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Want an instant solution to your designer doldrums? Check out this fantabulous Mighty Deal from SparkleStock that offers up 18 professional design tools in 1 super low-price package! You'll get high-quality, professional mockups, overlays, textures and stock photos to make your design work so much easier! And for a limited time only, you can save more than 85% off the regular price of this entire collection!


  • 18 Professional Design Tool Bundles
    This mega design bundle features 18 bundles of high-quality, professional products for graphic designers. You'll find mockups, overlays, textures and stock photos to beef up your artist's toolbox.
  • Simple to Use
    All of these design tools are a snap to use, many just need a click of the mouse and then simply paste your image right in.
  • High-Resolution
    These graphics are all professional, high-quality ones, at some real high-resolutions to ensure you can get your job done, without worrying about losing any detail.

Take a closer look at the 18 incredible sets included in this Mighty Deal:

8 Photo Poster Mockups
Show off your designs and photos in a truly unique and realistic way thanks to these 8 real photo poster mockups!

  • Real photos - created from real photos, these mockups show off true shadows, reflections and other realistic details.
  • Simple to use - With just a click, you can paste your own image right into these mockups.
  • High-Quality - Talk about high-resolution! These mockups sport an image size of 5472x3648 pixels, so you'll have some serious high-quality here.
  • Adjustable Options - Easily adjust the paper brightness, as well as the reflection strength of your design.


10 Seamless Metal Textures

It'll be tough to find better quality textures than these to use in your latest project!

  • Ultra-High-Resolution - These 10 textures come in at a whopping size of more than 40 megapixels apiece!
  • Multiple uses - The sky's the limit with these beautiful, professional textures. Use them for posters, banners, photo overlays, and more.
  • Perfectly seamless and tileable - These textures can easily be tiled with edge-to-edge perfection to create seamless results.

    32 Tokyo Aerial Cityscapes

    For some interesting designs, try working in any of these 32 aerial cityscape photos of Tokyo, Japan!


    • High-Resolution - These hi-res photos come in at 5472x3648 pixels, perfect for any retina/high-res applications. 
    • Perfect for prints - Use these hi-res cityscapes to create prints up to 12x18" at 300 DPI.
    • Variety of uses - Besides prints, any of these 32 shots would be great for website headers, app backgrounds, posters, ads and more.

      8 Clean & Contemporary Paper Mockups

      Offer up your latest project on a clean and contemporary workspace, thanks to this bundle of 8 mockups.

      • Real photos - Forget 3D models, these mockups look realistic because they're made with real photos.
      • Easy to use - To add your own image, simply paste it in and watch your photo beautifully blend right in with the paper.
      • Hi-Res - High-quality prints aren't a problem with these mockups, thanks to an image size of 5000x3333px, giving you enough quality to handle 16x11 photos at 300 DPI.
      • Folded Paper Overlays - You can even add creases and folds easily by combining these mockups with a set of Folded Paper Overlays.

      16 iPhone 5c Mockups

      Beautifully show off your iOS app through these gorgeous iPhone 5c mockups.

      • Easy to use - With a simple click, you can easily and seamlessly paste your app images right into the mockups.
      • High-Quality - Each high-resolution image comes in at 5472x3648 pixels, enough for 18x12 photos at a 300 DPI!

      30 Beautiful Blurred Landscapes

      This bundle of high-quality blurred landscapes are quite versatile in use from backgrounds to advertisements.

      • True in-camera blur - These gorgeous photos were created with an in-camera blur, creating a more realistic result.
      • High-Res Detail - Each high-quality photo is 5472x3648 pixels and can handle prints up to 12x18" at a powerful 300 DPI.

      30 Flare & Haze Overlays for Photos

      Put together some amazing photos with colorful effects, courtesy of these beautiful flare and haze overlays!

      • 30 Flare and Haze Overlays - This bundle includes 10 sunflares, 10 flare overlays and 10 haze overlays
      • Mix it up - Combine any overlays to create your own unique effects
      • Simple - Real easy to use, simply place overlays over any image in Photoshop and set the blending mode to Screen
      • High-Res - At 24 megapixels (or higher!), these overlays are perfect for any image. With little to no hard solid edges, you can enlarge these effets up to 300% of their original size without losing any quality.

      11 Business Card Mockups

      Give your business cards a real boost with this beautiful collection of 11 business card mockups.

      • Simple to use - Easily add your own image and edit any necessary text
      • High-Resolution - These mockups come in at 4121x2747 px in size, giving you some serious high-quality files to work with

      24 Folded Paper Overlays

      Give any image the folded look with these easy-to-use overlays.

      • 24 Folded paper textures - Choose from simple folds to heavily wrinkled
      • Apply in sceonds - To use these overlays, simply place over any image in Photoshop, and then set the blending mode to Linear Light.
      • Combine effects - Mix up any number of overlays to create your own stackable version
      • Super Hi-Res - At 40 megapixels each, these overlays are supder-duper detailed

      10 Wood Panel Texture Pack

      This beautiful collection of wood panel textures is perfect for backgrounds or overlays.

      • Straight lines - Add some linear details to your designs with these wood panel textures, as they feature straight lines from top to bottom.
      • 10 Wood Panel Textures - Wood comes in a variety of styles, as do these textures where you'll get a nice range of wood panels from clean to grungy.
      • Hi-Res - These textures are certainly high-resolution. With a size of 3000x2000 pixels, they can print up to 10x6.7" at 300 DPI.

      12 Realistic iPad & iPad Mini Mockups
      Showing off your iPad app can be harder than you think. With these realistic mockups, your work will truly stand out and help increase your sales!

      • Easy to Use - You can very easily paste in your images to see them blend in seamlessly with the iPad or iPad Mini in the mockups.
      • High-Resolution - You'll get some serious hi-res action with these mockups. They feature an image size of 5472x3648 pixels!
      • Adjustable Screen Brightness - Simply change up the layer opacity to either dim or brighten the screen.
      • Realistic Reflections - The true reflections in these mockups help add a level of realism. You can even adjust the strength of the reflection to make them more or less visible.

      12 Beautiful Photo Mockups
      Whip up some gorgeously realistic photos of printed photographs with this set of 12 beautiful mockups

      • Simple to use - It couldn't be easier to use these mockups! Just click and paste in your image. That's it!
      • Hi-Res - You can certainly create some high-quality prints from these mockups, which come in at an image size of 5472x3648 pixels.

      12 Realistic Android Mockups
      Perfectly showcase your Android apps with this set of 12 realistic Android mockups.

      • Easy to use - Once you have your app images ready, just double-click on the Smart Object and paste in your image. That's it!
      • High-Resolution Images - No need to worry about quality with these mockups, as they feature an image size of 5472x3648 pixels.
      • Adjustable Screen Brightness - You can quickly dim or brighten the screen, simply by altering the layer opacity.
      • Realistic reflections - With reflections, these mockups look incredibly real. The reflections even adjust automatically to your screen brightness!

        10 Grunge Paint Overlays

        Add a real professional grungy texture to any of your images with this set of 10 hi-res paint overlays.

        • Super Hi-Res - These high-resolution textures feature 32 Megapixels of detail. Sporting a size of 7000x4666 px, they're great for projects up to 23x15" at 300 DPI.
        • Optimized for Blending - All of these textures have been preprocessed so you just need to place them over your photos or illustrations and set your preferred blending mode.

        80 Beautiful Frosted Backgrounds

        Turn up the cool factor on your projects with this set of 80 gorgeous frosted backgrounds!

        • 80 backgrounds - You'll get 80 professional, high-quality frosted background photos to work into your website, app, advertisement or whatever you're working on!
        • 20 Megapixels of Detail - Get plenty of cropping and printing room with these hi-res photos that are built at an image size of 5472x3648 px. Perfect for any hi-res app or prints up to 12x18" at 300 DPI.
        • Realistic Blur - These high-quality images look so realistic and incredible because they were blurred in-camera.

          15 Sketchbook Mockups

          Give your artwork the stage it deserves with this set of 15 sketchbook mockups that were featured in Photoshop Creative Magazine!

          • Simple to use - Just paste your images into the right spots and you're good to go.
          • High-Quality - These mockups sport an image size of 4000x2666 px, so you'll have loads of room for high-quality prints.

          30 Seamless Paper Textures

          Really spice up your projects with this collection of 30 seamless paper textures.

          • 30 Hi-Res Paper Textures - You'll get 30 high-quality textures at an image size of 2048x2048 pixels, great for everything from backgrounds to overlays.
          • Perfectly Seamless and Tileable - You're free to tile these textures any way you want, as they fit edge-to-edge with perfect, seamless results.
          • Variety of styles - This set features a large variety of paper styles including: textured paper, recycled paper, cardstocks, cardboards, posterboard, Japanese washi, wrinkiled paper, and more.

          200 Futuristic Light Leaks

          Let your photos truly shine with this scintillating set of 200 futuristic light leaks!

          • Easy to use - Simply place over your photo and set the blending mode to either Screen, Linear Dodge, or Linear Light.
          • Hi-Res - Each image is a hefty 22 megapixels, so you'll have plenty of high-quality to work with.
          • 200 Variations - Talk about variety! This set includes 200 different Light Leaks for you to brighten up your latest project.


          This monumentally huge graphics and mockup bundle normally sells for $136, but for a limited time only, you can get all 18 collections for a mere $17! That's more than 85% off the regular price!

          Click the BUY NOW button and give your designer's toolbox something to celebrate!

          Deal terms:
          • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
          • The download is split into multiple files, with a total size of approximately 5.4GB.
          • The files are delivered in .jpg, .png, .pat, and .psd. You will need Photoshop CS5.5, CS6, or CC in order to edit the .psd graphics.
          • Can be used for both personal and commercial purposes, for your own or your clients' projects.
          • Cannot be sublicensed or redistributed as is.
          • Cannot be used in a product offered for sale where the item contributes to the core value of the product being sold.
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