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If a picture's truly worth a thousand words, then Brian Franco's Illustrated Guide to Front-End Development must be worth millions! As entertaining as it is informative, this eBook is chock full of hilarious illustrations that explain the basics of HTML and CSS. If you're a programming beginner looking to learn or improve your developer skills, take advantage of this Mighty Deal and save 50% off this illustrated wonderland!

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Illustrated Guide to Front-End Development Highlights:

  • Perfect for Beginners
    If you've never touched an iota of HTML before, or perhaps you've dabbled a bit but haven't done much with it, this eBook was written for you! Targeted at complete beginners, you'll dive right into learning the basics.
  • Informal and Fun
    This eBook contains all the pertinent information you'll need to start building websites, but it's executed in a highly entertaining way. Written in an informal, friendly style, you'll be as entertained as you are fascinated by the many jokes and cartoons sprinkled throughout.
  • HTML Introduction
    You'll learn the difference between HTML and HTML5, as well as a solid introduction to programming in HTML. You'll learn all about structure, tags, attributes, semantics, tables, classes, elements, and more!
  • CSS Basics
    It's all about style! Get the lowdown on CSS and CSS3 as you learn the basic ropes of cascading style sheets. When you're finished, you'll know plenty about selectors, properties, CSS syntax, and more.
  • Developmental Tools
    After learning the basics of a website's building blocks, you'll need to learn how exactly you can use those languages. That mean specific tools and pieces for development like an Editor, Browser Tools, Base, index.html files, and more.
  • Breaking Down a Website
    Nothing helps explain things better than hands-on examples. You'll get a step-by-step website breakdown to help you understand exactly how it was put together.
  • Examples
    To help you as you break down and create your own sample websites are a number of examples. Your purchase of this Mighty Deal includes actual code pieces that you will use to build a real site!
  • DRM Free
    The Illustrated Guide to Front-End Development eBook is DRM free, so you can safely share it with your friends and family!

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"Helpful and entertaining. Brian makes the daunting task of learning HTML a little less scary." - Monica RayDesigner/Illustrator

"An awesome book! The cartoons and humor makes digesting the material so much easier." - Sacha Greif Designer, creator of Sidebar.io


This highly entertaining and educational eBook normally sells for $20, but for a limited time only you can get it for just $10!

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