The Sophisticated Otama Font Family, 28 Styles - almost 90% off!

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Sophistication normally means stuffy, uncomfortable tuxedos and loads of talking proper. But it doesn't just mean a night at the opera. Uh uh. Sophistication and elegance can also apply to typefaces. Take the entire Otama Font Family for example.

This massive collection of fonts contains 28 uniquely stylish and sophisticated typefaces. And they just happen to be one of our latest Mighty Deals! Consisting of over 8,700 unique glyphs, and available as OpenType and TrueType fonts, this bundle may be more sophistication than you've seen so far in your entire life! And for a limited time only, you can save more than 85% off the regular price!


  • Elegant and Sophisticated
    If you're looking to "class up" your latest project, what you need is an elegant and sophisticated font. Well, today's your lucky day because that's exactly what the Otama Font Family has to offer, and it just so happens to be our latest Mighty Deal!
  • 28 Different Styles
    Sophistication apparently comes in large numbers. That's the only explanation for the ginormous Font Family that Otama consists of. With your purchase of this Mighty Deal, you'll get the entire Otama Font Family, including all 28 of the following Font Styles:  Otama Regular, Otama Regular Italic, Otama SemiBold, Otama SemiBold Italic, Otama Bold, Otama Bold Italic, Otama Black, Otama Black Italic, Otama UltraBlack, Otama UltraBlack Italic, Otama Display Light, Otama Display Light Italic, Otama Display Regular, Otama Display Regular Italic, Otama Display Bold, Otama Display Bold Italic, Otama Display Black, Otama Display Black Italic, Otama Display UltraBlack, Otama Display UltraBlack Italic, Otama Text Regular, Otama Text Regular Italic, Otama Text SemiBold, Otama Text SemiBold Italic, Otama Text Bold, Otama Text Bold Italic, Otama Text Black, and Otama Text Black Italic.
  • 8,700+ Glyphs
    Thanks to a slew of OpenType features, the Otama Family includes more than 8,700 different characters in the entire family. You'll find numerals, currency, ligatures, alternatives, uppercase and lowercase letters, not to mention support for Eastern European, Baltic and Turkish languages.
  • Multiple File Formats
    The Otama Family is delivered to you in a pair of different file formats. You'll have access to the OpenType (.OTF) and TrueType (.TTF) files.
  • Use Anywhere
    With the Otama Font Family, you can create as many personal or commercial projects as you'd like. Use the font on T-shirts, posters, invitations, photographs and more!


The Otama Font Family normally sells for $399 (for the Desktop version), but for a limited time only, you can get the entire family for just $47! That's almost 90% off the regular price! OR get both the Desktop and Web Font versions together for just $67!

Click the BUY NOW button and add some sophistication to your work.

Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • All desktop font files are delivered in both OpenType (otf) and TrueType (ttf) formats.
  • The Web fonts are delivered in .eot, .svg, .ttf and .woff formats.
  • Fonts may be used for both commercial and personal projects.
  • This sale is for a single license, which may be installed on up to 4 computers. Full license details available here.
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