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Developers are really good at what they do: develop. But while they may be able to whip up the coolest code on the planet, if they can't market themselves, entrepreneur developers may very well struggle. That's where a guide like Marketing for Developers can be a game changer. This 150+ page eBook runs down all you need to know about marketing yourself and your skills as a developer. With interactive checklists and worksheets, you'll learn a slew of strategies in no time to prepare yourself pre- and post-launch! Additional packages include video tutorials and interviews to push your education even further!


  • The perfect guide to bring your marketing skills to the masses and build a substantial business.
  • Read this 150+ eBook anywhere you go, as it comes in PDF, ePub, Mobi and Online versions.
  • Use the launch checklist to nab your first 100 customers.
  • Learn the very principles behind building out the very products that people actually want.
  • Marketing for Developers will teach you all the strategies you'll need for pre-launch, launch and post-launch to help you build recurring revenue streams.
  • Get interactive help by using the included worksheets: Prospects Ranked by Priority and Audience Discovery.
  • With the more premium packages, you can also watch 11 Tutorial Videos to help you master marketing your work, including:
    • Hello World
    • The Lean Marketing Stack
    • Using Segment
    • Using Google Analytics
    • Using Mixpanel
    • Customer Research (Part 1)
    • Customer Research (Part 2)
    • Using Facebook for Retargeting
    • Asking for the Sale
  • Code sample to help you get going quickly: implementing Segment tracking in a simple HTML form.
  • Learn from other experts through a series of 12 interview videos: 12 interview videos: Des Traynor (Intercom), Sacha Greif (Discover Meteor), Brian Casel (Audience Ops), Jarrod Drysdale (Tiny Designer), Marc-Andre Cournoyer (Coded Inc), Nir Eyal (Hooked), Tracy Osborn (Hello Web App), Nathan Barry (ConvertKit), Sean Fioritto (Sketching with CSS), Garrett Dimon (Sifter), Dan Norris (WPCurve) and Brennan Dunn (Planscope).
  • With the Complete Training package, you'll get a number of fabulous bonuses too:
    • Responsive design landing page HTML theme
    • Two helpful resource guides: Product Hunt Handbook and Hacker News Handbook.


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  • Bonus Worksheets
  • Code Sample
  • 4 screencast tutorial videos
  • 4 interview videos

Complete Training Package

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  • Includes the Full eBook
  • Bonus Worksheets
  • Code Sample
  • 10 screencast tutorial videos
  • 10 interview videos
  • Responsive HTML templates

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