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These days, design is about so much more than simply colors and pixels. To improve your site performance and increase conversions, you really need to understand the necessary marriage between design and marketing. That's where Brian Casel's eBook Design for Conversions comes into play. In more than 170 pages, Brian teaches you loads of practical advice for making your designs work for you to produce effective results! Everything from wireframes to colors to copywriting is covered as complex principles are broken down into easily digestible information.


  • Improve site performance and increase conversions by becoming a better designer.
  • Digest 170+ pages of practical advice on connecting the dots between design and marketing.
  • This eBook doesn't focus on nitty gritty technical design tips. Instead it shows how design can best be used to market your website.
  • You'll learn practical design lessons such as:
    • Hacking Design - With marketing, there are no rules, so learn all the essentials to get you ahead.
    • Sketching and Wireframing - Start with a structure plan.
    • Visual Hierarchy - Express your message with clarity.
    • Typography - Learn how to effectively choose fonts and typesetting.
    • Tools and Processes - Increase your productivity.
    • Look and Feel - Use Photoshop to build out a compelling visual design.
    • Copywriting - What you say is as important as how you display it.
    • Color - Use various color palettes to tap into a variety of emotions.
  • Apply your knowledge to tons of different areas on your site including: Signup Forms, Social Proof, Pricing Pages, Lead Capture, Navigation, Calls to Action and more!
  • This amazing eBook isn't just for designers, it's also a must-read for startup founders, freelancers, developers, and marketers!

Download a 26-page free sample from the book, which includes the full table of contents, introduction, and one full chapter.

Resources option:

Choose the eBook with resources, or the Complete Package option and you'll also get the following extras:

  • Reference materials like Sample Site Maps and an early wireframe can help show you exactly how things are done.
  • Learn by example thanks to 7 video case studies (250+ minutes!) with today's top designers who walk you through their design process.

The Complete Package:

If you're really serious about improving your design/marketing skills, you'll purchase the Complete Package, which includes all of the above, as well as a private, recorded 30 minute video session from Brian, where he reviews your site and offers personalized recommendations for improving your design and performance.

About the Author:

Web Designer Brian Casel authored Design for Conversions when he realized there was a need for teaching people how to become better designers while promoting their own businesses. He's also the founder of a number of products where he handled all of the design and marketing aspects.


"I’ve applied Brian’s principles to my own projects and watched as the conversion rates increased dramatically. This is a must read for anyone in the web design industry. Brian definitely ‘walks the talk’ and breaks down complex principles into easy to follow instructions." - Clint Warren, Founder of Illuminate WP

"This book has made me look at design in a completely new light. No longer does marketing and design sit on separate sides of the fence - they are one and the same - and Brian has illustrated this beautifully in Design For Conversions." - Tom Whatley, Beak Street Marketing


Design for Conversions comes to you in 3 different packages, each available at a steep discount through Mighty Deals:

The Book
Pay just $14 (Regularly $29)

  • 170-page eBook
  • PDF, Mobi, ePub Formats

The Book + Resources
Pay just $37 (Regularly $99)

  • 170-page eBook
  • PDF, Mobi, ePub Formats
  • 7 Case Study Videos
  • Site Map & Wireframe sample templates (PDF & Balsamiq formats)

The Complete Package
Pay just $149 (Regularly $199)

  • 170-page eBook
  • PDF, Mobi, ePub Formats
  • 7 Case Study Videos
  • Site Map & Wireframe sample templates (PDF & Balsamiq formats)
  • Site Review

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