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Communication is the key to running a successful business. Not just communicating with your customers but just as importantly, communicating across different departments of your organization. When working with designers and project managers, either freelance or in-house, there can be a lot of miscommunication, information overload, forgotten ideas, etc.

Designers like to be concise, whereas product managers love spelling things out as much as they can. Using various icons and graphics, designers can lay out a basic road map in terms of what feedback or information is needed. And with the icon set MicroPersonas, communication is ready to easily improve.

MicroPersonas Highlights:

  • 40 Personas to Choose From
    This collection includes 40 descriptive personas to browse through for your latest project. Personas cover a wide range of male and female characters including a policeman, weight lifter, surfer, senior citizen, soldier, doctor, chef, kid and more.
  • 9 Characteristics
    Instead of repeatedly writing out long sentences or paragraphs detailing how you'd like someone else to respond and comment on your work, simply use any of 9 pre-selected characteristics. A simple icon can easily convey all your design wishes and needs. Choose from Need, Problem, Belief, Habit, Goal, Said, Trigger, Data, and Artifact.
  • Customizable
    Your personas and characteristics are provided in both Adobe Illustrator (.AI) and .PNG formats, so you can alter and customize any of them as needed. Change up the look, feel, size or even color with the original files.
  • Compatible with Interactive Sketching Notation
    This personas are also compatible with the highly effectual Interactive Sketching Notation, which helps designers effectively communicate their needs on any given project. Increase your productivity by simplifying the workflow.

The Characters:
40 personas ready people to pick and choose from

The Characteristics:
9 characteristics at your disposal to use freely

Two Examples of Usage:
A standalone persona and a persona animated with a scenario


This MicroPersonas icon set normally sells for $29, but today's the LAST DAY to get the entire collection for just $17! That's a 41% savings off the regular price! What are you waiting for? Make your design life easier, faster and more communicative all around.

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Deal terms:
  • Delivered an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • The files are delivered in both .png and Adobe Illustrator (.ai) vector format.
  • Includes free updates. Your name and email address will be supplied to the vendor, for the purpose of providing you with updates only.
  • Sold on a per user basis.
  • May be used for commercial or personal projects, but cannot be resold.
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