Free Download: Multicolore Font

Technically this is not a font (as the current state of technology doesn't allow multicolored fonts) and you cannot write with it in your favorite program - you will need a vector editing application like Adobe Illustrator to easily create short texts for headlines, posters, logos or anything else. Or you can simply stack few characters to create some random art.

Download this freebie, from designer, Ivan Filipov. To open the included files you need at Adobe Illustrator CS5 or later.


See how it works:

To easily change the color of any of the color segments : from Window Menu choose Swatches. Then in the Swatches palette change the color of the main color swatches by double-clicking the desired swatch.

To achieve more interesting effects, from Window Menu choose Layers and then make Dots or Inline layers visible by clicking the eye icon. Or just choose the second color pallette.

The archive also includes a Symbol Library which allows you to add the desired characters to your designs very easy. After you extract the files in the ZIP to your hard drive, just follow these 3 steps:

1. Make sure the SYMBOLS palette is visible, by choosing Window > Symbols

2. In the Symbols palette, click the little triangle in the top right corner and choose Open Symbol Library and then choose Other Library

3. Find and open it. Now you just pick the desired characters from the list of thumbnails and drag & drop it to your artboard. That's all!!!

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