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You've done the heavy lifting already. You thought of a great idea for a website and carefully put one together. It's slick, fast, entertaining and highly useful. So why do you only have a few hundred visitors?

Yep, building a website is hard work. Building a successful website is seriously tough. You need to market it properly and try a number of popular solutions to really grow your traffic and thus your business. Easier said than done, we know. Otherwise every site on the Web would be massively popular. What you need is some guidance. And that's exactly what Growth Hacker TV can offer you. What Mighty Deals can offer you is a big discount on this fantastic resource.

Growth Hacker TV Highlights:

  • 60+ Episodes
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gives you 3 months access to the massive Growth Hacker TV educational library. Packed with more than 60 professional videos, you'll learn the ins and outs of the most popular and successful tips and tricks of the growth industry! What's more, new videos are added every week.
  • Expert Teachers
    These are not just a bunch of amateurs babbling on about guest posts and backlinks. These videos are full-on resources with experienced individuals that work or have worked at such awesome websites as Facebook, DropBox, Hulu, LinkedIn, Expedia and more. 
  • Startup Success
    Through tutorials and professional interviews, you'll learn how some of today's best and brightest in the industry grew their own startups at different stages. You'll get high-level advice on how to think about growing your own site, as well as very specific actionable tactics that completely worked for them. 
  • Flexible Content
    Growth Hacking can actually have a number of different meanings. Some feel it's a very specific skillset tied solely to coding product features which promote retention and sharing. Others feel it's a much broader definition, including A/B testing, copywriting, cohort analysis and similar activities. And other folks think it's even broader, basically being anything related to startup growth at all such as pay-per-click, press releases, public relations and more. The one thing everyone does agree on, though, is that Growth Hacking is data driven and quite different from traditional marketing. With Growth Hacking TV, all three definitions are covered over various video tutorials. 
  • Who is Growth Hacker TV Made For?
    It's not just developers who need to learn about Growth Hacking. This library of helpful tutorials is perfect for a wide variety of people including:
    • Founders / Entrepreneurs
    • Venture Capitalists
    • Chief Marketing Officers
    • Directors of Marketing
    • Growth Leads
    • Growth Engineers
    • Growth Hackers
    • Incubators / Accelerators
    • Designers / UI+UX Experts
    • Startup Engineers
    • Product Managers
    • Data Scientist
    • Or anyone trying to grow a startup. 

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With your 3-month membership, you'll also have access to a special member's only area that offers up promo codes worth hundreds of dollars. What sort of promo codes? You can save big on great services such as 99designs, Hubspot, SEOmoz and more.


A 3-month subscription to Growth Hacker TV normally sells for $67, but for a limited time only you can get it for just $29! That's a 57% savings off the regular price!

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