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Words are great at describing effects. But what about using effects to describe words? With Photoshop text effects, you can truly make a flat font shine. It can be a bit time consuming, however, to fiddle with all those settings in various Photoshop layers to get the effect you're looking for. That is, however, unless you get yourself a bundle of already created text effects.

This collection of more than 1,500 high-quality text effects from John Forsythe was so incredibly popular the first time we ran it, that we had no choice but to bring it back for another round! So if you missed it the first time, today is the LAST DAY that get this incredible Mighty Deal, offering 1,500+ professional text effects that will turn your ordinary fonts into gold, silver, copper, brass, glass, leather, gemstones and more! What's more, these effects can be easily customized as well as easily applied to any of your fonts. Oh, and the entire bundle is currently a textacular 51% off!

Photoshop Text Effects Highlights:

  • 1,500+ Text Effects
    Adding all sorts of fun effects to your text is such a great way to add some punch to your projects. With this Mighty Deal, you'll get more than 1,500 professional text effects to add some fab to your fonts!
  • Simple to Use
    Sure there's 1,500+ text effects but that's meaningless since it's a crazy convoluted lengthy process, right? Wrong! These text effects are a super snap to add! Just pick your font and then a style with just a click!
  • Perfect for Any Skill Level
    Whether you're a Web Design veteran or can barely draw a stick figure, this deal is for you! No matter your skill set, these simple-to-install effects can be added easily in a manner of seconds!
  • Tons of Styles
    So what kind of effects can you expect? Plenty of high-quality ones in a variety of styles including silver and gold, glass, wood, stone, marble, leather, glowing lights, gemstones and more!
  • Easy to Customize
    If you're looking to adjust some of these effects to better fit your project, you're in luck. It's simple to customize anything and everything in this collection! You are in total control of all the settings including light and shadows, colors, textures, shading, and more!
  • Great for More Than Text
    While these 1,500+ effects work wonders on any font, they also work with any shape or layer in Photoshop. No matter the style you want to choose, you can make some seriously impressive, high-quality shapes, buttons and borders in the blink of an eye!
  • Variety of Uses
    Stylized text can turn an otherwise boring work presentation into a spectacularly amazing project! But besides simply adding headers to your PowerPoint Presentation, there are loads of other areas to take advantage of your skills. Use these effects on logos, T-shirts, posters, mugs, mousepads, greeting cards and more!
  • Royalty-Free Effects
    This entire collection of professional effects includes a royalty-free license. That means you can use them an unlimited number of times on any projects you're working on, whether they're personal or for business.

Take a peek at some of these incredible effects in use:

Metal Effects



Glass Effects

Classic Wood Effects

Stone Effects

Rough Wood Effects

Marble Effects

Other Effects


"Thanks for the quick reply. I love these styles, they are amazing." - Brian Pace

"I want to tell you how awesome your Photoshop styles are and how easy they are to use." - Ron Smeltzer, Smeltzer DesignWorks

"Love your stuff... really beautiful... You have great taste!" - Frank Rogers

"You've saved me hours, if not days of work. Thank you!" - Terry McGrane


This set of 1,500+ high-quality Photoshop text effects normally sells for $39, but today is the LAST DAY that you can get the entire professional set for only $19! That's more than 50% off the regular price!

Click the BUY NOW button and give your text something to shout about!

Deal terms:
  • Files are delivered as an instant download.
  • Requires PhotoShop (any version from CS1 or higher).
  • These effects are Royalty Free and can be used over and over again.
  • You can use them for your own projects or for your clients.
  • Unlimited use is permitted by a single user/buyer.
  • Sharing and/or re-selling these text effects is not allowed.
  • Use in derivative products like greeting cards, postcards, templates, t-shirts, themes, etc, is permitted as long as you are not selling editable PSD or ASL files. JPG or PNG files are fine.
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