Video Tutorials: How to make iPhone & iPad Apps in under 1 Hour - only $47!

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Apps have certainly been a big game changer over the past few years. Whether you want to quickly update our Facebook status, play a quick word game with a friend, or just kill some time while you're falling asleep in a doctor's waiting room, apps have turned your phone into a cure for boredom. 

If you're a programmer, building apps for the iPhone or iPad may be just as much fun for you. But what if you don't have the programming knowledge or even the time to make your own? Lucky for you there's Dive Into iOS, a series of short video tutorials that can teach you to make your own iPhone or iPad app in under an hour.

Pretty cool, right? Well, for a limited time only, you can get the entire Dive Into iOS packages (beginner, intermediate and advanced courses) for just $47! That's over 75% off the normal bundle price of $199!

Course highlights include:

  • Introduction to Objective-C
  • Loops and Collections
  • Writing Header & Implementation Files
  • XCode 4 / Interface Builder
  • Navigation Controllers
  • Tab Bar Controllers
  • Presenting Views Modally
  • Submitting Your App
  • Camera (Photos and Video)
  • Webkit
  • CoreLocation / MapKit
  • UITouch / Gesture Recognizers
  • iPad Development

Basic Course Sample video


Intermediate Course Sample video


Advanced Course Sample video

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Deal terms:
  • Instant download of the entire video screencasts with live demos.
  • Slides in PDF format with notes.
  • Unlimited playback, but please note that these videos may not be redistributed or uploaded to a server or video sharing service.
  • You will need a Mac running OS 10.6 or 10.7 with XCode 4.2 and iOS 5 SDK in order to complete the tutorials yourself.
  • See the full FAQs
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