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Why are your apps still UGLY?

"I don't have cash to spend on hiring a designer."

"If I had some cool templates or themes to work from I'd be all set."

"I don't want to hire a designer. I'd rather learn to do it myself!"

Well good news. It is for these reasons the Mobile Design Starter Kit was created. You get everything you need to quickly design apps for iPhone/iPhone4/iPhone5, iPad and Android, without the expense of hiring a designer.

The kit includes editable Photoshop and Pixelmator files, and over 300 custom and standard design elements for each platform. All assets are pixel perfect, vector shape layer elements created by mobile app design expert, Jen Gordon.

This kit saves you thousands on hiring a professional mobile designer and is regularly sold for $199, but in this deal, you get it for just $57!

See everything you get:

Here's what's in the kit:

Editable Design Files and How-To Videos
What's cool about this kit is it doesn't just give you files without any instructions. Each group contains video tutorials on how to get started.
How to Create Apps eBook
Ever wonder what is the entire process of getting an app made? Whether you're a designer, developer or idea person, this book will help you get a handle on the process and best practices of making apps!
Leather Theme (36+ design elements included)
Whether you're a designer looking for tips and tricks, or a developer wanting a professional skin for your app - leather theme is a great resource for both. Includes larger icons for iPad as well as Retina display icons.
Customizable App Icons (8 icons)
Each of these eight icons are meticulously designed and organized. It's super simple to make any of these icons your own to drop in a logo or piece of artwork specific to your app. Each icon is retina display ready and measures 114 x 114 pixels. Best of all, they are built using vector shape layers so resizing is a snap!
Glyph Icons (196 icons)
With this Kit you get the largest collection of mobile-centric icons out there. All icons are sized for both 3.0 and retina displays and built using vector shape layers. This means you don't lose any image quality when sizing up or down!
Support for Android, iPhone & iPad
This kit covers not just iPhone and iPad, but Android too! Future updates will include Blackberry.
Custom Menus (50+ to choose from)
Custom menus are becoming a more common user interface convention. The kit includes several varieties of contextual and modal menus.
Buttons, Badges & Arrows (50+ to choose from)
Don't settle for standard badges, icons and arrows! It's super easy to have custom designs for these fun little elements. All of these are sized for the optimal "tap-able" size for both 3.0 and retina display resolutions.
Vector Shape Layers
Artwork is created using vector shape layers. This means you don't lose any image quality when sizing up or down for various screen sizes and applications!
App Sounds (9 total)
Enhance your app design with the added dimension of sound. Sounds include: "Complete!" "Message Sent" "Color Paper" "Pop/Click" "Shake Up" "Shake Down" "Slide" "SMS Incoming" "SMS Outgoing".
Backgrounds (6 to choose from)
Getting the proper contrast between background images and on screen elements can be tricky. These backgrounds are designed and tested for both form and function!
Icon Specs (2 sets - one for Android, one for iPhone/iPad)
One of the most difficult things to figure out with mobile design is button, screen and graphics size specifications. No more! All specs for all tapeable targets are defined for iPhone, iPad & Android.
Screen Specs (Android, iPhone, iPad)
The same goes for screen sizes and on-screen elements. Spec files are included to give you an idea of proportions and placement of various UI elements.

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  • Download is available immediately after completing your purchase.
  • The Kit is under an Attribution 3.0 Unported License which means you can use the files HOWEVER YOU CHOOSE - for personal or business use. NO LIMITATIONS.
  • With regard to attribution, all that the creator of the kit (Jen Gordon) asks is that you stay in touch with her to let her know how the kit has been helpful for your apps!
  • Your name and email address will be supplied to Jen Gordon for the purpose of sending free updates as they become available.
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