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If you’re trying to level-up your logo design skills, you’ve probably scoured the internet looking for inspiration. No doubt you have found tons of examples showing brilliant logos that were constructed using a logo grid.

A grid can definitely help bring balance to your work and give you a strong foundation for the look you’re trying to achieve. Jeroen Van Eerden has released a brand new course that will teach you how to use grids & the golden ratio in your logo work.


  • Make better logos faster.
  • Learn how to create your very own grid construction from scratch to start crafting well-balanced logos.
  • Acquire a strong foundation in the principles of the grid that you can apply to any design challenge.
  • Download the tried-and-true grid templates as a highly-professional starting point for your logo projects. They’re great to use out of the box but are also completely customizable.
  • Learn from a pro with over 10 years of experience.

About Your Instructor:

Jeroen Van Eerden is a passionate logo and identity designer whose work has been described as having a clean, corporate and minimal style often using bright colours, simple palettes and pre-existing sans serif typefaces. Based in Groningen, The Netherlands, he has worked as an independent designer for more than 200 companies worldwide over the last 10 years, some of the more notable clients including Google, Disney, Adobe, and Tinder. He has his Bachelor Degree in Multimedia Design from the Leeuwarden University (NHL), and in his free time he likes to take photographs, drink specialty coffee, and play outside with his daughter and Corgi.


I’ve been following Jeroen for a long time right now, I’ve always been impressed by the way Jeroen show his grid. By creating a course about this Jeroen will be helping a lot of people learn the way he has been using the grid design for years and mastered it. This course will be perfect for you if you are trying to make more out of your grids and the way you present them to clients. A must buy if you are in the market to learn more about logo design and the grid system.- Ruben Deams, Freelance Brand & Logo Designer.

Thank you very much for the course / use of tools. I think it is definitely worth the investment. For me, as a starting designer, this was a real eye-opener and it just feels good, I really like symmetry myself. Because, even though I am 57, I still haven't finished learning. Last year I placed my first app in the Appstores and now discovered the passion of logo design. Life is full of surprises. - Margriet Pronk, Graphic Designer.

Thank you for creating such informative pieces. I watched your logo grid videos. I have specialized in logo design for a good part of my 28 years as a designer. I was infatuated by the cool logo grids I saw on Pinterest, but wasn’t completely sure how to accomplish the feat with my own designs. I usually found relationships and ratios based on my education and experience, but I didn’t realize how structurally finessed I could make my designs by using more in-depth grids. Thank you so much for sharing your technique. It has given me way more confidence in the decisions I need to make when finalizing logos. - Michael Balint, Miba Design LLC.


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