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Making videos is easy. Making HTML5 videos for your website however, is not. The newest trend among web developers is using HTML5 video on popular devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Android, and even all new Web browsers. But the path for creating HTML5 video is far from an easy one. 

Unless you're a super professional, it can be a real nightmare of jumping through tons of hoops just to get one single video into the HTML5 format. You'll need to convert your video to three different formats (OOG, MP4 and WebM), as well as create a Flash version for older browsers and IE compatibility. Not to mention extracting an image for the thumbnail and writing up various batch lines of code to pull it all together. Like we said, it's a full-time job just putting this all together!

That is, unless you use Easy HTML5 Video. In just three easy steps, you can convert any of your videos to HMTL5. Easy HTML5 is available for both Mac and Windows.

See how it works:

3 Easy Steps:

1. Pick Your Video
Using the simple and intuitive drag-n-drop interface, easily select a video to work on. You can also just hit the "Select new video" button and browse through your folders to find the exact file.

2. Video Settings

Specify a variety of settings for your video including video type, size, autoplay, watermark, title, and poster image. You can also choose which browsers to support.

3. Publish

Choose a folder on your hard drive or an FTP server and click publish to finalize your HTML5 video. If you want to add your video to your own website, just open the generated index.html file, copy the code for the Easy HTML5 video, and paste it inside the body tag of your website's code. It's as simple as that.


Normally priced at $69, for a limited time you can get the Easy HTML5 Video Unlimited Site License for just $19  - that's a 72% saving! Click the BUY button now to start creating HTML5 videos today!

Deal terms:
  • Requires Mac OSX 10.4+ or Windows XP+
  • You will receive a license for either Windows or Mac, depending on your choice
  • Download and registration key are available immediately after completing your purchase
  • The app is the latest public available version, includes full support, and 1 year of free upgrades
  • You will receive an Unlimited license, which allows you to use the app for commercial purposes on an unlimited number of websites
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