Free download: Pure WordPress theme from GT3themes

With the ongoing popularity of minimalist websites, and the increasing supply of minimal WordPress themes to meet that demand, you’d be forgiven for thinking that every permutation of this popular style had been explored.

However you’d be wrong because GT3themes' latest minimal offering, Pure, is simultaneously refreshingly simple and playfully inventive.

Aimed at creative professionals the Pure theme consists of a number of features that are ideal for freelance web designers.

The portfolio page - which most users will want to duplicate as their home page — features a pleasant Pinterest-style portfolio of shots. The images can be presented as a grid, a list, a slider, or masonry style grid. The portfolio can also be filtered by keyword. Clicking on the portfolio pieces takes you through to a detailed page dedicated to the individual piece of work.

As well as the dedicated portfolio option, there’s also the journal, with substantial space given over to images.

Pure includes the GT3 Page Builder plugin which is designed to help you build custom pages by dragging and dropping content. It includes its own modules such as an accordion, progress bar, message box, Google map, price table, and much more.

Pure features some delightful animation, not just on hover, but when filtering images, which give the theme a sophisticated feel. Pure is also fully responsive, so it will run on any device and provides the same minimal experience across all platforms.

If you’re a designer, or agency, looking for a WordPress template for your own site, give Pure a try.

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