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It's not every day that Sitepoint make one of their best-sellers available at a price like this! Here's your chance to grab a copy of SitePoint's Principles of Beautiful Web Design, along with other killer design process titles, for one incredible bundle price.

With Sexy Web Design and Killer UX Design, you'll also get a grounding in the principles and techniques behind design that isn't just beautiful, but usable, too.

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design, 2nd Ed.

Many non-designers believe that they're unable to create visually pleasing websites because they didn't go to art school, or that they lack creative flair.

Thankfully, this isn't true - there are certain design maxims and techniques anyone can learn and apply to ensure that their website is not only functional, but sexy too. No art school required.

In this expanded and revised second edition, you'll learn how to:

  • apply color effectively and develop killer color schemes
  • construct practical layout foundations using whitespace and grids
  • use textures – point, line, shape, volume, depth, and pattern
  • master the art of typography to make dull websites dazzle
  • choose, edit, and position imagery effectively
  • design confidently for mobile devices
  • see into the future of web fonts, including @font-face

What others are saying:

"Jason has done a wonderful job of explaining design concepts to experienced and novice web builders alike. Many real world examples and simple explanations make this book a must buy for anyone building a website." - Stephanie Vaughan Hapke

"From a guy with little design experience I found the book extremely helpful. I will be contracting out a redesign of my company's website. This book really helped me articulate the look and feel I am looking for on the new site." - Bruce Cunningham

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Killer UX Design

If you want to know how to apply a UX process to your projects, but are unsure quite where to start - this book is for you. Killer UX Design presents UX design in a fun, practical, non-academic way, with concepts that you can put to work right away. Gain an appreciation for your users, and learn how to create experiences for them that keep them coming back - time and time again!

You'll be taken through the six key steps of UX design, including:

  1. Understanding UX
  2. Researching: gain insights into users through proven techniques
  3. Prototyping with sketches, wireframes, taskflows and online tools
  4. Decoding behaviour: recognizing human habits and motivators
  5. Analyzing insights: transform your research into ideas and opportunities
  6. Tracking users' habits: setting up a test environment to measure behaviour and optimise your designs.

Download sample chapters and read the table of contents

Sexy Web Design

Sexy Web Design is an easy-to-follow guide that reveals the secrets of how to build your own breathtaking web interfaces from scratch. You'll be guided through the entire process of creating a gorgeous, usable web site by applying the timeless principles of user-centered design.

Even if you're short on design skills, with this book you'll be creating your own stunning web sites in no time at all. You'll be shown how to:

  • Define your design goals
  • Give balance to your design
  • Find design inspiration
  • Structure your design using wireframes, sketches, and checklists
  • Give your design a mood and atmosphere
  • Effectively use color, contrast and consistency
  • Create beautiful navigation and interaction styles
  • Effectively use photography, icongraphy and illustrations
  • Choose the right typography for your design
  • Simply make stuff look sexy

What others are saying:

"The book was very well written and very informative. It was written in a manner that even people that are not technical can easily understand and follow." - John Larrauri 

"Sexy Web Design is aimed at people looking not only to improve their design processes but also to improve on your knowledge in creating structure, mood, usability and more into your layouts. After reading Elliot's book I worked on a new website template for a client and the difference was major! Thanks to Elliot for helping me to bring sexy back!" - Lachelle Talbot

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