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Layers can take screenshots on your Mac with each and every element (even the cursor!) in its own Photoshop layer!!! You can then easily move things around, customize things, such as deleting windows, menus, icons and anything else you can think of! Pretty magical, uh?

It's really an invaluable tool for creatives who regularly need to take screenshots of their desktop, application screens, or websites for their work, while writing tutorials, etc... Stop wasting time moving windows around for each screenshot; instead, just take one screenshot and then manipulate the layers in Photoshop to create each individual image that you need. 

With today's deal and for a limited time you can get Layers for only $12, more than 50% off its regular price of $24.95!!!

Here are some of the other awesome features Layers includes:

  • AppShot: Capture the full content of most Mac application windows, even if that content is not visible. Every scrollable area is saved as its own PSD layer.
  • WebShot: Capture pixel-accurate, complete web pages from your browser (Safari only). 
  • Inspector: Use the Inspector window to customize what is captured.
  • Screen shot file names are highly customizable.
  • Take snapshots at the press of a keyboard shortcut, or further customize it using the Inspector.
  • Select just one or multiple windows from the status bar live menu.
  • PSD layers and image files are given meaningful names, including application name, window title, or web document title and date/time.
  • You can choose to save as layered images, composite images, or a folder of individual images.
  • Save as a PSD, PNG, or TIFF file.
  • WebShots lets you interact with the page before the capture, so you can sign-in, play a video, etc.

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Get this incredibly useful and time saving software today for only $12 (regular $24.95).

Deal terms:
  • Requires Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 (Snow Leopard or Lion).
  • Delivered as an instant download after completing your purchase.
  • This software is licensed on a per user basis.
  • Your name and email address will be sent to for the purpose of generating your license.
  • Note: The WebShots feature currently works in Safari only. It does not work in Chrome and Firefox 6 due to new security restrictions (a solution for Chrome and Firefox is being worked on).
Deal expired