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Ever wish you knew exactly what your users were doing? No, we don’t mean stalking them at their homes to see what their favorite ice cream flavors are. We mean what they do once they find your website.

What do they click on first? What path do they take? They’re just numbers, not people. Unless you have the ability to turn into a fly and visit every single one of your users, you don’t have much choice. Until now, that is.

Meet Lucky Orange. This real-time analytics tool doesn’t just tell you how users interact with your site, it shows you. Through live and recorded videos, you’ll watch visitors browse your site. View every click, mouse movement, keypress, scroll, etc. It’s literally like you’re looking over their shoulder. Why is this so vital? Because you can instantly see what is and isn’t working on your site and adjust accordingly!

See where in the world your visitors are, talk directly with them via the built-in live chat system, create polls and heat maps. Lucky Orange even integrates with WordPress or Blogger.

What's included:

  • 6 Total Sites
  • 100,000 Monthly Page Views (shared across sites)
  • 200 Recordings (per site)
  • SSL Supported
  • 1,000 Concurrent Visitors (per site)
  • 3 Site Operators (per site)
  • Infinite Chat Transcripts
  • 10,000 Heatmap Clicks (per site)
  • 20,000 Heatmap Movements (per site)

Lucky Orange Highlights:

Stats in Real Time
Get real-time analytics, so you'll have truly accurate data on exactly what's occuring on your site right now including top keywords, countries, cities, referrers, pages and more. You'll even get a rather unique visitor count versus number of browser tabs opened report.

Live Chat Software
Easy-to-use chat interface that follows your users as they browse through various pages on your site. View your visitor's screen as you chat with them for a truly interactive experience. Customize the interface with colors, text, positioning, profile pictures, sub titles, pre-chat questions and more.

User Polls
Simple interactive polls to ask your visitors with up to four responses and comments available per poll. See real-time results with very flexible polls. Show them to random users, put them on specific pages of your site, tailor them to each country, or even have them show up after a set number of seconds.

Watch Your Visitors Live or Recorded
You can observe visitor usability by watching in real time or catching up with the automatically recorded browsing sessions. Watch every mouse movement, keyboard stroke, screen resize, scrolling, etc. 

Heat Maps
Your click data is aggregated to provide usable and clickable heat maps, based on date ranges, URLs, browsers, location and more. View three different types of heat maps: mouse click, mouse movement, and scroll depth.

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