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Your days of scrambling for a last-minute font are over! Make room in your Typeface Toolbox because this Mighty Deal is more than mighty… it's Colossal! You won't just get a few fonts. You won't even get just a dozen. Uh uh. In 1 ginormous package, you'll take home 30 Individual Fonts! You'll get a huge variety of fonts from handmade brush scripts to elegant calligraphy ones. Additional weights, OpenType features and plenty of bonuses such as Photoshop brushes and vector illustrations round out an already amazing collection. So what are you waiting for, jump on this deal now and save 98% off the regular price!

Take a closer look at the 30 fabulous fonts included in this bundle:

Featherly by Joanne Marie

  • A gorgeous handmade font just perfect for big fans of swashes.
  • Includes alternates and 5 gold foil Photoshop Patterns.
  • Great for designing wedding invitations, place cards, party invites, signs and more.
  • Foreign language glyphs.
  • Features 6 font files plus web fonts.

Northshire Script by Heybing Supply Co.

  • A casual, arty and inky newly brush-lettered typeface.
  • Dual-purpose font sports hand-painted characters and an irregular baseline.
  • Mix words and alternative glyphs for gorgeous combinations.
  • Includes full set of Capital and Lowercase Letters, multi-lingual support, currency figures, numerals, punctuation and extra glyphs.
  • Great choice for using on ink or watercolor-based designs.
  • Create logos, greeting cards, branding, stationery, T-shirts, apparel, package design, invitations and more.
  • Includes 10 Photoshop styles, plus swashes and splatters.

Burning Daylight by Roman Jokiranta

  • Inspired by Jack London's novel "Burning Daylight".
  • Clean, easy-to-read font.
  • Great for prints, illustrations, branding, package labeling and more.
  • Vector dividers.
  • Bonus: also get the display font Mountain.

Austtin by Maghrib

  • Give your latest project a truly hand-lettered feel with this hand-painted typeface.
  • Features swashes, punctuation, numerals and upper and lowercase characters.
  • Work Austtin into your designs tackling posters, logos, print ads, digital ads, video bumpers and more.

Native Land by Get Studio

  • 2 hand-made brush fonts in 1 set.
  • Seamlessly combine both fonts for a perfect combo.
  • Perfect font choice for designing logos, cards, labels, headers, printed quotes and more.
  • Includes upper and lowercase letters, punctuation glyphs, and numerals.
  • Supports international languages.

Woonder by Julia Dreams

  • A fun hand-drawn curvy font for a variety of different design styles.
  • Includes 46 catchwords.
  • 2 professional hand-drawn fonts in 1 sweet deal.
  • Use on logos, wedding invitations, quotes, stationery, decorative designs, prints and more.

Amberlight by Get Studio

  • A beautiful fresh new modern script typeface.
  • Sweet calligraphy style mixed with decorative characters and a dancing baseline.
  • Features 335 new Stylistic Sets and 120 Swash Characters.
  • Alternate characters divided into a variety of OpenType features including: Stylistic Sets, Contextual Alternates and Ligatures.
  • Design to impress on invitations, greeting cards, quotes, posters, signs, business cards, branding material and more.

The Valley Package by Julia Dreams

  • A magnificent hand-drawn watercolor font.
  • 22 watercolor splashes.
  • 44 watercolor textures.
  • 200 vector elements.
  • 16 catchwords.

Addictype by Maghrib

  • A handpainted typeface that perfectly gives off the feeling of a hand-lettered design.
  • Includes upper and lowercase characters, punctuation and numerals.
  • Also features Stylistic Alternates, Ligatures and Contextual Alternates.
  • Great choice for digital ads, promotional products, video bumpers, print ads, posters, logos and more.

Rusty Cola Pen by Maghrib

  • Create the perfect hand-lettered feel with this breathtaking hand-painted typeface.
  • Includes upper and lowercase characters, as well as punctuation and numerals.
  • Features regular and Allcaps fonts.
  • Access Stylistic Alternates for more creativity.
  • Always a solid choice for designing projects involving quotes, logos, print ads, posters and more.

Olesia by Julia Dreams

  • Behold this modern romantic calligraphy font.
  • 52 beautiful floral designs (EPS and PNG formats).
  • Besides a full set of characters, gain access to alternative letters.

Blueberry by Roman Jokiranta

  • A simple, clear hand-painted typeface.
  • Includes upper and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation and more.
  • Exhibit a friendly, curvaceous feeling.
  • Say more with less by keeping it simple.

Asmara Type by Maghrib

  • Featuring vintage and elegant curves, Asmara is a decorative-serif font.
  • Use ligatures and alternate characters to create all sorts of fabulous combinations.
  • Truly versatile font is spot-on perfect for digital lettering, branding, logo design, packaging, T-shirts, posters and more.
  • Stylistic sets offer alternate alphabets.

Mallow Typeface by Maghrib

  • Add a real hand-drawn feel to your artwork with these hand-painted characters and an irregular baseline.
  • Thin strokes and fat ones mix perfectly in this fun, modern font.
  • Includes a set of 15 mockups (PSD).
  • 4 Photoshop Brushes.
  • 4 Vector textures.
  • 18 high-quality photos.
  • Features upper and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation and multilingual characters.

Burton Slab Typeface by Heybing Supply Co.

  • Slab-serif typeface with uniquely strong shapes.
  • Features 2 unique styles: clane and rough.
  • Full set of uppercase and lowercase letters, currency figures, numerals, punctuation and additional glyphs.
  • Offers multi-lingual support and stylistic alternates.
  • A font with a simple, retro and vintage feel.
  • Beautiful bonus set of vector illustrations.

Hide Away Font by Joanne Marie

  • EXCLUSIVE: Not currently sold as a separate font (only as part of a font bundle), but available in this Mighty Deal!
  • Beautiful modern script font.
  • Perfect for wedding invitations and projects, greeting cards, signatures, watermarks, logos, handwriting and more.
  • Includes 2 weights and foreign language glyphs.
  • BONUS: Photoshop freebies including ornaments, words and swashes.

Strangelove Font Family by Joanne Marie

  • Stunning Font Family consisting of 3 unique typefaces.
  • Set includes a Gorgeous calligraphic font and a handwritten type version in regular and bold styles.
  • Each font includes alternate fonts, lowercase alternate glyphs, ligatures and swashes.
  • All work beautifully on physical products such as mugs, T-shirts, logos, greeting cards and more.

Brawls Typeface by Heybing Supply Co.

  • A simple, minimalistic font.
  • Add a real retro and vintage feel to your latest designs.
  • Two styles offered: Regular and Rough.
  • Includes a full set of capital and lowercase letters, multi-lingual support, numerals currency figures, punctuation and extra glyphs.
  • Bonus Vector pack available in AI and EPS formats.
  • Mix things up with Stylistic alternates.

Hazelnut Typeface by Heybing Supply Co. 

  • Dual-purpose font exhibits a casual, arty and inky style.
  • Hand-painted characters and an irregular baseline.
  • Mix uppercase, lowercase and alternative glyphs to build a beautiful combination.
  • Offers multi-lingual support, currency figures, numerals, punctuation and extra glyphs.
  • Great for use on ink or watercolor-based designs.
  • Use for projects involving branding, logos, greeting cards, stationery, invitations, T-shirts, packaging and more.

Artful Beauty by Joanne Marie

  • Smooth, crisp and clear brush font.
  • Easy to read.
  • Casual, handwriting feel with a touch of elegance.
  • Includes international characters for a multi-lingual support.

Brush Family by Julia Dreams 

  • Features 3 hand-drawn watercolor fonts.
  • Crispy - watercolor brush font.
  • Ah-Punch - calligraphy-type script with alternate letters.
  • Confetti - casual brush painted font.
  • Perfect for a variety of projects from logos to posters to branding and more!
  • Includes bonus vector elements to add a bit of flair to your designs.

Blizzard by Roman Jokiranta

  • Includes 5 different styles: Light, Regular, Inline, Smooth and Press.
  • Total of 200+ glyphs.
  • Make use of stylistic alternates to create a variety of combinations.
  • Great font choice for various texts as well as logo creation.

Joella Brush Script Fonts by Joanne Marie

  • An eye-popping, fashionable script font.
  • Offers alternates and multi-lingual glyphs.
  • Bold, clear and bursting with character.
  • Thanks to its thickness, Joella is a great choice for use with fills such as gold, watercolor, glitter and more.
  • A solid typeface choice for all makeup and beauty-based designs as well as typographic designs for T-shirts and fashion, organic products and other food items.

The Sweet Blooms by GetStudio

  • Elegance abounds in this lovely modern calligraphy typeface.
  • The only choice for use on projects involving greeting cards, invitations, magazines, quotes, books and more.

Rambies by GetStudio

  • Truly beautiful modern handwritten font.
  • Great font for wedding invitations, greeting cards, watermarks and more.
  • You can mix and match with Opentype feature: ligature, contextual alternates, stylistic alternates, stylistic sets, swash.

Maulina Script by GetStudio

  • Modern calligraphy typeface.
  • Perfectly suitable for logos, badges, packaging, headlines, posters, greeting cards and more.

Rosemary by Roman Jokiranta

  • Fully handwritten font bursting with love and passion.
  • Simple, yet powerful.
  • Full set of upper and lowercase letters, numerals and other glyphs.
  • Looks beautiful in any print or digital design.

Harsh Typeface by Heybing Supply Co.

  • Classy, elegant and perfectly vintage.
  • Includes full character set of upper and lowercase letters, numerals and punctuation.
  • Multi-lingual support and Stylistic Alternates.
  • Bonus Vector set and catch words (AI and EPS formats).

Merry Christmas by Julia Dreams

  • 2 festive fonts in 1 Mighty Deal.
  • Merry Christmas font - hand-lettered script font with 165 glyphs, including alternates.
  • Happy New Year font - hand-lettered sans-serif font.
  • Both fonts work beautifully together.
  • 22 Watercolor objects.
  • 2 Watercolor Splashes.
  • 2 Watercolor Textures.
  • Greeting Catchwords.

Horizon by Roman Jokiranta

  • Inspirational hand-made font.
  • Perfect typeface for posters, T-shirts, headlines, cover designs, logos and more.
  • Includes 3 fonts: Light, Regular and Bold.


Bought individually, the fonts in this mega bundle would cost you $1349, but today is the LAST DAY that you can get all 30 fonts for just $29! Uh, yeah. You read that right. Just $29! That's a ludicrous saving of 98% off the regular price.

Or pay just a little more to get the entire bundle including BOTH the Desktop and Web fonts for just $43!

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Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • The desktop fonts are delivered in a combination of both .otf and .ttf files and can be installed on both Mac and Windows.
  • In order to access the alternate characters and glyphs, you will need Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign.
  • This bundle also contains extended license: use in multiple personal or commercial projects, install in multiple computers that you own, fonts and graphics can be used to resell flattened end products.
  • Fonts cannot be included in the resell product as they are (.otf, .ttf and other filetypes).
  • Graphics cannot be resold as they are, but have to be modified into an end product so that it's a totally new product.
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