoshop to actual programming code with HTML, CSS, and PHP.
  • Streamline Your Code
    Learn a variety of techniques, such as working with font replacement APIs, to clean up and streamline your code.
  • Bonus Features
    Make your WordPress template really shine by adding a ton of cool features such as lightbox galleries, self-running slideshows, hyperlink formatting, and more!
  • Customization
    You'll learn how to take your own WordPress theme and customize it further, such as by altering the site's post pages, comments area, category pages, etc. In the end, what started as a completely blank canvas, will result in a fully functional and completely customized WordPress website.

Who Should Take This Course:

  • Beginner and experienced WordPress users looking to fully customize their blogs and websites
  • Web developers who want to start building customized CMS sites for clients
  • Casual users who want to explore the design and customization aspects of WordPress
  • Small and medium-sized businesses looking to build and manage their own site to showcase their products and services

Course Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    Hello and Welcome - Understanding WordPress And WordPress Themes - The Workflow Process - Viewing The Finished Site
  • Chapter 2: Setting Up Photoshop For Web Layout!
    Setting Photoshop’s Preferences - Arranging The Workspace - Setting Panel Options - Customizing Menus And Keyboard Shortcuts - Saving Photoshop’s Workspace - Photoshop Color Management For Web Design - Common Photoshop Productivity Techniques - A Few Final Photoshop Settings
  • Chapter 3: Getting Set Up For User Interface Design!
    Understanding Monitor Resolution - Fixed Versus Flexible Web Layouts - Introducing The 960 Grid System - Available Column Widths In The 960 Grid System - Building A Custom Grid System - Using Photoshop’s Grid For Layout - Understanding The Golden Ratio - Understanding The Areas Of A WordPress Site - Roughing Out The Design
  • Chapter 4: Developing A Wireframe UI In Photoshop!
    Getting Started With Wireframing - Creating The First Wireframe Object - Continuing To Wireframe Objects - Deleting Wireframe Objects - Faster Methods For Creating Wireframe Objects - Building Up The Wireframe - Adding In Horizontal Rules - Wireframing Additional Objects, Plus Some Extra Techniques - Continuing The Wireframe Development - Placing Objects For Loop Post Thumbnails - Roughing In A Photo Gallery
  • Chapter 5: Finishing Up The Wireframe!
    Wireframing The Menu Text - Creating More Wireframe Text - Adding In Additional Text Objects - Finishing Up The Text Wireframing - Getting The Layers Panel Organized - Additional Layer Group Techniques - Adding Text Labels To The Wireframe - Exporting The Wireframe For Review
  • Chapter 6: From Wireframe To Design!
    Preparing The Wireframe For The Design Phase - Determining The Design’s Message - Choosing A Typeface Hierarchy - Choosing Color Combinations - Saving Out Custom Photoshop Color Palettes - Sourcing Photography And Textures - Creating The Site Logo (And Using Smart Objects) - Introducing Layer Style Special Effects - Finishing Up The Header - Building The Menu - Developing The Slideshow And Body Background - Formatting The New Additions Area - Blog Loop Formatting - Developing The Sidebar - Finishing Up With The Footer & Saving Out Custom Styles
  • Chapter 7: Applying Photography And Textures!
    Adding A Texture To The Header With A Clipping Group - Including Additional Textures - Adding A Photo To The Slideshow - Inserting Photography For The New Additions Area - Adding Post Thumbnails In The Loop - Inserting Thumbnails In The Photo Gallery
  • Chapter 8: Preparing A Blank WordPress Theme For Design!
    Tools Of The Trade - Understanding Template Hierarchy - A Look At Geoff’s Setup - Applying A Blank WordPress Theme - Reviewing & Adjusting The Style Sheets - Creating The First
     And CSS Rule - Roughing In The Layout - Further Roughing In The Layout - Adding The Photoshop Color Palette To The Theme’s Style Sheet - Creating Our Site’s Page Structure And Main Navigation Menu - Creating Sample Posts For The Loop
  • Chapter 9: Building The WordPress Theme From Complete Scratch!
    Pulling The Header Graphic Out Of The Layout - Inserting The Header Graphic Into The Theme - Extracting The Logo From Photoshop And Inserting It Into The Theme - Rebuilding The Navigation Menu Using CSS - Building Up The Main Content Area -Roughing In The Inner Containers - Inserting The Positioning Statement - Creating Button Formatting With CSS - Building And Formatting The New Additions Area, Part One - Building And Formatting The New Additions Area, Part Two - Font Replacement With Google Fonts API - Consolidating Font Usage And Organizing Typography - One Giant Leap For Theme Design… - Formatting The Loop - Adding Post Thumbnails To The Loop - Getting The Sidebar Started
  • Chapter 10: Pushing The Theme Design Further!
    Reviewing How The Footer Was Built - Formatting Hyperlinks - Limiting The Number Of Posts Appearing On The Home Page - Inserting Custom Loop Pagination - Inserting The Slideshow - A Better Way For Building WordPress Menus - Building And Formatting WordPress Subpages - Applying Formatting To Post Pages - Completely Customizing The Comments Area - Adding A Ribbon Graphic To The Comments Area - Customizing Category And Search Results Pages - Adding A Search Field To The Header - Building A Lightbox Photo Gallery - Finishing Touches - Addressing Browser Compatibility Issues
  • Chapter 11: Wrapping Things Up!
    Final Site Checklist - Thanks For Watching, That Was Fun! - Closing Credits


"Another great course from Geoff Blake and Ten Ton Books!" -Mark 

"I learned more in two days with your course than I thought possible. I was literally ready to give up before. I had tried [another vendor’s course], and all it did was confuse me even more. Your approach is no-nonsense, and just plain old understandable! I am very much looking forward to putting my skills to use. Thank you so much!" —Louise

"All I can say is that you, sir, are awesome! To put it simply, you’re insanely helpful and you keep it interesting! I’m definitely going to keep my eyes out for your future courses! Keep it up!" —Velcrosnap

"Wow, gotta be one of the best tutorials I have ever seen, please keep them coming." —Lloyd

"Super simple and easy to follow thanks to your clear directions. I’ve struggled with getting to grasp with this until I watched this course. Thanks a million!" —Steve


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