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As a creative, you don't want just any project management software. You want an app that's as beautiful as it is functional.

That's why you'll love Solo. It's the most beautiful project management app for modern freelancers that you'll ever find, and we mean it!

With today's exclusive deal, you can get a full year of Solo for 51% off the regular price of $100 - just $49!

Solo has all the features you need, including:

  • Dashboard: Your business overview
    This is the hub of the Solo experience. It allows you to keep track of the day-to-day things that really matter. You get instant access to all of your core project data including deadlines, daily tasks, hours worked, and money earned.
  • Projects: Stay in control
    Keep on top of your projects with Solo. Intelligently track how much time you've spent and what you've spent it on. Graphs show a visual project breakdown. Quickly see your quote, time to deadline, project progress, and project contacts.
  • Planner: Be organized
    Manage deadlines, milestones, meetings, tasks, and to-dos all in one place. Keep up-to-date; you'll never miss another meeting again (not a guarantee, by the way). And Apple iCal and Outlook integration are both in the works.
  • Invoicing: Get paid on time
    Send branded invoices to your clients, Solo lets you know when they're due to be paid, are overdue or need to be sent. Quickly look at turnover for your current year, month, or week. Future integration with Sage and Quickbooks are planned.
  • Timesheets: Know what to charge
    No one likes to fill out timesheets. Solo's built-in timer automatically creates weekly timesheets for you, giving you a breakdown of how much time you've spent per day and on which projects.
  • Contacts: Stay in touch
    Solo makes it easy to import all of your contacts via vCard. Keep all your contact details in one place, attach a main contact to a project so they receive notifications, and more. Solo lets you store all the contact data for your clients, prospects, and subcontractors in one place.

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Still not sure? Check out what users have to say about Solo:

"Solo has helped our team get organized with our many projects in a way that no other project management software has. We've used it on several internal projects and the way it manages to display all the data we need in an easy to understand way that just looks great." - Pieter Parker, Game Developer

"Having used several project management tools in the past five years I've found them to be either too bulky or just too confusing to use. Within five minutes of using Solo I was adding clients, projects, and sending invoices. Solo works beautifully and has the looks to match. Great stuff!" - Richard Bateman, Web Designer

"Finally, a business organizational tool that looks as beautiful as it functions! Solo seamlessly works along side my existing processes. It's visually superb with easy to understand infographics that provide me with a snapshot of my work load and production schedule." - John Neiner, Designer/Illustrator

"For any new or established freelancer, I can't recommend Solo enough. Having to do my own admin work came as real shock to the system when coming from an agency position. Using Solo gave me the opportunity to spend more time on doing the thing you actually love...designing." - Adam Allaway, Graphic Designer

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