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High quality tutorials are great. What's even better, though, is getting not only 35 members-only Photoshop tutorials, but also over 1600 high quality design resources, all for more than 50% off the normal price of $69 - just $29!

A lot of sites that offer design resources suffer from "item bloat" - they're filled with low-quality files just to bolster their numbers. Not so with FanExtra! You'll get a full 1-year membership that includes only high-quality resources, such as:

  • 204 Tutorial Source Files (Accompanying PSD.FanExtra tutorials)
  • 35 Members Only Tutorials
  • 343 Vector Designs
  • 261 Quality Icons
  • 359 High-Res Textures
  • 349 High-Res Brushes
  • 6 Designer Discounts
  • 36 Photoshop Patterns
  • 11 Web Elements

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You'll also get full access to every resource added during your one-year membership term. New files are added virtually every day, making this a fantastic deal!

Sign up today for just $29 instead of the regular price of $69.

Here's a small preview of what's included:

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Deal terms:
  • After purchasing this deal you will receive a unique coupon code to use at the FanExtra registration page.
  • Membership includes access to all FanExtra resources for 1 year, including all new resources added during that term.
  • Resources can be used for personal and commercial use.
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