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This amazing all-in-one photo editing and graphic design software for Mac is an easier-to-use alternative to some of the more expensive and complex apps out there, such as Photoshop.

It's lightning-quick, and includes features such as layer support and non-destructive filters, curves, and levels. It even lets you lay in text over your images, and has multiple drawing tools so you can add shapes and objects, including vector-based objects, to your heart's content. With faster speed, more precise selection tools, dozens of high-quality filters, and a variety of dazzling effects, the only limit is your imagination.

With a state-of-the-art photo processing engine, Pixelstyle Photo Editor Pro quickly processes high-quality photos and gets amazing results instantly on Mac.


  • An entire suite of sophisticated photo editing tools that are a snap to use;
  • A text tool to give your words the exact look you want, including bolding, italics and kerning, and draw text along the path.
  • Image editing tools: cloning, smudging, alpha channel editing, cropping, paint bucket, gradient filling;
  • Red-eye removal tool;
  • RGB-alpha and Alpha channel editing tools;
  • Drawing tools with adjustable pressure sensitivity: basic drawing, pixel-drawing, and texture painting;
  • Free transformation tools: zoom, move, resize, rotate, skew, align, and free perspective transformation;
  • Multipath selection and editing tool;
  • Photo adjustments: brightness adjust, contrast adjust, hue adjust, monochrome, saturation and value, and more!
  • Non-destructive layer effects: strokes, inner glow, outer glow, shadows, fills;
  • Layer adjustments: sharpen, blur, exposure, saturation, brightness, contrast;
  • Single layer: rotate, resize, move, align, arrange, integrate, scale;
  • Multi-layers management: duplicate and batch operation;
  • Flexible compatibility: works on almost all popular formats: png, jpg, gif, bmp, pdf, svg, raw, heic, jpeg, tiff, pict;
  • Export images to svg, pdf, bmp, png, tiff, jpeg, jpg, gif, jp2;
  • Save files as a project to be edited later;
  • Rendering: display Alpha transparency and export files as PNG images;
  • Dozens of high-quality filters.



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