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Whether you run a WooCommerce website or have tons of posts on a WordPress platform, you know how frustratingly slow it can be to update information. What if prices change by 10%? What if you want to add the same text or photo to every single post? Well now you can do it all in a snap thanks to Sheet Editor! Easily create, customize and edit your posts, pages and product in bulk all through a simple spreadsheet.


  • Easily edit your WordPress posts, pages and products in bulk.
  • Create and edit pages within a simple spreadsheet.
  • Update hundreds of products or posts at once with just a formula: Automate complex updates, for example, copy between fields (i.e. "regular prices" to "sale prices") , replace URLs in post content using wildcards, increase / decrease numeric fields using advanced math formulas (i.e. increase prices by 10%, increase stock, or set prices to $current_value$ * 2 / 3, etc.) , and anything you can imagine.
  • Copy/paste information, merge values, search and replace information, add featured images tons of posts at once, etc.
  • Customize the spreadsheet to suit your needs.


Normally, this time-saving tool sells for $19.99 (per year) for one site but for a limited time only, you can get Sheet Editor for only $9! That's a savings of 55% off the regular price. Also, you can get one year of the the Freelancer Plan (4 sites) for $24 or the Developer Plan (10 sites) for $37!

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Deal terms:
  • All licenses are available for one year. You will receive a coupon code, after completing your purchase, to register on the vendor's website.
  • WP Sheet Editor is a WordPress plugin, which requires WordPress: 4.0 or higher and PHP: 5.3 or higher.
  • The WooCommerce integration on WP Sheet Editor requires WooCommerce 2.6 or higher.
  • Note: WordPress plugins cannot be installed on WordPress.com hosted websites.
  • See all the terms and conditions here.
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