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Feeling a little lost in your design career? Do you need some help from experienced designers as to how to get things going? Then today's deal is just perfect for you.

The Designer's Survival Guide eBook is packed with 10 helpful articles, written by 8 designers, that are appropriate for anyone in the graphic, print and web design field. Whether you're just starting out as a graphic designer, recently gone into freelancing, or even a seasoned professional looking for some guidance, everyone in the design field can benefit from this eBook.

This useful 49 page eBook contains survival stories and advice from people who have actually been where you are. You'll get the tools, tips and tricks for every area of your design business. And… to help you out further, you can get this eBook in today's deal for half price, for only $4.99 (regular price is $9.99)

Here's a short description of each of the 10 articles:

  • Sweet Press Releases 101
    Potter shares her wealth of PR knowledge in this article that guides the Designer through planning, writing and releasing a press release for wider exposure of his work. Maximizing search engine optimization (SEO) for your press release is also covered.
  • 50 Web Development Tips & Reminders
    50 excellent tips is this 7 page article that cover hosting, css, code, project management and more, from a web designer to you.
  • Photo Faux Pas – Image Mistakes to Guard Against
    When we as Designers need that ‘certain color’ nothing beats a properly calibrated monitor and system set up. The author tells you how. Archiving issues covered too.
  • Package Design Like a Pro
    Package design is a great design area to get into, and these tips will give you an inside track on what you need to do and review while starting a packaging/structural design project.
  • The Logo Design Process
    Everyone has their process (if you are a designer, that is!), but sometimes learning how others go about their branding/identity/logo work, from initial thumbnail to finished .eps file, can be quite useful, and entertaining. Designer, Mark Misenheimer, shares his steps.
  • Breaking Your Creative Blocks
    Creatives spend their lives trying to be different, but are you really doing that daily? Here are some tips that will help your creativity be more…er, creative.
  • Creating Your Own Graphic Design Synergistic Community
    Other Designers in your area may seem like your competition. And you know what? They are. Yet, they can also be friends and a source not only of networking and feedback, but sincere friendships on kindred Creatives! This article tells how we did it in the Atlanta Metro area.
  • SOS!—I Need a Tagline!
    Write a creative tagline the right way with this brief guide, using tips, tricks and even ‘Aha’ moments.
  • Social Media Treasure Map
    Social Media strategist Jason Jeong shares his knowledge of Social Media and what it can do to help you as a Designer get noticed and get more work.
  • Transitioning from Ad Agency to Be a Solo Creative
    Downsized or rightsized or just exercising your right to be in business for your self. This guide gives you facts you can use not only to survive but to thrive on your own.

Read more about the authors of this eBook:

The Designer's Survival Guide aims to inspire and infuse you with ideas and collective knowledge from this awesome group that will help to further your career by developing winning, visual communication strategies and graphics that will ultimately lead to more jobs and a better financial outcome. Plus, numerous designer-related tips and tricks are sprinkled throughout the pages!

You can start benefitting from this eBook right away. Get it today for just $4.99! (reg. $9.99)

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