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Boot camp is great for kicking individuals into shape, teaching them speed, order and efficiency. When it comes to websites, Bootstrap does a similar job. Its clean, efficient code has a beautiful order to it that's simple to follow, resulting in faster programming and site speed. Yes, the Twitter Bootstrap framework is a popular choice these days due to its ease of use and quick, clean results. However, if you're looking to build out a hefty site on this framework, you'll find yourself doing a lot of the heavy lifting. That's because Twitter bootstrap only offers a few example templates to work with.

What you need is the Starter KIT from! This robust collection features more than 35 useful Bootstrap templates to incorporate into your site! From landing pages to blog posts to scrollers, you'll find everything that you need to finish your site design. That includes 5 Bootstrap Themes to change up the overall look of your site too! Sounds too good to be true? It's not. Even when you consider the fact that this entire collection is yours for just $9!

Bootstrap 3.0 Starter KIT Highlights:

  • Tons More Twitter Bootstrap Templates
    Fast, clean, and modern, Twitter Bootstrap is a popular website framework these days, and for good reason; it's awesome! Unfortunately, it only offers a small handful of example pages. Since no two websites are alike, and most sites are made up of dozens of different templates, you can find yourself trying to build out a number of new templates on the Bootstrap framework. That's why this Bootstrap 3.0 Starter KIT is perfect: it offers all the killer Bootstrap functionality, but with a ton more templates to work with!
  • Responsive Design
    All templates in this collection are built with a responsive design. That means they'll work perfectly no matter where your users choose to view your site. No matter the device (iPad, laptop, smartphone, etc.), your site will look great and function perfectly.
  • Cross-Browser Compatible
    Everyone's got their favorite browsers, so no need to worry. These Bootstrap templates perform beautifully on all of today's popular Web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE9+.
  • 35+ Additional Bootstrap Templates
    This Starter Responsive KIT includes more than 35 professional templates to help you give your website the full Bootstrap effect! From a contact page to a business blog to a standard 404 error page, this KIT has you covered. 
  • BONUS: 5 Bootstrap 3.0 Themes (css+Less)
    In addition to all those useful Bootstrap templates, your purchase of this Mighty Deal includes 5 fabulous Bootstrap 3.0 themes to liven up the look of your site. Each theme features the necessary CSS and LESS code.
  • Reusable Bootstrap Snippets
    Every template uses only the default Bootstrap elements. That means you just need to copy and paste the necessary pieces directly into your code. Couldn't be simpler!
  • Clear, Organized Code
    The beautiful thing about Bootstrap is that all code is clearly labeled and easy to follow. That means it's easy to update as well. And all KIT templates included in this collection not only meet today's Web design standards, but they're also a breeze to follow.

See what's included:

Parallax template
Details  |  Demo

Business blog/ magazine
Details  |  Demo

Agency scrolling
Details  |  Demo

Details  |  Demo

Details  |  Demo

Corporate home page
Details  |  Demo 1  |  Demo 2

Ecommerce (5 pages)
Details  |  Demo

StoreFront (2 pages)
Demo 1  |  Demo 2

Blog category
Details  |  Demo

Blog Article page
Details  |  Demo

Contact page
Details  |  Demo

Simple events page

Image project page
Details  |  Demo

Video project page
Details  |  Demo

Services page

Simple minimal blog
Demo 1  |  Demo 2

Thumbnails simple grid

Simple portal main

Flat style landing

Corp/Landing (3 pages)
Demo 1  |  Demo 2  |  Demo 3

Portfolio w/ filter
Details  |  Demo

Pinboard style grid
Details  |  Demo

Dark style app landing

Flat style app landing

White style app landing

Responsive pricing tables
Details  |  Demo

Booking portal
Demo 1  |  Demo 2  |  Demo 3  |  Demo 4

Real estate agency
Demo 1  |  Demo 2  |  Demo 3

Landing page 1var.

Landing page var.2

Landing page Var.3

Landing page var.4

Classic squeeze page

Bonus Templates

Flappster parallax landing
Details  |  Demo

Flander flat landing
Details  |  Demo


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The Bootstrap 3.0 Starter KIT Responsive Pro normally sells for $75, but for a limited time only, you can get the entire collection for just $9! That's a killer 88% off the regular price.

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Deal terms:
  • Delivered as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • These are HTML/CSS templates - not WordPress themes.
  • You will receive the Pro Extended License for all of the templates.
  • Includes free updates for these themes, when available.
  • The templates may be used to create unlimited websites, for your own or your clients' projects, for both personal and commercial purposes.
  • You may license, sublicense, redistribute, or resell the tempaltes under the following circumstances: the item is incorporated into a larger work you have created; or if you modify the item and resell the end product.
  • If the templates contains licensed components, those components may only be used within those templates and may not be extracted to be used on a stand alone basis.
  • Licensed on a per user basis. You must purchase another separate license for each additional Developer that will be working with these templates.
  • You are granted the right to use and to modify the source code of the Software for use in Applications.
  • You may not move, remove, edit, or obscure any copyright, trademark, attribution, warning or disclaimer notices in the templates.
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